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New Communication Streams for Tech. Services Librarians

AALL Annual Meeting, TS-SIS program July 15, 2007
Presented by Bonnie Shucha, Univ. of WI Law Library

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The Blogosphere
• There are 70 Million+ blogs • Blogosphere doubles every 10 months • On average, there are 15-17 blog posts per second
As of April 2007 from: Sifry’s Alerts

Why Care About Blogs?
• Current Awareness • Benchmarking & Networking

Finding Blogs – Technical Services
• TS-SIS Blog - • Blog About Technical Services

• Catalogablog

Finding Blogs – Technical Services
• FRBR Blog - • It's All Good (OCLC staff)

• Legal Periodicals

Finding Blogs – Law Library
• Law Library Blogs blogslistpublic.htm

• Law Library Buzz

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• Blawg: Law & Legal Related Weblogs

• Justia BlawgSearch

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• Google Blog Search

• Feedster -


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Advantages of RSS
• One-stop shopping • Automatic • More content • Faster than email

Advantages of RSS
• No need to delete • Reduces spam • Reduces email • Multiple delivery options

Disadvantages of RSS
• Lack of context • Content not automatically saved • Potential for exploitation

RSS Feeds
• Library OPAC Recent Acquisitions – Wayne State - books/index_rss.php?library=law

RSS Feeds
• Library OPAC Recent Acquisitions
– Stanford University – William Mitchell - #recent_catalog

RSS Feeds
• Library OPAC Searches
– Allegany County (Library Solution)

For other libraries with OPAC RSS feeds, see

RSS Feeds
• Vendor New Book Titles
– John Wiley & Sons

– LexisNexis

See Using RSS Feeds for New Book Titles – Calling All Publishers by Connie Crosby, (February 12, 2007), at

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• Retailer New Book Titles
– Amazon Tags (Law-related) -

See for info about RSS Feeds & Amazon tags

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• Price Tracking RSS Feeds
– for

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• Current Law Journal Content (CJLC) –

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• Database Searches –
– PubMed – http://www/

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• Database Searches –
– – – –

Ebsco Ingenta ScienceDirect Web of Knowledge

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RSS Feeds
• Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly Lists –

• Library of Congress Classification Weekly Lists

RSS Feeds
• Articles by Law Librarians (AALL Publishing Initiatives Caucus) –

RSS Feeds – Search Engines
• Feedster -

RSS Feeds – Custom Feeds
• Google Blog Search -

RSS Feeds – From Any Web Page
• FeedYes - • Ponyfish -

Contact – Bonnie Shucha
Head of Reference University of Wisconsin Law Library

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