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The Golden Touch ENGLISH YEAR 5

The Golden Touch

King Midas was a rich king. He loved

gold more than anything in the world. One day, while he was counting his gold coins, a fairy suddenly appeared to him. King Midas, I am here to give you a wish. What do you wish for? More gold, of course, replied the king.

I want everything that I touch

to turn into gold. All right, your wish will be granted. said the fairy. From tomorrow, everything that you touch will turn into gold.However, I warn you that

your wish will not make you

happy. Nonsense! I will be very happy, said the king. The next day, the king woke up early. He quickly touched his bed and at once,it turned into gold.

Oh, my wish has come

true!The bed has turned into gold! Then, King Midas touched many other things in his room and they turned into gold. Gold!Gold! Everything is now gold! he said excitedly.

Just then, the kings daughter

entered the room. Hello, Father, said Princess Stephanie. Hello, my little princess, said King Midas and he gave her a pat on the shoulder. At once, the princess turned into gold.

King Midas was very sad. He cried

out to the fairy for help. Oh, fairy, begged the king. Take away this horrible gift.I no longer think that gold is the greatest thing in the world. I am glad you have learned your lesson, said the fairy. Then, the kind fairy changed everything back to the way it was.

terrible came in wealthy grant delighted unhappy

Fill in the synonym 1. rich : 2. give : 3. happy : 4. entered : 5. sad : 6. horrible :

Arrange the story in sequence.

King Midas was a wealthy man. He wished to

turn everything to gold. ( ) The princess turned into gold. ( ) The bed turned into gold as soon as he touched it. ( ) A fairy came to grant his wishes. ( ) The king was sad and he begged the fairy to take away his gift. ( ) The princess came to greet him. ( ) He patted her on the back. ( )

Answer these questions.

1. Who was King Midas ? He was a king who loved gold more than anything in the world. 2. What was his wish? He wished that everything he touched turned into gold. 3. How did he use his gift?

He touched many things in his room and these things turned into gold.

4. Who was Princess Stephanie ?

She was the kings daughter.

4. What is the moral of the story ? The moral of the story is we must not be greedy.

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