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Biomedical Electronic Technician

Jefferson College
Center for Technical Education Spring 2013
Melissa Coolich, PhD 636-481-3540

Biomedical Electronic Technology, AAS Program

Electronics Computers & Networking Sensors & Controls Mathematics Mechanical Principals

Oral & Written Medical Terms Human Anatomy & Physiology

Equipment Application & Troubleshooting

Diagnostics Therapeutics


Regulatory & Safety

Biomedical Equipment Technicians

Repair electronics, and electromechanical equipment used in hospitals.

Typical Job Duties:

Test and calibrate equipment Repair and replace parts Perform preventive maintenance and service Keep records of maintenance and repairs Review technical manuals and regularly attend training sessions Explain and demonstrate correct operation of medical equipment Serve as liaison between doctors and engineers

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Medical Equipment Repairers, 2012

Imaging Equipment




Patient Monitoring

Fetal Monitor Patient Monitor

Vital Signs

Therapeutics & Sterilization



Infant Incubator

Electric Wheel Chair

Steam Sterilization

Program Prerequisites
COMPASS algebra score of at least 42
ASSET elementary algebra score of 40 or higher ACT math score of 18 or higher Or MTH002 with C or better

Advancing Safety in Medical Technology (AAMI) specified Aptitudes

Technical and problem solving abilities
Mechanical aptitude Good hand-eye coordination Attention to detail Communication skills, ability to work in teams Interest in:
New technologies Electromechanics Information technology Networking Improve the future of healthcare

Proposed Curriculum- 1st Year

First Semester Second Semester

COL 101
ETC 103 ETC 104 ENG 101

Intro to College: Strategies for Success DC Circuits AC Circuits English Composition 1

5 5 3

ETC132 BET2XX MTH 134 CIS 150 RAD 160

Semiconductors I/Lab Regulations and Public Safety in the Healthcare System College Algebra Introduction to Computer Support Radiographic Physics Social/Behavior Science Total

5 2 3 3 3 3 18

CIS 133

Microcomputer Software Apps



Proposed Curriculum- 2nd Year

Third Semester BUT 122 Medical Terms 3 BET 220 Fourth Semester Diagnostic Imaging Therapeutic Instrumentation Systems Diagnostic Instrumentation Systems HIST103 or PSC102 3

SPD 105 BIO116 CIS 243 BET200

Oral Communications
Anatomy & Physiology for Prehospital

3 3

BET 230

6 3 4 15

Advanced Computer Support Electronic Control Technology Total


3 6 18

Laser and Optics Total

BET 240

Biomedical Electronics Technician Internship

BET Program Certification

AAS degree qualifies students to take the Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician exam (CBET)
If exam is passed, allows licensed individual to list in name credentials: Jane Doe, CBET

Once certified, listed on AAMI websites in directory of certificates

Students can also earn CompTIA A+ certification (initial IT certification) through required coursework

Why CBET Certification?

In today's healthcare market, technology is paramount. Many employers list CBET as prerequisite for employment

Workforce knowledge needs:

Theory of operation Underlying physiological principals Safe application of biomedical equipment

Certification Leadership:
International Certification Commission (ICC) The US Certification Commission (USCC) The US BMET Board of Examiners

Certification demonstrates:
Knowledge to ensure safe, reliable healthcare environment Career commitment Competence

Why A+ Certification
Clinical engineers maintain computers an computer networks
As medical devices develop, need for computer skills will also grow Certification can lead to the following jobs:
Technical Support Specialist Field Service Technician

Competitive edge in job market

BET Job Outlook

Growth Rate: 31%*
Median Income: $44,490* Young professionals can also expect to benefit by a wave of retirements over the next decade.* *** Average income is 8% higher with CBET certification than without**

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Medical Equipment Repairers, on the Internet at **American Association of Medical Instrumentation, AAMIs Employment Survey How Does Your Compensation Stack Up, 2008 on the internet at ***US news and World Report Biomedical Equipment Technician: Executive Summary, 2009 on the internet at:

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