•India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company, touching the lives of two out of three Indians •Largest Non Tobacco FMCG Company •BSE & NSE listed Indian Subsidiary of ANGLO-DUTCH Conglomerate •Group Turnover of 13913.4028 Cr. and profit of INR 1914.8897 Cr. •Average Market Capitalization for the last 4 years is INR 56000 Cr.
Source: Director’s Report


•Total market 23 million tons in volume •7 million tons market laundry soaps & bars •16 million tones market synthetic detergents •30% detergent cakes •70% detergent powder •38% share of HUL (Surf approximately 10-12%) •8% share of P&G (Ariel approximately 11.5%)
Source: Russell Davies, NIRMA




37 National Carrying and Forwarding agents.

128 SuperStockists Nationwide.

Over 4000 Distributors

Over 4.8 million Nationwide Retailer Network


Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
•Packages available in standard sizes of 20 gm, 100 gm….. 500 gm….6kg. •Keeping pace with the current sales pace new customized packages like 3.3 kg, 3.8 kg, etc. •Specialized product packing like 20 gm sachets for introductory customers, washing-machine shaped boxes for Surf Excel Automatic, etc. •Quality of packaging dependent on the product to which its is targeted. Ex. Packaging of Wheel range is of lesser grade polythene

•Attractive packaging shaped in the form of Washing Machine to emphasize its USP. •Convenient packaging of 1 and 2 kg for •Special product for Gentle Clothes. •Liquid form, packed in the form of bottle for convenient usage.

•Sachets in the size of 16 and 20 gm for introductory and low frequency washing customers. •Introductory price far lower than the larger volume variants

Multi – Channel Promotion
Conventional Channels
•Outdoor Advertisement •TV Advertising •Sales Promotion •Modern Retail format Promotion •Co-Branding •Print Media * One Unilever Campaign…..JWT

Alternative Channels
•Project SUKANYA •Project SRESTHA •Project SAFED •Community Radio Channels •Nirmal Panchayat •SHAKTI AMMA •Blogs and Web

Strategies of HUL
•One Unilever HLL •Power Brands 110 HUL 30 + 10

- Increase promotions for Power brands thus offsetting the loss from the brand rationalization. - Migrate users from small brands to Power brands. - Have ambitious growth plans for Power brands ( 810%).

Strategies Employed by Detergent Division

Project Shakti
45000 Shakti Ammas(Entrepreneurs) spread across 15 states of India covering over 1 lakh villages and catering to 3 million plus families.

Hindustan Unilever Network
Direct selling Arm of HUL which is in the same league as

Pricing Strategy
Based on the data collected the following are the prices associated with the various detergents of HUL.

Detergent Cakes:

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