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F.2 C.S.

The Population of China

One Child Policy (O.C.P.)

Group 7
 Title-----------------------------------------------p.1
 Content------------------------------------------p.2
 Team-mates list-------------------------------p.3
 Q.1What is O.C.P.----------------------------p.4
 Q.2What are the benefits of the O.C.P.-p.5
 Q.3What are the effects of the O.C.P.--p.6
 Our viewpoints about Q.4------------p.7-p.11
 Our viewpoints about Q.5----------p.12-p.16
 Result of O.C.P.-----------------------------p.17
 Future movement of O.C.P.--------------p.18
 Our feelings-----------------------------------p.19
 End----------------------------------------------p.20

Q.1 What is One Child Policy (O.C.P.) ?

 The O.C.P. is the birth control policy of the

government of People’s Republic of
 It started in 1979.
 It can solve the problem of overpopulation.
Q.2 What are the benefits of the O.C.P. ?

 a) It can lower the food

 b) It can lower the population
density of Eastern part of
 c) It can lower the
overpopulation problem.
 d) More resources for
children’s development.
Q.3 What are the effects of the O.C.P. ?

 a) More boys and missing girls because of the

traditional reasons.
 b) It leads to ageing population.
 c) There will not be enough labour.
 d) We need more time and money to take care
of old people.
 e) Higher birth rate among the ethnic minorities,
which may lead to ethnic problems.
 f) It leads to spoil a child.
If you are the chairman of China
Government, would you use the one-child
policy to reduce the overpopulation
Our viewpoints about Q.4
Iwould use it if my country has
too many people, I will be hard
to take care them. If I use it, then
many problem will be solved.
Just like the food shortage and
recourses for the children‘s
study. This problem have many
benefits e.g. population grow at
slow rate.
Our viewpoints about Q.4
I would use the one-child policy. It
is because we can control the
population and we can save the
energy more. Also one-child
policy can low down the birth rate.
If the birth rate becomes more
and more, the government will
have a heavy burden.
Our viewpoints about Q.4
I agree with the One-Child Policy. It is because
this can reduce the people in China. If there are a
lot of people, there will have a lot of problem. Like
the environmental problem and the food supply.
So I think the Chinese Government is done it
Our viewpoints about Q.4
 me
 I would not use this policy to reduce the overpopulation problem
because I respect to the right of my people to raise their
families. It is human rights. The O.C.P. doesn’t control the
growth of population in the rural areas. It is not fair to the urban
families. It will damage the image of the government. The
citizens will think that I am not democratic. I will lose their
support. The people may leave my country. Other countries will
condemn this O.C.P. and sanction my government.
 I may use other methods to reduce the overpopulation problem.
For examples develop the western region. Encourage my
citizens to born 1 to 2 children only by giving them educational
price or other benefits else but not to limit the couples to born 1
child only.
If you are a catholic student, how
do you think about the one-child
Our viewpoints about Q.5
 IfI am a catholic student, I will agree it
because country problem are very
important. If those problem doesn’t stop, It
may begin wars or something else. So
country in my heart is always important
then catholic.
Our viewpoints about Q.5
 If I am a catholic student, I think the one-
child policy is not good. It is because
Jesus tells us all people are our friends,
more people equal to more friends. If
there is one-child policy, I will have fewer
Our viewpoints about Q.5
 IfI am a catholic student, I think the One-
Child policy is inhumanity. It is because
this policy makes the people in China
cannot birth more children. And also they
have the free so they can birth a lot of
Our viewpoints about Q.5
 11
Idon’t support the O.C.P. if I am a Catholic
student. Catholics think that life is given by
God, so they don’t allow themselves to kill the
baby before birth. The Pope said we should
respect to life but these thing is opposite to
China’s O.C.P.. If I am a faithful Catholic
student, I will follow the word of my lord.
Result of O.C.P.
 In the past ten years, China’s population
grew about 132000000 people.
 The total population is about 1295330000
 In the past ten years, Chinese annual
population growth rate was 1.07%. It
decreased 0.4% from 20century the 80s.
Future movement of O.C.P.
 China should not relax its one-child policy
as it struggles to keep its population within
1.37 billion by the end of the next ten
Our feeling
After a long discussion, 3 people like one-child policy and 1 person doesn’t like it.
 The main reasons why THEY support:
 Overpopulation makes
 1)the government can’t control.
 2)Many environmental problems
 3)Crowded
 4) severe unemployment problem………

 The main reasons why HE doesn’t support:

 This is a good way to train the government to use their citizens.
 China is in shortage of food? Put more people in the cultivated land and stop the
desertification to affect the farmland.
 Birth more PERHAPS can have some experts to develop new resources.
 The major and the fastest way : Education the people. Build up their mind.

 Four of the teammates think the title (one-child policy) is special. The answer is YES or
NO and gives REASONS. The main point is here. If we choose yes, the benefits are the
same. If we choose no, it is difficult to create some reasons EASILY.
 Also we learnt plenty of words about one-child policy.
Thanks for watching