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Sexual offences

Virginity and defloration :

Virginity : It is the state of a female who has never had experience with sexual act. Defloration : loss of virginity Defloration is the condition of the female who has had previous sexual intercourse.

Medicolegal importance :

Nullity of marriage marriage never to have existed in law.A marriage can be nullified when either party was under the age of marriage contract,when one party was a mental defective at the time of marriage. Divorce dissolution of previously valid marriage. Defamation to damage the reputation,character or good name of by slander or libel. Rape

Cause of rupture of hymen:

Sexual intercourse Accidental trauma Masturbation Medical examination or surgical operations Sanitory tampons Ulcerations from any diseased conditions

Differences :
Hymen Intact,firm,enelas torn,elastic tic Admit only one finger Firm,elastic,non Large,flabby,pen pendulous dulus Lie in close opposition Not so

Labia majora

Labia minora

Are in contact, covered by

Not in contact,seperated

Sexual offences :

Rape : unlawful sexual intercourse by a man with a woman other than his wife, without her consent by force, fear or fraud.

Legally : Unnatural sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife below the age of 15 years or with any other woman below the age of 16 years with or without her consent, or any other woman at or above the age of 16 years without her consent and against her will (except his own wife ) or with her consent taken by some unlawful means is known as rape.

What constitutes rape ??

Slightest penetration of the penis with in the vulva with or without emission of semen or rupture of hymen RAPE.. Dont give opinion whether Just mention negative facts

Age of rapist :

No age limit England : > 14 years

Age of victim:

Commonly children / adolescent girls.

Complications :

Shock Hemorrhage Sepsis Suffocation Strangulation Mental derangement Pregnancy

Medical evidence :

Mark of general violence on victim or accused Marks of local violence on the genitalia of the victim Presence of stain of semen or blood on the clothing of the victim or the person accused Presence of seminal matter in the vagina

Rape of infants and children :

Signs of general violence : absent in infants few in children Signs of local violence : depends upon the degree of penetration

Adolescent girls :

Marks of general violence : present Marks of local violence : swelling ,inflammation lacerated or torn hymen in recent case : margin of the torn hymen red ,swollen and painful. stain of blood ,semen may be found over the pubic hair, genitals or clothing

Adult victims :

Signs of general voilence are more marked than adolescent girl Local violence more or less similar

Married woman:

Signs of general violence more marked Signs of local violence only proof is that penetration has occurred : spermatozoa in the vagina

Positive signs of rape:

Presence of spermatozoa in the vagina, pubic hair or clothes. Veneral infections Evidence of struggle

False charge of rape :

For the purpose of revenge, blackmail etc. Women Blunt instruments, foreign bodies

Examination of the victim of rape :

2 parts : 1. preliminary requirements 2. medical examination proper

1. preliminary requirements: - requisition -written consent of the victim -written consent from her parents, guardians -presence of female attendant ,..MUST -passport size photo attested by herself

2. medical examination proper: a.-case ref. no. & date -time of examination -name, age of the victim -name of parent, guardian -marital status, occupation,address. -name of the police officer -name of nurse or female attendant -signature of them -menstrual history

ask the victim to undress herself Two identification marks Examination of clothes

General examination physical appearance height wt secondary sexual characters development of vagina injuries on the body vitals

Examination of the private parts: -stain of semen or blood over the genitalia & pubic hair fibres of clothes -collection of vaginal swab & smear for chemical analysis -evidence of bruising, laceration,swelling on labia majora and minora -evidence for venereal infection - nail, bite, scratch mark in the breast or in the face - examination of uterus per abdomen and bimanually

If suggestive of rape:

From above data , my opinion is that she has had forcible intercourse and her present age is.. years.

Before that

Examination of the male accused of rape:

Obtain consent Detail general history Observe behavior, state of dress etc Examine clothing Full general examination Detail genital examination Sign of injury.. Face, bite mark ,local

Adultery :

Sexual intercourse between member of one spouse and the member of another spouse with consent is known as adultery. Doctors adultery : improper association by a doctor with his patient or near relatives of the patient to whom he is implied.

Indecent assault :

If any girl forcefully tries to perform sexual intercourse with a boy it is termed as indecent assault. In case of male : indecent assault is any offence committed on a female with a intent or knowledge to outrage her modesty. eg.?/

Incest :

Sexual intercourse between closely blood related person that their marriage is illegal Cause : mental defectives alcohol cerebral disease separation

Unnatural offences :

Sodomy :

Buggery Anal intercourse between two males or between a male and a female. Peaderasty Catamite podophilia

Medico legal : - punishable ; with consent or with out consent even if the passive agent was accuser's wife

Examination : difficult soon after the crime active agents : -peculiar smell of anal gland -blood and seminal stain -abrasions or tearing passive agent (habitual): -thickened skin -funnel shaped depression of buttocks passive agent (non habitual ): -inflammation -muscles loss tone and elasticity -blood stain around anus -tenderness

Tribadism :
Lesbianism Female homosexual Examination : very difficult

Bestiality :

With a domestic animal Sheep's/cows/dogs/chicken Mentally ill person Examination : accused : -may be contaminated with the animal faeces -mark of injury -smell animal : -human spermatozoa - injuries

Buccal coitus :

Per mouth Victim : usually young child punishable Examination : finding rare mark of teeth on penis semen in the stomach

Sexual perversions:

Sadism Masochism Necrophilia Fetichism Transvestism ( Eonism) Exhibitionism Voyeurism Frotteurism Undinism Pyramania Podophilia Nosophilia

Sexual perversions are act to obtain sexual pleasure without sexual intercourse.

1.Sadism :

French noble man Marquis de sade It is the form of sexual perversion in which the infliction of pain and torture act as sexual stimulant. Most common in men Sadist Bite, beat, torture etc.

Medico legal importance : divorce

2.Masochism :

In w/c gratification is obtained or increased by suffering of pain. Leopard von sachef- masoch Opposite sadism

3. Necrophilia :

Desire for sexual intercourse with dead bodies male

4.Fetichism :

Use of abnormal stimulants or objects Shoes, ornaments, garments, cigarette smoking

5.Transvestism :

By wearing the clothes of opposite sex. A practice of adopting of cloth or sexual role of the opposite sex

6.Exhibitionism :

It is a willful and intentional exposure of the genital organs in public place in the presence of others to obtain sexual pleasure. Esp. males

7.Voyeurism :

Scoptophilia Peeping tom By observing the sexual intercourse of others Divorce/public nuisance


By rubbing his private part against a females body.

9.Undinism :

By seeing the urination of others, may be same or opposite sex.

10.Pyromania :

Sexual pleasure by seeing the flame or destruction of building.

11.Podophilia :

By seeing the foot of opposite sex

12.Nosophilia :

Seeing the nose of opposite sex.

Gerontophilia Paraphilia of being sexually attracted by seeing adult. -opposite of pedophilia by seeing prepubescent children

Coprophilia use of faces for sexual excitement

Nymphomania excessive sexual desire and behaviour by female

Lust murder it is a homocide in which the offender mutilates the sexual organs or areas of the victims body