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BECK Production Pitch


The Brief/Synopsis
Our idea is to do a romantic drama following the life of two twenty year olds who in the end fall in love. Our opening sequence will be set in the winter (near Christmas time) and show the two characters waking up and going into Oxford. The girl will go into work (Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe) and the boy will go into the coffee shop next door. The two characters will pass in the street but not acknowledge one another to set an enigma for the rest of the film.

Mood Board

Beth has two spare rooms at her house, one of which

will be the boys room, one will be the girls. We will decorate each room with furniture/accessories/clothes which reflect the personality of both characters. Bethanys house is also in Kidlington so there is an easy access into Oxford where we are doing the rest of our filming. We will also be filming in Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe in Oxford, this will be where the girl will work (Camille works here and has ensured us that itll be OK to film here). Our last location will be on the High Street in Oxford, this is where the two characters will cross paths for the first time.

Main boy: Played by Cameron Wishart

Cameron achieved high grades in GCSE drama and is currently taking Performing Arts at A-Level so will be able to act realistically as the main boy character. Cameron is also 17 (the same age as the boy in our film). Main girl: Played by Ellie Bunce. I am currently taking A-Level Drama and Theatre studies and achieved an A in my GCSE drama so as a group we decided I should play the main girl. I also have a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve so it should be easier to shoot. Although Cameron is 17 and I am 16 we are both tall and can be made to look older so Mr Buckmaster and my group said we could pass for 20 year olds


Winter Happy

Feel-good film Soft pastel colours


(Also look at our mood board on slide 3)

We found it hard to find good un-copyrighted music

for our sound track so we are still looking and thinking about emailing the record label of our ideal track for permission to use it. However we do know that we want non-diagetic music in the background of the scene at the start which then changes to diagetic as the two twenty year olds put in their headphones.