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Outsourcing of Infrastructure

Management Services
Business Opportunities

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Analysis of the topic:

Objective Scope

Business Scope of IMS OutsourcingTarget market for IMS providers

Defining rules and need of outsourc
Recent developments in future trends
Marketing Strategies in the sector Penetrating into the market
Evaluating new trends in market
Analysis of the topic:


Primary Data
Secondary Data
Verification of Source
Analysis of the work done:

Infrastructure Management Services –An Introduction

Market Analysis & Business Opportunities
Evaluating Alternatives
Purposed Solutions
Compliances & Audit Services
Learning & Conclusion
IMS may include: help desk
services, asset and configuration
management, desk side support,
network management, server
management, security
management, application
monitoring, end-user computing
and data centre management.

Outsourcing of these services are

done based on various needs,
situation and other compelling
A typical IMS provider offer
following services under the
umbrella of “Infrastructure
Management Services”.

•IT Infrastructure Designing and

Management services
•Network Infrastructure
•Security Infrastructure
•Remote Infrastructure
Market Analysis & Business Opportunities:

Source : Zinnov-A management consulting firm
Market Analysis & Business Opportunities:

1. Close to 50 percent of organizations planning to offshore

multiple service lines in the next 12 months were likely to
consider new vendors. There is a need for one-stop partners with
wider portfolios.
2. Over 87 percent of respondents planned to increase the IT global
sourcing spends in the next 12 months
3. On an average, organizations were likely to increase their
offshore outsourcing spend by 34 percent

The big spenders: Percentage of respondents planning to increase


Manufacturing: 80 percent. Of these, 50 percent plan to

outsource IT infrastructure
Pharmaceutical: 75 percent. Of these, 75 percent plan to
outsource IT infrastructure
Market Analysis & Business Opportunities:

Industry dynamics highlight that in 2007 India based vendors have grown their IMS revenues
by 70 percent, while it still accounts for a small percentage (an average of 5% to 10%) of the
total revenue of IT players.
As a result of which some of the big IT companies like Wipro and Satyam have acquired
international IMS companies to expand and grow their size to get International footprint.
Evaluating Alternatives:

•Virtual Infrastructure : Lets us

share our physical resources of
multiple machines across our
entire infrastructure.

•RMS: Day–to–day management of

IT infrastructure requirements of
an organization from a remote

•Infrastructure- as- a – Service : A

preconfigured, shared, secure,
high–availability environment that
outsourcing clients can access for
long– and short–term capacity for
their business applications
Purposed Solutions:

Enterprise Medium Small

•Can manage in-house IT •Tough manage in-house •Can’t manage in-house

•Outsource non-core IT IT
activities •Outsource non-core •Outsource is only
•Business Line is activities option
important •Business Line is •Business Line is
•Long run Cost-Benefit important important
Analysis •Cost-Benefit Analysis •Cost Saving
•Virtual Infrastructure •SaaS Model •Infrastructure –as- a
bitrage and talent unavailability are the two major drivers for IMS outs
Compliance & Audit Services:

IT Security
IT Security Audit

•Compliance to standard & •Threat & Risk Assessment

regulations •Security Policy Audit
•Compliance to organizational IT •IT Controls Audit
•Security Standard Definitions •Security Process Assessment
•Security Workshops
Learning & Conclusion:


•Infrastructure Management: Deployment, Monitoring,

Control, Protection, Optimization, Integration
•Infrastructure Mapping
•Business & Technology Application
•Recent Trends


•Cost, Ability, Core Competency, Line of Business are the major factors
•Enterprise, Mid-Size, Small Scale have different types of requirements
•Accurate data for future predication in volatile technology market is
•An IMS provider should include latest technology in their offerings