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1 101
●Topic tonight is: “Forever Marked- How to
avoid receiving The Mark of the Beast”
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2 101
–If you see golden arches—that’s
–trademark what company?
–If you said McDonald’s, you are right
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3 101
–If you see–symbol–five interlocking rings
–you know they stand for–Olympic Games

4 101
–And if you see–Eiffel Tower–or even
–photo of it–
–you’re looking at a symbol of Paris, France

●But–mark of Beast isn’t always–symbol you

can see
–Can also be something–somebody does–
–something that marks–or identifies–them
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4 101
–as–loyal member of–certain group

●In the world of religion, for example,

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5 101
–one such mark is making
regular trips to Mecca
–If someone does that, it marks
them as loyal Muslim
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6 101
–If someone else goes to–synagogue
–every week, that marks–or identifies–them
–as–member of–Jewish faith

7 101
–And if someone goes into–building
–every weekend with–cross on top,
–that marks them as–Christian

●We’re going to discover tonight that–

–Mark of–Beast–second kind–mark
–Not–symbol–can see with–eyes–
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7 101
–something–those–have–Mark of the Beast DO
–that marks–or identifies–them as
–loyal followers of the beast.
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8 101
●The warning against following and
worshiping the beast is the most urgent
warning given in the book of Revelation

●Book–Revelation is–Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 1:1 says it is:
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9 101
“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God
gave Him to show His servants things which
must shortly take place….”

10 101
“… And He sent and signified it by His angel
to His servant John.”
●So, whatever the Mark of the Beast is,
–according to–book of Revelation
–has something to do with
–counterfeit sign or symbol against Jesus
–with a system–undermines fundamental truths
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10 101
–about Jesus

●Go directly–Revelation–let God speak

to us through His Word
–Will not look at–books written about
–beast or the Mark of the Beast
●Revelation 14:6, 7 reads:
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11 101
“Then I saw another angel flying in the midst
of heaven, having the everlasting gospel...
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12 101
“ preach to those who dwell on the earth–
to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.
–Not a message–hidden in a corner
–goes to the ends of the earth
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13 101
“...Saying with a loud voice, ‘Fear God and
give glory to Him; for the hour of His
judgment has come;
–message–hour of God's judgment has come
–living–special time–just before
–coming of Jesus

14 101
and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
the sea and springs of water.”

●Worship Him that made–that is–the Creator

–Revelation 14:7: appeal to worship the Creator
–central issue–Revelation 14–is worship

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14 101
–appeal–worship–Majesty of heaven
–Living God–Creator of all things

●Revelation 14:8: describes–second angel

–who says:
–“Babylon [or a confused religion] is fallen.”
–calls us–out of counterfeit
–religion teaching false doctrine
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15 101
●Then–Revelation 14: 9, 10: describes a third
“Then a third angel followed them, saying
with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the
beast and his image...

16 101
“...and receives his mark on his forehead or
on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the
wine of the wrath of God...”

●Notice the contrast:

–Revelation 14:7–calls us–worship the Creator
–Revelation 14:9 warns us: “If anyone worships
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16 101
the beast”
–you–see–central issue–earth's last conflict
–about worship
–worshiping the Creator–or–worshiping
the beast
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17 101
●Revelation 14–true and false worship collide
–conflict between truth and error
–command of God–human substitute
–final conflict–is over worship

●Revelation 14:12: describes–group of people

–worship their Creator–do not worship the beast
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18 101
●Revelation 14:12 says:
“Here is the patience of the saints; here are
they that keep the commandments of God,
and the faith of Jesus.”

●Evident–worship of Creator
–keeping commandments
–at the center of this final conflict
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19 101
●Revelation presents two groups
–One group–worships Creator–Revelation 14:7
–one group–worships beast–Revelation 14:9

20 101
●Remember Revelation 14–it says:
“Worship him that made heaven, earth, sea
and springs of waters.”

●Revelation 14
–calls us to worship the Creator
–says–focal point–final conflict–will be

20 101
–over worshiping Creator

●Revelation 4 says–basis of all worship

–that God created us
●Fourth commandment says
–the way we worship God–as Creator
–is indeed by keeping the Sabbath
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20 101
–The Sabbath is the basis for all true worship

●Prophet Ezekiel (20:12) describes Sabbath

–God's true sign:
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21 101
“Moreover I also gave them My Sabbaths, to
be a sign between them and Me, …”

22 101
“…that they might know that I am the LORD
who sanctifies them.”

●Since Sabbath–sign of true worship

–since Sabbath–is in the heart
–Ten Commandments
●When Satan attacks the Sabbath
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22 101
–he attacks the Creator
–Since Sabbath–sign of God´s creative power
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23 101
●Revelation 7:2, 3 says:
“Then I saw another angel ascending from
the east, having the seal of the living God...
–Seal–the Sabbath–represents–loyalty to God
–sign of obedience–of a heart committed to God
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24 101
“And he cried with a loud voice to the four
angels to whom it was granted to harm the
earth and the sea...
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25 101
“...saying, ‘Do not harm the earth, the sea, or
the trees till we have sealed the servants of
our God on their foreheads.”

●Forehead: represents the mind

–God tells–holy angels–hold back trouble
and destruction
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26 101
●Satan has attacked the Sabbath, because it
is the seal of God’s law

●Now we can understand–why Daniel prophesied


27 101
–Daniel 7:25: an earthly religious power
–would rise–“think to change times and laws”
– of God

●So–if final conflict

–is over creation–as opposed to–evolution
–worshiping the Creator–so much–I obey Him

27 101
–keep His Sabbath–as my sign of
allegiance to Him

●And if the devil–attacked God's law

–attempted to change it
–and final conflict is over–Sabbath
–worship–and creation
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27 101
–Mark of Beast–must have–do with

28 101
●Since final issue revolves around worship,
what earthly religious power claims that it has
authority to change God's law?

●Is there–an earthly religious power today

–claims authority–change God's law?
●Scores of–historical statements
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28 101
–Roman Church claims–authority
–change God's law
–Here is only one sample–recent statement
–Comes from–Saint Catherine's
rectory–Northern Michigan–May 1995
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29 101
●Parish priest writes:
“Perhaps the boldest thing, the most
revolutionary change the Church ever did
happened in the first century. The holy day,
the Sabbath, …”
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30 101
“…was changed from Saturday to Sunday...
not from any directions noted in Scriptures,
but from the Church's sense of its own

31 101
“… People who think that the scripture should
be the sole authority should logically become
Seventh-day Adventists and keep Saturday

●Priest’s logic–impeccable

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31 101
–If power of church–above the Bible
–keep Sunday
–If Bible is supreme–keep Saturday
–become a Seventh-day Adventist
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32 101
●Does–Pope claim–authority–change God's law?
–Here is the answer–heart of the Vatican itself

33 101
–from this document from the Catholic
church we read:

“The Pope has the power to change times, to

abrogate laws, and to dispense with all
things, even the precepts of Christ.”
●Please understand

33 101
–Not our purpose–condemn any church
–any individual
–I know too many wonderful–dedicated
Roman Catholics
–God did not appoint me–you–any of us
–judge the heart of another


33 101
●Each responsible–before God–for truth
–He entrusts to us
–He promises–Holy Spirit–guide us into truth
–when we study–His Holy Word
●I know for some–this is–big struggle
–I totally understand it

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33 101
–put your emotions aside–ask
–what does the Bible teach?
–What are – issues in – final conflict?
–Worshiping – Creator or worshiping–beast
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34 101
●Satan has attacked God's seal, the Sabbath,
the basis of all worship

35 101
●Revelation 13
–outlines–identifying characteristics of the beast
–outlines–Mark of the Beast–how to avoid it
–already seen–central issue–is worship
●Comment–word beast–simply means animal
–many countries–identified by animal symbols

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35 101
–Lion=England; Bear=Russia;
Eagle=United States

●God describes–beast–Revelation chapter 13

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36 101
–Let’s answer two questions
●Who is the beast power described here?
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37 101
●What is the Mark of that beast power.

●Let’s look–7 clues–help us identify it


38 101
●Revelation 13:1, 2–begins–describe the beast:
“Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I
saw a beast rising up out of the sea.”
(peoples, nations, and tongues)

●Remember–previous studies–Rev. 17:15:

–“The waters which you saw are peoples,
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38 101
nations, and tongues.”
–So–the sea–Bible prophecy
–represents population–nations–people
“Then I stood on the sand of the sea [peoples–
populated area]. And I saw a beast rising up
out of the sea having seven heads and ten
horns, …”
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39 101
“…and on his horns ten crowns, and on his
heads a blasphemous name...Now the beast
which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were
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40 101
“…the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the
mouth of a lion...The dragon gave him his
power, his throne, and great authority.”
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41 101
●–Dragon–symbol of Pagan Rome
–Where does–this beast–get his power from?
–The dragon–Who does dragon represent?
–Pagan Rome
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42 101
●Clue #1: The Beast is a Roman Power
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43 101
●Revelation 12:9 identifies the dragon as
Satan. But Satan works through human
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44 101
In Revelation 12 the dragon working through
pagan Rome attempted to destroy Jesus
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45 101
●A Roman...
–official tried to kill baby Jesus
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46 101
–governor condemned Jesus
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47 101
–executioner crucified Jesus
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48 101
–emblem sealed Jesus' tomb, and
–guard watched that tomb
●In Revelation 12–Satan–the dragon
–through pagan Rome–tries to destroy Jesus
●After pagan Rome fell apart
–to whom did the pagan-Roman government
–give its authority ?

49 101
●Professor Labianca–historian
–University of Rome:
“To the succession of the Caesar's came the
succession of the pontiffs of Rome. When
Constantine left Rome, he gave his seat to the

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49 101
●Constantine saw–Roman empire falling apart
–decided–move his headquarters
–Byzantium or Constantinople in Turkey
–When – left–turned over–throne
–Pope Sylvester I–A.D. 330
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50 101
●This–amazing painting–of Rafael
–story–Constantine's conversion
–Constantine–looking up–at cross
–Notice–all the Roman soldiers
–extreme right–a dragon–on a standard
–dragon standard–symbol of Rome
–Bible says–dragon of pagan Rome
–give–pope of Rome–it's authority
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51 101
●Clue #2: It would become–A Worldwide
Religious Power

52 101
●Revelation 13:8 says:
“All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
whose names have not been written in the
Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the
foundation of the world.”

●Note: All who dwell on earth–will worship Him

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52 101
–It is–a global power
–that initiates worship–a global–religious power
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53 101
●Once again, history testifies to the
truthfulness of Revelation's prophecies
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54 101
●Clue #3: A religious power dominating civil
●Becomes evident–only one power
–religious power–can dominate civil powers
–medieval church–grow large–powerful
–would dominate the state
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55 101
●Revelation 13:7 says:
“And authority was given him over every
tribe, tongue, and nation.”
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56 101
●This beast power–grow out of pagan Rome
–initiate worldwide worship
–would have authority over the nations

●Does history teach us–medieval church

–had authority–even over kings?
–Notice–description of one historian:
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57 101
“Under him was very nearly made good the
Papal claim that all earthly sovereigns were
merely vassals of the Roman pontiff…”
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58 101
“… Almost all the kings and princess of
Europe swore fealty [that means loyalty] to
him as their overlord. Rome was once more
the mistress of the world.”

●History provides–ample evidence–middle ages

–medieval church–had power–over state
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59 101
●Clue #4: It would be a blasphemous power

●This power–Bible says–blasphemous power

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60 101
Revelation 13:6 says:
“Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy
against God, to blaspheme his name, His
tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.”
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61 101
●What is blasphemy?
–shaking your fist–in God's face
–taking–name of "God?" in vain
–declaring–God doesn't exist
–what is blasphemy–according to Bible?

●Jesus–called blasphemer–by priests

–why–they call Him a blasphemer?

62 101
●John 10:33 tells us:
“The Jews answered Him, saying, ‘For a
good work we do not stone You, but for
blasphemy, and because You, being a man,
make Yourself God.’ ”

●Bible calls it blasphemy

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62 101
–man takes–prerogatives–belong to God
●Was Jesus a blasphemer? No. Why?
–Because Jesus WAS God
–could claim–privileges of God
●Any human–claims that prerogative
–is blaspheming
●Bible gives–another definition–blasphemy
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63 101
●The Bible defines blasphemy as assuming
any rights or power that belong to God alone.
●Did Popes–medieval church claim
–take the place of God?
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64 101
–Pope said: “We hold upon this earth the
place of God Almighty.”

●This part of clue..fulfilled–still more

●Pharisees–described–why they believed
–Jesus had committed blasphemy
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65 101
●Luke 5:21 says:
“And the scribes and the Pharisees began to
reason, saying, ‘Who is this who speaks
blasphemies? Who can forgive sins but God
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66 101
●Jesus said–woman–caught–committing adultery
–“your sins are forgiven” (and to many others)
–Pharisees said–this is blasphemy
–only God can forgive sins

●When–priest claims–forgive sins

–Bible says–this is blasphemy

67 101
●Clue #5: A religious power that would reign
supreme for 1260 years

●What does that mean?

and Revelation
–Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, pagan Rome

67 101
–Pagan Rome–divided into ten tribes
–Emperor Constantine–moved his
–political pressures–Europe’s northern tribes

●We should expect–Roman–global

–religious power
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67 101
–reign supreme–civil authority–given to it
–sometime–fifth–early sixth century
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68 101
●The legally recognized supremacy of the
pope began in A.D. 538 when there went into
effect a decree of Emperor Justinian, making
the bishop of Rome head of all the churches,
the definer of doctrine and the corrector of
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69 101
●In A.D. 538–1260 years–actually began
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70 101
●During this time
–church-state union–would persecute
–those–didn’t accept their authority
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71 101
At the end of the 1260 years, in 1798, the Pope
was taken captive by the French and died in
captivity. The Medieval Church was no longer a
church/state system because civil power was
taken away. This remained the case until 1929
when Mussolini gave the Vatican City back to
the Church. Which brings us to #6 . .
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72 101
Clue #6: The deadly wound healed
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73 101
●Revelation 13:3 says:
“I saw one of his heads as if it had been
mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was
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74 101
“…And all the world marveled and followed
the beast.”
●Revelation predicted–this power–the papacy
–“be healed”–sometime after 1798
–That began to happen when the Church’s civil
power was restored in 1929. Notice these
headlines from that time period:
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75 101
●February 11, 1929
–headlines–San Francisco Chronicle read:
“Mussolini and Gasparri Signed Historic,
Roman Pact.”
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76 101
●Notice–wording of the article
–Bible said–deadly wound would be healed
“The Roman question tonight was a thing of
the past and the Vatican was at peace with
Italy...In affixing the autographs to the

77 101
memorable document healing the wound
extreme cordiality was displayed on both

●What did Bible predict?

–papal power–rule from 538 to 1798–It did
–the pope–go into captivity in 1798–He did
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77 101
–he would die in captivity–He did
–It´s deadly wound would be healed–It was
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78 101
●Leads us to–Another clue
●Clue #7: End-time, worldwide prominence

79 101
●Revelation 13:3 says:
“And all the world marveled and followed the

●It predicted–the world–wonder after

–religious power

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79 101
●the papacy–grow to prominence
–at–time of the end

●News–clear–this prophecy–repeatedly fulfilled

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80 101
●The Papacy has gained worldwide influence,
prestige and prominence.
●Revelation–notes–central issue–last
●One more clue–An eighth clue
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81 101
●Revelation 13:18 reads:
“Here is wisdom. Let him who has
understanding calculate the number of the
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82 101
“… for it is the number of a man: His number
is 666.”
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83 101
●What does–that number 666 mean?

●In Revelation–beast–symbol of
–religious political power
–Its symbolic number is 666

84 101
●In Revelation–number 7
–represents perfection or completeness
–scope Christian history–7
churches of Revelation
–or the 7 seals of Revelation
–God created–world–6 days–rested–seventh

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84 101
●So, seven–a number of perfection
–represents obedience–God's law

●Six–represents imperfection–man's way–a

counterfeit system
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85 101
●Beast represents–false religious system

86 101
–which substitutes...
–human authority–for the authority of Christ
–man's tradition for God's Word
–man’s law for the commands of God
–a counterfeit Sabbath for the true Sabbath

●What then is–the Mark of the Beast?

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86 101
–What is–mark of medieval papal
church authority
–Does church itself–claim it has a mark?
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87 101
●What specifically is the Mark of the Beast?

88 101
–The Mark of the Beast must be the sign of
the Roman Church's authority

●Must have to do–with worship

–since Revelation focuses on
–worship–Creator or worship–beast
●Must have to do–with the commandments
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88 101
–has to do with true worship–on God´s Sabbath
–It is found in the heart of God's law
●Mark of the Beast–must have to do with
–opposite of the Sabbath

●Some say–Mark of the Beast–is literal

–like 666 tattooed–on forehead

89 101
●Revelation 13–we have
–symbolic beast–medieval church
–symbolic image to the beast
–symbolic name–symbolic number, 666
–symbolic seal
–accepting God as Creator
–leading people–back to obedience
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89 101
–to keeping God's commandments
–If seal is symbolic–mark must be symbolic

●Amazing parallel...
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90 101
●Evident: The central issue is worship

91 101
●Mark of the Beast has to do with...
–Worship–the law of God–change of God´s law
–the sign of the papal authority
–context of worship
●What does–papacy claim–sign of its authority?
–Go to writings–Roman Catholic friends

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91 101
●Remember–Daniel 7:25 predicted
–would be–attempt–change the very law of God

●Cardinal Gibbons’ associate wrote

–letter October 28, 1895
–answer–letter asking
–did the church change the Sabbath to Sunday?
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92 101
●“Of course the Catholic Church claims that
the change [from Sabbath to Sunday] was her
act. And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical
power and authority in religious matters.”

93 101
●The Catholic Record, September 1, 1923–
answering this same question–said:
“Sunday is our mark of authority. The
church is above the Bible. And this
transference of the Sabbath observance is
proof of that fact.”

●Do you see–issues are at the end of time?

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93 101
–True worship or false worship
–Worship God on–day He sanctified
and blessed
–or accepting a counterfeit Sabbath

94 101
●Does anyone have the Mark of the Beast

●The Mark of the Beast–mark of papal authority

–changing–Sabbath–from Saturday to Sunday
–But nobody has–Mark of the Beast today

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94 101
●Until church and state unite–enforcing
–counterfeit Sabbath
–nobody will receive–mark of the of the beast.

95 101
●No one will receive the Mark of the Beast
until religious legislation is passed enforcing
the substitute Sabbath

●Does Revelation teach–our historic

freedoms–will be eroded?
–Does Revelation teach–in time of crisis
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95 101
–a mandate will be enforced?
–Does Revelation teach–a counterfeit
religious revival
–will unite churches–under the
medieval church
–and a counterfeit Sabbath enforced?
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96 101
●What does Revelation teach.
–What does the future hold?
●What issues–involved–coming crisis?
–What does the Bible say?
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97 101
●The Bible predicts a coming confederacy of
religions attempting to unite church and state

98 101
●Revelation 13:16, 17 says:
“And he causes all, both small and great,
rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a
mark on their right hand or in their
●What does it mean–mark–right hand
or forehead?
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98 101
●Forehead–symbol of the mind
–either intellectually convinced
–hand–symbol–force or coercion
●People–accept–church-state union
–counterfeit law
–or are forced to accept it
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99 101
“...that no one may buy or sell except one
who has the mark or the name of the beast, or
the number of his name.”
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100 101
and cause as many as would not worship the
image of the beast to be killed.”

101 101
The question – at the end of time – who will you
worship? Will you accept – submit to God’s
sovereignty? Will you – by following the popular
option – worship another counterfeit – religious
- You see this is not a matter of one day or


101 101
-It is a matter of authority – loyalty – made
evident – in obedience. It is – matter of –
conflict between good and evil – Christ and
-What difference does it make? You ask
-In the garden of Eden – Satan said the same to
Eve. They’re all the same – and she lost Eden.
-Obedience does make a difference.

101 101
Is God that particular? Remember the question
is, Do we worship God – or our opinions? God
is particular about rebellion. You see, worship
does make a difference.
Christ invites you – worship Him who made –
and flee false worship.


101 101
Soon – church and state will unite – undermine
our freedoms. Why not make your decision
right now?
Our ushers will put a response card in your
hands. . . .