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Net Global Summit, Atlanta, October 2008

“The effective organization is one that

has blended its structure, management,
practices, rewards and people into a
package that in turn fits with its
strategy” -- Mintzberg

The Workplace Blueprint

Daniel B. Johnson
Why a new Workplace Blueprint?

– Reduces operating costs

– Increases efficiency
– Increases flexibility
• Principles:
– Differentiated real estate
– Flexibility
– Best practice delivery
– High performance
– Scalable Service Levels
Connecting the business and workforce models
Modeled Headcount Growth by Workforce
Real estate demands

• Re-shaping of the organizational pyramid and growth in key

businesses in certain geographies require us to provide new real
estate in new locations, and scale back existing fixed commitments
in many existing locations.
• Employees are seeking a culture that fosters community,
empowerment and accessibility. Our workplace responses need to
balance office-based work with the increasing mobility and virtual
nature of work. Geographic and cultural differences may warrant
unique responses.
• Our intent is to have strong communities of people in highly
utilized, vibrant offices that are linked to other Accenture work
locations and to client-sites, shared facilities and remote locations
including the home.
• Emerging technologies are changing how and where we work,
and influence how we deliver support services. These technologies
will further enable dynamic, flexible and productive work from
locations outside of traditional Accenture offices. Future real estate
commitments require more flexibility to support rapid shifts in
Real estate supply conditions

• Traditional ways of procuring real estate are out of sync with the
changing nature of the global business environment: Needs can
change dramatically even before planned space is delivered.

• Implementation of this new model will not happen overnight. We

have a legacy of real estate assets that make it difficult and
expensive to quickly align our portfolio with our new business
models due to fixed long term commitments. Future
commitments cannot assume status quo planning assumptions.

• We have significant surplus space in soft markets, yet still need

to expand our business in new geographies. We have taken
aggressive steps to right-size the portfolio, yet there is still more
to do.
Accenture’s evolving workplace strategy responds to
these new ways of working and incorporates
thoughtful real estate management.
Our Workplace Strategy
The nature of work is changing
Past Today
Local Global
Simple Complex
Hierarchical Flat
Formal Informal
Silos Cross-functional
Manage Lead
Dictate Empowered
Individual Team
Efficiency Efficiency &
Output Effectiveness
Fixed Mobile
Rigid Flexible
infrastructure infrastructure
Stove pipe Overall bottom line
Cost Value

Accenture’s workplace strategy has evolved to reflect these changes, as well as

new business drivers required to ensure a competitive cost structure.
Workplace blueprint – a diversified portfolio
Aligning our workforce and workplace –
Consulting workforce

BPO & Remo

Clien te
Affilia Satelli
tes t Site and
Aligning our people with differentiated portfolio
Tools and Technology – IT and Real Estate
strategies are aligned

Develop and deliver IT products and services that are accessible anytime, anywhere.
Value Proposition
Workplace Blueprint – ensuring exceptional
business performance