Tony Stark .

a group of people have been working on the concept of “powered exoskeleton”.Not a new concept Since the 1960s. Recent advances in “electronics” and “material” finally enable the idea practical!!! .

XOS 2 Latest logistic version of defense company Rathyon Sarco’s Two type: exoskeleton system. . Logistic: combining the arms and the legs enables soldiers to load and unload heavy items many many times without experiencing “repetitive stress injuries”. Combat: Characteristics designed only using legs that enable Strainless(uses hydraulics) soldiers to carry a heavier load over Lifting distances ratio 17:1 without “fatigue”.

Springtail Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle Built-in jetpack -> flying up to 70 mile/hour and thousands of feet above ground .

• $150.ReWalk device • Argo Medical Technology • For people with spinal injuries or musclewasting disease.000 each .

com/exoskeleton. htm • .howstuffworks.Reference • http://www.

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