Project ??
“A project is a series of activities directed to accomplishment of a desired objective.”

Characteristic of a Project

A unique, one-time operational activity or effort Large number of interrelated activities Established to achieve specific objective Resources are limited Typically has its own Organisational structure

Needs leadership


Projects involving few activities, resources, constraints and inter-relationship can be visualized easily by the human mind and planned


. informal planning has to be substituted by formal planning.When a project crosses a certain threshold level of size and complexity.

.SCHEDULING In SCHEDULING according the to execution of project is detailed work sequence and this forms the basis of day to day action.

Scheduling Techniques In projects  Gantt chart Network Analysis CPM PERT .

 Gantt chart is a list of activities with the start and finish of each activity shown as a bar plotted to a time scale.GANTT CHART  A Gantt chart is a Bar chart. .  It represent Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS) of a project.


 Least complex means of reporting project progress.  Summary of ten’s of activities can be depicted by one bar.  Easy to change. .Reasons for Popularity  Easy to draw  Easy to understand  Senior executives likes to be briefed in a minimum possible time.

.Network analysis Network analysis is the general name given to certain specific techniques which can be used for the planning. management and control of projects.

.History    Developed in 1950’s CPM by DuPont for chemical plants PERT by U. Navy for Polaris missile CPM was developed by Du Pont and the emphasis was on the trade-off between the cost of the project and its overall completion time PERT was developed by the US Navy for the planning and control of the Polaris missile program and the emphasis was on completing the program in the shortest possible time.S.

Network Diagram Network diagram is a cluster diagram represents activity and event by arrow and nodes. . Event Is a mile stone marking the completion of one or more activities. Activity Is a task that must be performed.

CPM / PERT CPM Activity on Node Single time estimate No probabilities are considered Used in repetitive nature of job where time estimate can be predicted PERT Activity on Arrow Multiple time estimate Probabilities are considered Used in non-repetitive jobs where time estimates are uncertain. .

and arrows show precedence relationships Activity-on-arrow (AOA) Arrows represent activities and nodes are events for points in time Contd……….Network diagram…Terminology Arrows Nodes  An arrow leads from tail to head directionally  A node is represented by a circle Dummy Activity It indicates only precedence relationship & does not require any time Activity-on-Node (AON) Nodes represent activities. .

Network diagram…Terminology Critical Path It is the longest path on the Network Critical Activities All activities on the critical path Earliest Start Time (ES) Earliest time an activity can start Earliest Finish time (EF) Earliest time an activity can finish Latest Start Time (LS) Latest start time an activity can start without delaying critical path time Latest Finish time (LF) Latest finish time an activity can be completed without delaying critical path time Contd…….. .

.Network diagram…Terminology FLOAT It is the maximum amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the critical path. Float = LS-ES = LF-EF Crashing Reducing project time by deploying additional resources Crash time An amount of time as activity is reduced.

AOA Project Network for House Lay foundation 3 2 1 0 Dummy Build house Finish work 1 3 Design house and obtain financing 2 Order and receive materials 4 Select paint 3 1 1 6 Select carpet 1 7 5 AON Project Network for House Lay foundations Build house 2 2 Start 1 3 Design house and obtain financing 4 3 Finish work 7 1 5 1 6 1 Select carpet 18 3 1 Order and receive darla/smbs/vit Select paint materials .

Situations in network diagram A B A must finish before either B or C can start C A C B A B A C D B Dummy C both A and B must finish before C can start both A and B must finish before either of C or D can start A must finish before B can start both A and C must finish before D can start D .

Concurrent Activities Lay foundation 3 Lay foundation Dummy 2 1 Order material (b) Correct precedence relationship 0 2 3 2 Order material 4 (a) Incorrect precedence relationship .


d e .A Sample Set of Project Activities and Precedences Task a b c d e f g Predecessor --a b b c.

Sample AON Network STEP 1 .

Sample AON Network…. STEP 2 ..

A Completed Sample AON Network LAST STEP .

Sample AOA Network STEP 1 .

Sample AOA Network STEP 2 .

Completed Sample AOA Network .

Computer Software for Project Management  Microsoft Project (Microsoft Corp.)  PowerProject (ASTA Development Inc.)  Primavera Project Planner (Primavera)  Project Scheduler (Scitor Corp.) .)  MacProject (Claris Corp.)  Project Workbench (ABT Corp.


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time duration & cost is estimated WBS reflects true Project Completion Status . At this level work is assigned .WORK BREAK DOWN SCHEDULE WBS represents systematic and logical breakdown of Project WBS is a task oriented family tree Lowest level of WBS is Work Package.

WBS: STRUCTURE Level 1 The top-most level of WBS is single task which is the project Level 2 This depends on the type of the project Number of WBS Levels Too many levels make the control and execution of project difficult Too few levels will not allow proper assignments and control. Decompose the task upto Work Package level MPCS .


PERT A 3/5/9 Task 1 B 4/5/12 Task 2 C 7/9/15 Task 3 D Pessimistic time :9 +12+15 = 36 days Optimistic time :3+4+7 =14 days Most likely time : (3+4*5 +9)/6+(4+4*5+12)/6 + (7+4*9+15)/6 = 21 days CPM A 5 Task 1 B 5 Task 2 C 9 Task 3 D Time Required : 5 +5+9 = 19 days .

d e .Draw Network Diagram for below mentioned activities Task a b c d e f g Predecessor --a b b c.

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This missile was tested on 7th Jan 1960 .The Polaris missile was a two-stage solid-fuel nucleararmed submarine launched ballistic missile (SLBM) built for the US Navy.

A submarine is a Ship capable of independent operation below the surface of the water .

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