• Re-establish the lost consumer linkage • Re-build brand equity and cease the brand fatigue • Regain the lost market share of Candi .

” OPENNESS “Diversity is a source of wealth and change a constant opportunity” ENTUSIASM “There are no limits." HUMANISM “Attention to individuals-whether they are consumers. colleagues or fellow citizens-is at the heart of our decisions . There are only obstacles to be overcome.The purpose of this Mission is to guide and to inspire. rather than to distinguish us.

Do not know 3% Peanut Pic Others 3% 2% Rio 6% Zeera Plus 10% Tuc 8% Tiger 6% Gala 10% Prince 6% Bakeri 6% Candi 6% Sooper 34% .

Congo. Madagascar. Guinea.The hallmarks of CBL-have created a tremendous demand not only within the country but also in various African and mid-eastern countries like Mauritius. Saudi Arabia. Oman and many others. Nigeria. Yemen. Cameroon. Togo. Dubai. Bahrain. .

• Vanilla. • Banana. • Strawberry. • Pineapple • Power Milk .BRAND PORTFOLIO • Chocolate. • Coconut.

CATAGORY Soft and Sweet Plain Cream Filling Gala LINE EXTENSION Prince (Chocolate. Coconut. Banana. Peanut Plus . Strawberry. 50 50 Salty Snacks Indulgent/Sweet Health and Strenght Plain Glucose Ingredient Based Candi. Wah Milco Lu Tiger Zeera Plus. Powder Milk) Tuc. Vanilla. Pine Apple.

Tiger Party. Zeera Plus Wheat Slices.Soft & Sweet Plain Cream Filling Salty Snacks Indulgent/Sweet Plain Glucose Ingredient Based Healthy Sooper. Jam Hearts TUC. Treat… Prince. Rio. Saltish Candi. Wheatable . Chocolate Chip Munna. Gala. Bakeri. Bravo. Gluco. Cocomo.

• Moment: Social gatherings .

Too sweet Too hard No longer on the top of consumer’s list of priority  Overall brand fatigue  it looked childish with sugar on it .


or sought after brand in the consumers’ portfolio of desired goodies any longer. that Candi has slid down quite sharply. But No more! • What were once its perceived strengths are currently. Neither is it perceived as a ‘needed’ brand! • There was a time when the same consumers confessed to being ‘hooked on’ to Candi biscuits and ate them with some regularity.• It is hugely evident from our qualitative research data. perceived weaknesses: – ‘Crunchu’ = is Too hard! – ‘Sweeto’ = is Too sweet! . from the consumers’ list of preferences. – “It has gone behind in the market… • Candi does not exist as a coveted.


they come back to the old biscuits and leave the new biscuit… • “People are now avoiding it because of its intense sweetness… . but after some time when you give the same biscuit to them. • “Sometimes children eat one specific biscuit regularly.• “….. • Candi’s taste is good and it has a chocolate flavor but it irritates you when the big pieces of sugar come in your mouth….Previously I used to eat Candi a lot. and start eating new biscuits… and again after sometime. all of a sudden they do not like it. its style was different. but I’m not eating it any longer…. its taste was different but you cannot eat too many any more…somehow. • “When it came into the market.

..OUR ANALYSIS. Too dark. Over sweet.... Visible sugar grains sprinkled on top... Sticks to the teeth....... Leaves a sour/bitter after-taste Results in a heavy feeling Not nice with tea / dunking in tea Sold at a higher price at some shops Dull colors (packaging) Gets soggy in humid weather Heavier in weight ..Creates childish/ outdated image Kids are not asking for it.. Inability to consume a large amount in one go... Too hard..


..... Attractive packaging. Less Sweeter No Suger Garnishing ...Unique shape.. Crunchy.. Pleasant Aroma / Flavor.. Don‘t need tea with it – can have on its own. Stylish.

“It’s not very fussy. “Packaging of the pack is very attractive “Biscuits’ picture on the pack is giving a very delicious look… “I find the shape of Candi really good and it is very different… “I find the Candi packet and its picture.Candi‘s packaging design is ranked above other popular brands. and the biscuit visual. colors. quite sophisticated.due to the unique shape of the pack. . (including Sooper & Bakeri) .. the best among all the others… “I like the style in which Candi is written and the shape of the biscuit is also very good….

.There is an apparent inconsistency in Candi‘s brand personification. Their perceptions are split between product attributes. the earlier (Portrait) TVC & / or y the implication of the word candy in Candi. as perceived by the consumers.

THE CANDI PLANET Dark / frightful Dry Narrow Zig-zag roads made of sugar Congested Barren No population Hard surface Rocky Sense of boredom Not livable SOOPER PLANET Good atmosphere / Nice weather Raining Lake with boats People enjoying themselves Pleasant mood Feeling fresh Playful mood / having fun Children Comfort The Bakeri Planet Cool atmosphere Greenery Mountains People enjoying / having fun Pleasant weather .




.Candi Lite – Taking One Step Forward… then Two Steps Back! Less sugar Lighter color Candi-Lite The Way Forward Softer Candi Lite was good but had no ads.. Not available everywhere .

.. about an extraordinary change in mood -Teenagers -Friends -Activities that youth can broadly relate to -Immediate satiation of hunger pangs To use the To project the Rough and tough image of Candi in an appealing way To present How Candi brings people together.. Latest approach on the lines of Sooper/ Bakeri TVCs ... Good models.Uplifting / Bringing Lots of colors.. as in the Coffee shop ad..



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