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Describing the Elephant ; Nuclear Policy and Politics in India and Pakistan

By M izhar

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Scheme of presentation idea/ theme theories main pair of concept variables/indicators questioned to be addressed analysis conclusion
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Idea/theme Nuclear Elephant The indian action 1974

Pakistan reaction 1998

Limited war pakistan Arms race
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Theories of conflict
power balance the risk of violent conflict neither each party will try to attack the other side b/c of no clear advantage

The logic 0f nonproliferation

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Power Balance

Power gape
Possibility of war

The logic of deterrence

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Misperception Page 5

Main pair of concept The us ussr model for india and pakistan

nuclear nationalization Domestic politics

deterrence theory in south Asia and its implication for south Asia
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supplementary concept;

Arms Race international mediation Balance of power

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Variables dependent nuclearization independent political use of nuclear weapons

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Dependent variable logic of deterrence independent existential deterrence

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Independent variable Military gape between india and pakistan

dependent variable Arms race

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Pak arms Trade

India arms Trade

Influence of both on the arms exporting countries Page 11 Powerpoint Templates

Questioned Addressed
how are nucear weapons used in the politics of india and pakistan How ;WMD; become so popular in the national security discourse of India and Pakistan what role has the nuclear factor played in the security environment of south asia
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Is there need a support for india and pakistan nuclear weapons

what are the role of the deterrent utility of nuclear weapons in the subcontenent

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Analysis the deterrence utility of nuclear weapons in the subcontinent nuclear weapons as a defective deterrence between India and Pakistan traditional deterrence theory in the subcontinent the arms race in the south Asia Powerpoint Templates action reaction phenomena Page 15

Conclusion different perspective western perspective

Fear in the subcontinent Possibility of nuclear war

South Asia a hot spot

South Asia on the verge Powerpoint Templates Page 16

Indian perspective nuclear weapons would deterred large scale war

limited war in nuclearized age is unwise for pak and india

the risk of escilation lead toward a Powerpoint Templates nuclear exchange Page 17

Pakistan perspective escalation is not easy to control

India conventional superiority deterrence capability is the anchor of peace and assurance of Pakistan stability and security by Shakut Aziz
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THANKS Answers and Questions

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