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March – May 2012: “Constantin Brâncuși” High School Brăila, România

“Constantin Brâncuși” High school has started an awareness campaign targeting youngsters in the 13-15 age range at school. .In March 2012.

All the activities were set to appeal to the world of youngsters. . their families but also to the educational staff.The main aim was to show to school children. that the woodworking and furniture industry does offer good employment prospects after the provision of good training.

.to raise the students’ awareness about the opportunities of vocational strengthen the social dialogue.The overall objective was to promote our school but also the vocational training system. . . Specific objectives: .to enable children attending elementary school to discover the wood processing sector.

were present. who were attending a LdV mobility.At some presentations the French partners. The French partner’s participation confirms the fact that the Romanian technical education system corresponds to the demands of the French woodworking education. . Our institution has a tradition in running LdV projects with Les Compagnons du Devoirs. too. France.

Alexandru Dita. • During the visits an important role was played by the students who were directly involved in the project and who participated at the Study Visits. visited several schools from Braila.• A team of 9 students and 15 teachers. coordinated by Mr. .

They represented an important tool to promote the activities of the project as they shared their experiences. . transmitted their impressions about the project and what was the agenda of each visit they attended. A PowerPoint presentation was also used to sustain all that was said.

It was another important occasion that offered the chance to talk to about the Europeek project and also about the role and importance of the vocational training. .The activity of promoting both our institution and the project coincided with the Education Fair for the new school year 2012-2013.

After three years of absence. It represents a key decision that The Ministry of Education. Youth and Sport decided to adopt for the next year. the vocational training school is going to be introduced again this year. . Research.

without the implication of all the organizations which were involved in WAVE.• The activity of promoting drawings/ projections of some furniture products and the realization of some design models in our school workshops are a continuation of the activities from a previous project called WAVE. . • The scale of manifestations was reduced because these actions were organized only at a local level.

Mr.In order to increase the quality of vocational and technical education and to attract more students. Alexandru Dita succeeded to obtain a grant from a local organization. This project intends to implement a club called Junior Rangers which is going to promote ecological activities in the Natural Park of Balta Mica. . Braila.

.The activities that are going to be developed have the purpose to attract more students for our institution which has a tradition in the furniture industry.