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A team is a small group of people with complimentary skills , committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach.

They hold themselves mutually accountable.

Different Different Different Different Different Different

types. needs. Ideas. beliefs. Values. Goals.

Conflict on teams is


A struggle or contest between people with needs, ideas, beliefs, values, goals.


Disagreement on a common issue important to both. Result of poor communication or miscommunication. Poor Management.

Conflict is necessary Happens as a Consequence of growth. FUNCTIONAL CONFLICT Might escalate and result in negative DYSFUNCTIONAL CONFLICT

Intrapersonal or Interpersonal

Two ways.

We want to get away from the conflict.

Take on anyone who comes our way.

Based on two opposing attitudes Co-operativeness Assertiveness Five modes of Response.

Competing Collaborating Compromising Avoiding Accommodating

Competing is High assertive and low Cooperative. Accommodating is Low assertive and high Co-operative.

By Resolution can be beneficially resolved To enhance quality production By Controlling may not necessarily be resolved but prevent escalation and nonproductivity

The Basic Requirements

Understand cause of conflict Understand intensity of conflict Select a strategy for resolving the conflict

Equip Yourself.

Learning to manage conflict is integral to high performance team. Acquiring skills related to conflict resolution. Effective conflict communication skills. Establishing of a structure of management of conflict in work environment

Collaborate Dominate AccommodateAvoid



Lose-Win Lose-Lose

Collaboration is the best since both parties work together.

Which one to choose ?

A front line leader should seamlessly transfer between all of them.


Above all. No substitute for Honor Keep your word Follow through commitment Doing right thing Set Clear expectations. Develop Constantly and polish your skills. Strategic communication Should compliment your leadership style. Be objective Playing favorites is unproductive. Be aware Of what can initiate unproductive conflict.