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Objective of the study Company profile Recruitment Methods Research methodology Data analysis & interpretation Conclusion Recommendations Questionnaire Bibliography

The objective of the study on workers participation in management is as follows:

To study the working of Recruitment system in AEPL. To study the effectiveness of the recruitment system at ANCHOR to acquire the effective manpower with required knowledge.


ANCHOR VISION   “Anchor’s vision is to become a world-class engineering enterprise, Committed to enhancing stakeholder’s value”.

The company is striving to give shape to its aspirations and fulfill the Expectations of the country to become a global player. Today anchor is a household name in India and is used by 600 million people everyday. Anchor is voted as one of the most trusted brands in 2001, 2002 &2003.Our Commitment to delivery has also helped us in being awarded as one of the Fastest growing brands in India in 2003.

Anchor is also awarded the Coveted title of super brand for the year 2006-2007.

RECRUITMENT   Recruitment is a development & maintenance of adequate manpower resources. It involves creation of pool of available labor upon whom the organization can draw when it needs additional employees. AEPL has a well organized committee called ‘the recruitment committee of AEPL to carry out the process of ’ recruitment smoothly.

•Advertisement •Internal sourcing •Consultants •Campus interviews •Online recruitment •Employment exchange •Contractors •Employee referrals


RESEARCH: I have carried out a research study on the recruitment process at ANCHOR. A research is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge. RESEARCH DESIGN: Research design, for the project is Descriptive research. METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION Primary Data Secondary Data POPULATION: 3752 employees SAMPLE FRAME: 65executives SAMPLE SIZE: 50

Rank the various methods adopted by AEPL on the basis of their favorability of

Among the various methods of recruitment (Advertisement,online recruitment, employment exchanges, campus recruitment, Contractors, recruitment consultants) 32% respondents consider recruitment through contractors the best.

The Internal Recruitment Source -‘Present employees working on

49% strongly agree ,33% agree,10% disagree & 8% strongly disagree that the recruitment through –‘present employees working on contract’ helps to cut down the costs involved.

The “Company Database” helps the organization to save the time involved

50% strongly agree that company database helps to save the time while other 36%agree, 10%disagree & 4% strongly disagree.

Candidates recruited through “Employee Referrals” are more efficient

42% respondent say that the ‘employee referrals’ don’t have much skills than other source of recruitment whereas other 30% disagree,16% agree &12% strongly agree with the view.

The recruitment at AEPL follows a fair system.

44% strongly agree that the AEPL follows a fair system, 42% agree, 8%disagree & 6% strongly disagree.

How do you rate the recruitment process at AEPL in getting the suitable candidate for a particular job?

34% say that process is excellent, 30% very good, 24% good & rest12% feel unsatisfactory.

Does the recruitment committee at AEPL follow the policies and procedures

96% say those recruitment committees at AEPL follow the policies and procedures while 4% say no.

‘Contractors’ is the best method of getting the best manpower at AEPL. The ‘present employee working on contract’ is helpful to cut down the cost of the organization to a large extent. The ‘company database’ saves the time of searching for personnel. Most of the employees at AEPL disagree that ‘employee referrals’ have much skill than others.

AEPL strongly follows the flaxen system for recruitment. AEPL recruitment committee follows the policies & procedures specified by the company.

ØAEPL should use the internal sources to the maximum because it offers more loyal employees to the organization and boosts their morale. Ø‘Campus’ is the least favored source of recruitment at AEPL. They should establish contacts with the PG institutions for recruitment of the fresh talent. ØR&D should work continuously for updating the database and giving the chance to candidates as required. ØMonetary benefits can be shared with the employee whose recommendations helped organization to finalize management in selecting the candidate.

Reference Books: Human Resource : K.Ashwathapa Human Resource : khanka Research methodology methods & techniques: Kothari

Valuable information is also derived from following websites:



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