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1. Youngmin claims(mendakwa) that Minwoo has the nicest smile in Boyfriend. 2.

Minwoo likes to play the twins off against each other sometimes. 3. Minwoo can't speak fluent(fasih) English, but he's rumored(khabar angin) to have the best English in the group. 4. Kwangmin is always happy when he's tired. 5. Minwoo sweats a lot so people call him "wet". 6. Boyfriend is scared of the recording studio because they got yelled (jerit) at a lot there. 7. Kwangmin once got wounded when Youngmin pinched him during one of their CF shooting. 8. In one of their interview Boyfriend said "We want to become the boyfriend of the Noona fans"

9. I'm young, but my body is old." - Kwangmin. during the UCC practice. 10. People called Minwoo "Moist" But now, it changed into "WET" because he's always sweating. 11. According to Jeongmin/Kwangmin, Minwoo is good at winks(mgelipkan mata) because he copied a lot of girl groups. 12. Minwoo used to find running up and down the stairs fun. 13. Youngmin runs out of energy the fastest. 14 .Jeongmin used to bite his nails. 15. Boyfriend is good at concentrating but sucks(teruk) at memorizing. 16. Youngmin is an attention-whore. 17. Youngmin gets tired the fastest. 18. Donghyun can read few English words

19. Minwoo tends to puff his cheeks out(kembungkn pipi and hembus) when he is concentrating on something 20. The 'jo twins' claim(mendakwa) that they've stopped growing 21. Facts about Boyfriend! Number one: Kwangmin says that if people ever met Hyunseong ,They'd think he has "mental issues". 22. Donghyun usually calls MinWoo of "Man pollination" because he used all of the tissues to wipe his sweat. 23. Boyfriend's dance is called "Aegyo Dance 24. The Jo Twins are really scared of things suddenly exploding. 25. Boyfriend plans to show us a new side of themselves apart of the powerful dance that theyd shown us.

26. When people first meet the twins, its a bit confusing but after meeting a few times, theyll know the difference. 27. Youngmins pride(maruah) is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well. When in anger, he almost throws a tantrum(kemrhn tiba2). 28. Boyfriend wants to be recognized for their talent, not their looks. 29. Boyfriend feels quite sad because they think they are getting recognized for their visuals(luaran) rather than their talent 30. IU sang me a song during break time and she was really good. She must have been tired so it was memorable to see her care about me -Minwoo 31. Kwangmin really really likes Pokemon, but he likes Pikachu most ^^ *aww he's so cute*

32. Youngmin loves Winnie The Pooh ^^*kawaaaiiiii* and Minwoo likes Mickey Mouse ^^*kyaaaaa cute ne* 33. Minwoo (with his cuteness) ever ask to cameramen "does bear usually have mouth?" XD 34. Donghyun used to be a rebel(memberontak) during school 35. Jo Twins are JYPE's trainee(org yg mnjlni lthn) before debute(kemunculan) in Starship in 2 years 36. Kwangmin really really likes Pokemon, but he likes Pikachu most *cute XD* 37. Youngmin wash his hands when he nervous. 38. Minwoo is SNSD's Jessica fangirl *=.=* he sometimes edited his pict with her *-.-* 39."Once Kwangmin had injured, i had to replace him for video's record" -> Youngmin said

40. Donghyun knows some Japanese language and can speak in Japanese (He ever debuted in Japan before with Boyfriend) 41. Youngmin likes yellow *same with me* and Kwangmin likes blue and black but he prefer blue *same with my brother XD haha* 42. Minwoo always wakes up Youngmin with his cuteness *i guess jo twins have a morning call everyday XD hehe* 43. Jo twins and Minwoo ever cast in comedy All My Love 44. When all member choose BigBang, Youngmin the one who choose TVXQ *he's a cassie()? 0.0* 45. Kwangmin draws Pikachu on Hyunseong's birthday cake ^^46. When Kwangmin forget the dance part he quickly look for help by watching Minwoo 47. Minwoo usually call 'Hyung' to Youngmin, but not for Kwangmin.. *why?? ^^a*

48. Donghyun and Minwoo likes to eat Korean cabbage 49. Donghyun ever said Minwoo has CUTE personality 50. Minwoo use 3 shoes insoles(shoes heel) to elevate(mgangkat) his body XD 51. Jeongmin is the second member who talkative/talking much after Donghyun ^^ 52. Kwangmin really really likes Pokemon, but he likes Pikachu most 53. Jeongmin want to prove to his parent if he can success be entertainer ^^- *good boy* 54. Hyunseong cried when boyfriend member gave him surprised birthday party (Youngmin also cried T.T) 55. Donghyun is the funniest man in the group. He's moodmaker.. 56. Donghyun walks outside when he feel stressed 57. Donghyun can't spell TIRAMISU XD

58. When in kindergarten, Youngmin ever wore girl's dress. He also ever mistaken as a girl by a boy who confess his love to Youngmin! *omo 0.0* 59. Youngmin can't drawing and never drawing when in kindergarten *let me draw for u XD* 60. Eventough people mistaken that Kwangmin's the older..the fact says that Youngmin 6minutes older than Kwangmin. 61. When Youngmin had tired, Kwangmin started to hyper XD 62. Jo twins have a couple rings on their index finger^^63. Jo twins have their dad face... 64. Jo twins are studying Japanese languange *yaay XD* 65. Jo twins like dahl paeng i (mean: slugs(memukul dgn kuat)) 0.0 66. Things he can't do : Youngmin -> gags , Kwangmin > grabs the situation, Minwoo -> games, Jeongmin -> soccer

67. Jo twins always do gags but their gags are not funny at all XD 68. Jo twins sleep at the same time and same position >// 69. Jo twins like to put something into their mouth 0.0? 70. Kwangmin's good at sharing to another 71. If Youngmin want something, he will concentrate to get it *ahh really like this* 72. Jo twins have star shape on their sign 73. Kwangmin said that when off air, Youngmin can use a curse word *ho 0.0* 74. If Jeongmin is MIRROR PRINCE, then Youngmin is PRINCE OF CHARISMA and Minwoo is SWEATING KING XD LOL 75. Kwangmin ever want coloured his hair same with Youngmin but management didn't allow him..some people would confused and can't differentiate them...

76. Youngmin is the most sensitive in Boyfriend ^^ *look at fact number 54* 77. Donghyun's interested in fashion 78. Member who eats a lot is Hyunseong (he likes hamburger and donkatsu) and member who eats a least is Donghyun (he's on a diet ^^) 79. Kwangmin has 4D personality, that's why people say he's Heechul's line *XD really??* 80. In Boyfriend, maknae line (Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo) are good at dancing, than hyung line (Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin) are good at singing 81. When their first practice in stage, Jo twins made a mistake, the funny is it's a SAME MISTAKE XD 82. Donghyun's Starship trainee for 6 years before debute with Boyfriend *wow 0.0* 83. Hyunseong really care with other member (esp maknae line), he has bright personality ^^

84. Shikshin Boyfriend is Hyunseong, King of Fashion Boyfriend is Donghyun 85. Jo twins name combination's (YoungKwang) mean HONOR 86. Fans call Youngmin is Greedy of Screen Time. Why? Because he often appeared in Boyfriend MV 87. Jo Twins have different personality, Youngmin's cold than Kwangmin's cheerful 88. "Think first before you do something" that's our Leader motto (Donghyun) 89. Minwoo can't distinguish(membezakan) which a real and a fake nail XD 90. Both Youngmin and Minwoo have strong leadership 91. When Minwoo is smiling, he looks like Thai Prince XD *wew Nickhun 2PM? haha*

92. When the hyungs happy they'll dance with maknaes, and when the maknaes happy they'll sing with hyungs 93. In Boyfriend, Youngmin is the most talkative/ fussy~ hehe 94. Member of favourite by Donghyun is Youngmin 95. Hyunseong is almost perfect, but he's not perfect ^^ 96. Kwangmin's really similar to Pikachu 97. Donghyun has a diet schedule *i think other member also have one ^^* 98. Minwoo oce use Youngmin's tissue to wipe his sweat XD *soo sweet* 99. "Minwoo is Lee Seung Gi's senior style" -> Youngmin said 100. Hyorin SISTAR gave their (Boyfriend) fan club name "GIRLFRIEND -> for girls and BESTFRIEND -> for boys"

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