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Chapter 5 I. Front Office Accounting

Account Management
Debits Charges Credits Payments

Front Office Accounting Formula

Previous Balance + Debits - Credits Net Outstanding Balance PB + DR - CR = NOB

Hotel Accounting Systems

Accounts kept manually

 

Accounts kept using posting machine Previous Balance Pickup

 

Accounts kept using computers Point-of-sale link

Hotel Accounting Terms

A collection of all transactions incurred by a guest.


A statement of all transactions that affect the balance of an account.


The process of recording transactions onto a folio.

Types Of Folios
Guest Folio

Front office is responsible during occupancy Used for House accounts Used for group accounts

Non-guest Folio

Master Folio

Incidental Folio

Hotel Ledgers

A summary grouping of accounts Set of registered hotel guest accounts Set of non-guest accounts Transfer of non-settled accounts Responsibility shifts from front office to accounting department

Guest Ledger

City Ledger
  

Hotel Accounting Terms
Advanced Deposit  Pre-payment to guarantee reservation After-departure charges  “Signature on file” Cash Overages & Shortages

Beware of both

Due Backs

Pay out more than you receive

Hotel Vouchers

Details a transaction to be posted

Correction Voucher

Supports a correction on the Same Day as the error

Allowance Voucher

Supports a correction After the close of

Hotel Vouchers
Transfer Voucher

Reduces one account and increases another

Paid-out Voucher

Accounts for cash advances on the guest’s folio

Cash Voucher

Supports the posting of a credit to a guest folio

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