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Mohammed Nizar.N
 Ad creativity is the ability to
generate fresh, unique and
appropriate ideas that can be used
as solutions to communication
 To be appropriate and effective, a
creative idea must be relevant to
the target audience
 Doing creative ad is a challenge
 The job is to write copy, design layouts
and illustration or produce commercials
that effectively communicates the
central theme on which the campaign is
 Every market situation is different
 Risk is involved in creative advertising
 Creative personnel (art, literature,
music, humanities or journalism)
The creative process-
James Webb Young Model
“ the production of ideas is just as
definite a process as the
production of Fords; the production
of ideas, too runs as assembly line;
in this production the mind follows
an operative technique which can
be learned and controlled; and that
its effective use is just as much a
matter of practice in the technique
as in the effective use of any tool”
1. Immersion: gathering raw
material and information through
background research and
immersing yourself to the
2. Digestion: taking the information,
working it over, and wrestling
with it in the mind
1. Incubation: putting the problem
out of your conscious mind and
turning the information over to
the subconscious to do the work
2. illumination: the birth of an idea
3. Reality or verification; studying
the idea and shaping it to
practical usefulness
Account planning
 Is a process that involves
conducting research and gathering
all relevant information about a
clients product or service, brand
and consumers n the target
Inputs to the creative
 Background research: knowledge
about general trends, conditions,
and developments in the market
 Product/service-specific research
 Qualitative research input: in
depth interviews or focus groups,
ethnographic research
Inputs to the creative
process: verification,
 This stage of the creative process
evaluates ideas generated during
the illumination stage, rejects
inappropriate ones, refines and
polishes those that remain, and
gives them final expression
Creative strategy
 Advertising campaigns- a set of
interrelated and coordinated marketing
communication activities that appear in
different media across a specified time
- A campaign theme should be a strong
idea, as it is the central message that
will be communicated in all the
advertising and other promotional
 Are short-term in nature
 Campaign themes are developed
with the intention of being used for
a longer time period
Copy structure
 Words have to be shaped and re-
shaped, simplified, sequenced, and
sentences must comprise the right
diction, syntax and grammatical
2. Headline- an idea of interest that
catches the attention of the
consumers and the public
3. Amplification of the headline- to lead
the prospect to higher levels of
3.Explanation of the claims-
made in the headline and
subhead line
4.Citation of credible
5.Listing of benefits for te
6. A closing slogan that
capsulate the benefits