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Life Management
Economics Symposium
Mumbai 22nd Feb 2009
 Dr. R.P. Parnerkar (Introduction)

 Poornawad Philosophy

 Poornawadi Economics

 Adv.V.R. Parnerkar (Passionate

Dr. R.P. Parnerkar -
 Dr. Ramchandra Pralhad Parnerkar
- Born on 16th July (Guru Paurnima)1916, at Indore (MP)

 Vedic upbringing setting right platform

- for scientific study of Vedic literature and Indian

 Earned his education at Ujjain and Indore

 Rigorous and in-depth study of wide range of

subjects like;
 Sociology, economics, metaphysics, philosophy,
yoga, astrology, geology and other sciences
Dr. R.P. Parnerkar – PhD
 Developed first scholarly thesis on
“Evolution of Universe”
- Berlin University in 1945 - destroyed during II
world war.

 Continuinghis scholarly pursuits,

propounded a new thought in Advait
philosophy, “Poornawad”.

 1948, All India Sanskrit and Spiritual

University at Benaras, conferred Ph.D. on
R.P. Parnerkar for his outstanding and
divine work – “Poornawad”
Poornawad philosophy
 Supreme Lord and Universe are the same
entity manifesting in different forms.
 Therefore Universe is no more an effect of any
cause but is changed form of the ultimate

 Complete (total) satisfaction is satisfaction on

material, intellectual and spiritual planes.

 Six
pillars of a meaningful, purposeful life
reaching its total fulfillment:
- Expertise,
- Planning
- Popular opinion (Lokmat)
- Togetherness (Loksangrah)
- Relevance of time
Dr. R.P. Parnerkar – Post
 Blessings of almighty lord ‘Sri Ganesh’
- to disseminate “Poornawad” in common man’s
life sphere.
- started guiding common people to practice
principles of “Poornawad” for a meaningful
fulfilled life.
 Poornawad for common man
- to overcome the pain, anxiety, stress and
- ‘Life is an Art’ new mantra
- New success formula Human effort + God’s
- Material Life + Spiritual Life with powerful link of
Poornawad – Human Insight
 Dr.Parnerkar extensively travelled all over
India with a divine message.

 Noticed
social disorder fuelled by
economic disorder and economic policies.

 Modern
Economics failing to secure
‘common man’s right to live’

 Toaddress limitations of modern day

economics, Dr. Parnerkar proposed new
economic thought
- “Poornawadi Economics”
Poornwadi Economics
 Dr. Parnerkar, firmly believed
- any economic theory without concern for
human life at center is going to create
economic disorder through social disorder

 Dr. Parnerkar raised intelligent question

- principle of “Food in Exchange of Labour’ and
revolutionalised economic thinking.
 Determination of value of labour
- Need for work,
- Quality of labour
- Quantity of labour
Adv. V. R. Parnerkar-
Master of Poornawad
 Powerful Phillip to“Poornwad Philosophy”

 Individual – National – Inter National

 Practiced, perfected, mastered each and every

single principle of “PoornaVedic” philosophy
 Several families across globe today, accepting
his discipleship and demonstrating “Poornawad
in Practice”

 Economics in practice
 Free Food in Parner,
 As on today, 121 Temples of Dr. Parnerkar

Poornawadi Life Management
Institute - Mumbai
 Objective:
- Create a platform to interact with wider
section of society to enrich, share and
nurture higher values of human life at
individual and collective level as well on
the universal plane
- Create a platform for meaningful
debate, discussion and action on ‘Life
Centric Economics’
- To acknowledge outstanding
contribution in the field of Economics
“ So long as someone gets his or her
At the mercy of someone else
Humanity is bound to remain
Dr. R.P. Parnerkar