The Way of Tea

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Origins of Tea Ceremony
Zen Buddhist priest Eisai brings Matcha (powdered green tea) to Japan from China in 1191. Matcha gains its popularity over the next 400 years (samurai – Zen, Emperor court – art complementary to reading)

What is Matcha?

•10 glasses of green tea (nutritional value) since you ingest the whole leaf •Strongest antioxidant .

The tools used in making tea .

Sen Rikyu (1522-1591) – founder of Sadou (the Way of Tea) .

Rikyu Accomplishments • Design of the tea hut and the path ( the tea garden) • Design of a small entrance • Finding beauty in coarse. common utensils He has been Tea master for three heroes-unifiers of Japan (Oda Nobunaga. Toyotosmi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu) .

• Wa Harmony • Kei Respect • Sei Purity • Jyaku Tranquility The “Heart” of Sadou .

• Harmony .between guests and host and it extends to nature through tea utensils.all are the same rank in a tea room • Purity . atmosphere • Respect .open and kind heart • Tranquility -selflesssness .

A Japanese tea ceremony • Tearoom Design • Tea Garden • Calligraphy • Flower Arrangement • Lacquer ware • Ceramics • Bamboo • Ironwork All are parts of Japanese culture and art .

2. mizusashi walls.tatami the pot flower . fire from 3.Fire coal light.Earth 4.Tree ceiling trim.Water vase.Five Elements 1. door.Metal 5.

Tea Garden and Tea Room/ Hut .

From the Gate to the Dewy Path Perfection is in imperfection .

Preparation Place .

Middle Gate Leave problems outside and focus on tea ceremony .

Stepping Stones on the Dewy Path .

Stone Basin (Tsukudai) Cleansing hands and mouthfor tea ceremony .


Yūin tea hut .

Entrance .

Tea Room / Hut .


Tenmoku .

Tenmoku .

Hakuiji (White porcelain ware) .

Ido (Korea) .

Ido (Kizaemon) .

. The term ICHIGO ICHIE is linked with Zen Buddhism. he/she would carefully prepare and perform.Ichigo Ichie • If a person who plans to hold the gathering considers it as the only opportunity in his/her life. It reminds us of transience of our lives.


I see all of nature represented in its green color. I feel these become a part of me. Silently sitting alone and drinking tea.In my own hands I hold a bowl of tea. Sen Soshitsu Grand Master XIV Urasenke School of Tea . Closing my eyes I find green mountains and pure water within my own heart.

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