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Past Simple/Simple Past Tense

Meaning The Past Simple describes actions which happened in the past and are finished often with dates, time, and words like yesterday, last, ago.

Form/Pattern Subject + Verb(2) Time Signal Yesterday Last ago

The examples of Simple Past Tense

a. Positive Sentences a. We stayed overnight at my uncles house in Kuala Lumpur b. My brother and I spent most of our time entertaining ourselves at the recreation center

b. Negative Sentences We did not stay overnight at my uncle house in Kuala Lumpur My brother and I did not spend most of our time entertaining ourselves at the recreation center

c. Interrogative Sentences Did you stay overnight at your uncles house last holiday? Where did you and your brother spend most of your time during your holiday in Genting?

Verbs change in Simple Past Tense

Regular Verbs stay stayed listen listened play played need needed

Irregular Verbs go went spend spent leave left take took

study studied

write wrote

Read these questions and answer them ! 5. Father: Did dina read a novel in her room? Mother: No, she didnt Father: What did she do there? Mother: She a letter. a. write b. writes c. wrote d. will write
Depdiknas U1/C2/K 2001/2002


The announcer said that Indonesia in attaining gold medal for badminton and tennis at the 1990 Asian Games. a. won b. beat c. defeated d. succeeded


Asma: Where were you last night? I did not see you at the library. Aliyah: I to a wedding party with my parents.

a. b. c. d.

go went will go was going

Language Function

Offering something When we offer something to someone else, we can use these expression: How to offer Would you like.? Let me . Shall I . Accepting/Declining Yes, please/No, thanks That would be nice/No Thanks/No, thank you

Read this conversation and answer the questions!

8. Santi: My friend and I are planning to go to the zoo. Hana: Really! When? Santi: Next week ? Hana: No, thanks. I will accompany my mother to my grandmothers house

a. b. c. d.

Would you like to come with us Have you ever been there Did you go there Do you go there

Ujicoba EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris 2000


Randy: Imran: Randy:

Im thirsty. Shall I get you something to drink? Yes, that would be nice. Thanks

Randy is showing his . a. Acceptance to an offering b. Request to an offering c. Rejecting to an offering d. Declining an offering
Adapted from Tes Ujicoba Ujian Akhir Nasional 2003


Simple past tense digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian, peristiwa atau keadaan yang terjadi pada waktu lampau.

The children enjoyed the party last night. His father died when he was ten years old.

Simple past tense menggunakan keterangan waktu lampau. Keterangan waktu yang sering digunakan dalam simpel past tense adalah:

Yesterday morning Yesterday afternoon Yesterday evening Yesterday night

Last Last night Last week Last month Last year Last Saturday Last Summer Last Winter

Ago Five days ago Three days ago Six months ago Three years ago a/one month ago

Bentuk kata lampau beraturan (regular past form)

Kata kerja beraturan (regular verb) dibentuk dengan menambahkan akhiran d/ed pada kata kerja pertama (infinitive). Jika kata kerja berakhiran huruf d atau t, akhiran ed diucapkan id.

John wanted to see the manager last week. I needed your help to settle the problem.

Bentuk lampau tidak beraturan (irregular past form)

Kata kerja yang tidak beraturan (irregular verb) tidak dibentuk dengan menambahkan akhiran d/ed pada kata kerja. Kata kerja tidak beraturan mempunyai bentuk tersendiri

I bought this English dictionary last week. She left for America last night.

Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement)

Dibentuk dengan menempatkan kata bantu did di depan kalimat. Dalam kalimat tanya, kata bantu did berarti apakahdan kata kerjanya kembali ke dalam bentuk pertama (infinitive).

Did you buy this dictionary at a bookstore? Apakah kamu membeli kamus ini di toko buku?

Kalimat menyangkal (negative statement) Kalimat menyangkal (negative statement) dibentuk dengan menambahkan not sesudah did (did not/ didnt) dan ditempatkan sesudah subjek kalimat.).

Sama halnya dengan kalimat tanya, dalam kalimat menyangkal kata kerjanya kembali ke dalam bentuk pertama (infinitive)

I did not/ didnt see him at the party last night Saya tidak melihatnya di pesta tadi malam.

Simple past tense juga digunakan untuk menanyakan waktu terjadinya suatu kejadian atau peristiwa. When did you buy this new car?

Simple past tense dengan Was/ Were

Contoh kalimat
1. I was in Bandung last week 2. You were in Bandung yesterday 3. Mr. Wibowo was in Bandung two days ago. 4. They were in Bandung last night.