This project was brilliant in helping me develop my design skills in Maya.

As such with the specifics of my character and the limitations it has given it’s final composite. I thought that this tutorial in creating controls for clothing could be vital to anyone who has developed separate clothing to the actual Model. Furthermore the versatility it can get dynamic poses from a stand still Imagery.

To begin this tutorial I isolated clothing from the Model and any rigs or controls that are visible. This allows for a clean workspace and makes the process faster. When starting I also isolated the torso from the Shorts as this is will be the first piece of geometry I will apply controls to.

As with this model the geometry is quite clean and a circular edges can provide a basis for the shorts control. To start with I select (with edges) and double click to highlight the loop. Then using Ctrl and Left mouse button I convert the selection in to vertices. This can be argued as long winded, however it keeps the selection clean from any stray vertex being highlighted.

With the vertices highlighted I go to the drop down menu then select “Animation > Create Deformers> Cluster. If successful you’ll see the letter `c` appear in the middle of the selected area or loop. Once made I create a NURBS Circle and rotate and move into place just under the shorts leg finally using `Freeze Transformation` to refresh the attributes of the Nurb . Here I can parent the cluster to the new Ctrl. Successfully I can the alter the lower hem of the shorts being able to rotate, Scale and translate this area.

As You can see this allows for the artist to move the geometry with easy and place it in accordance to the model. As you can see I have repeated this method up to the top of the leg and have mirrored it on the other side. It a good time to note at this point That I have also created a master cluster which lies at the top of the shorts allowing me easy access rotating, scaling and translating to suit that of the models position.

This method therefore allows for more dynamic clothing effects without the hassle nCloth. A such this allows for the use of controls on clothing geometry can be influential in term of baggy clothing allowing and almost squash and stretch ability which can be demonstrate with applying these controls to the basketball vest. As with the shorts we can apply immediately controls going up the Vest allowing for some dynamic shapes for the more free form areas of the vest. However now with the vest we can manipulate the neck line and arm area.

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