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These functions are interrelated and interdependent. . my thinking will be influenced. feeling. or wanting.WHAT IS STRATEGIC THINKING The human mind has three interrelated functions: thinking.  these functions are interdependent by implication  So If I feel sad that will impact my thinking system and creating wanting  any change in one of these functions is going to produce a similar shift In the other two.  if I feel some emotion (say. sadness). and desiring.

. Then develop rational thinking with which to replace the irrational thinking you are using in the situation.UNDERSTANDING AND USING STRATEGIC THINKING Under irrational emotions or desires. thinking probably is generating those emotions and desires.

usethis format:  openly state what the feelings and desires are.  Figure out the irrational thinking leading to them.  Figure out how to transform the irrational thinking into rational  repeat to yourself the rational thoughts you decided you needed to replace the irrational thoughts.RATIONAL THINKING FORMAT When you feel the irrational negative emotions which rehearse the rational thinking. until you feel the rational emotions that accompany reasonable thinking. .

You must be able to figure out when your thinking is irrational or flawed. You must actively engage and challenge the acts of your own mind.  An identifying component. .COMPONENTS OF STRATEGIC THINKING strategic thinking has two additional components.  An intellectual action component.

INTELLECTUAL ACTION COMPONENT In the intellectual action component.  Ways of reasoning with yourself when you are being unreasonable.  A justifiable rationale for choosing one of the options. .  Your options for action. or ways of reducing the power of your irrational state of mind. you must figure out four things:  What is actually going on in the situation as it stands.

KEYS IDEA To have a strategic thoughts we have to explore groups of key ideas .

We do not change feelings by substituting other feelings. AND DESIRES ARE INTERDEPENDENT  Thinking Feeling It makes no sense for someone to order you to feel what you do not feel or to desire what you do not desire.1: THOUGHTS. or desires by substituting other desires . FEELINGS.

feelings. we should be able to routinely notice and evaluate our feelings This strategy might be roughly outlined as follows: Identify a irrational feeling you have. and desires.STRATEGIC IDEA        With a basic understanding of the interrelation among thoughts. . What thinking would account for the feeling? Determine the extent to which the thinking is reasonable. express precisely why you think irrationally Construct thinking that would represent a rational response in the situation.

Feelings.TEST THE IDEA Focusing on the Relationship Between Thoughts. and Desires I Focusing on a negative feeling you sometimes or often experience go through the five-point strategy Analyze the extent to which the thinking is justified Questionable behavior Precise thinking leading to that behavior Develop reasonable thinking Attack the unreasonable thinking .

We need to know that change cause pain $ Source: Adapted from Robert S. 1991 . Grant.HOW TO ILLUSTRATE OUR POINT large segment of irrational human behavior how to stop irrational behavior arises we shall have to make a change in our behavior make a resolution to change bad habit.

primitive. then we should harness the thinking of our conscience. we should experiment with a variety of strategies.A CAVEAT: POWERFUL EMOTIONS THAT SEEM DISCONNECTED FROM THOUGHT When we struggle we may not know what thinking to trace the emotion to. making the harm as explicit as we can to ourselves . Whatever the exact thought is. It may take years to uncover and bring to consciousness deeply primitive unconscious thoughts. If the urge results in consequences harmful to another person. and powerful. it seems unconscious. And even then it may be hard to be sure we are correct in our analysis.

KEY IDEA #2: FIGURE OUT THE LOGIC STRATEGY When you realize that there is a logic to everything By questioning for the five following strategy .

RANDOMIZED STRATEGIES choose among pure strategies according to probabilities  must be unpredictable  .

The large masses of people are lazy and irresponsible and always will be.RANDOMIZED STRATEGIES: When Irrational impact you that nothing going to change  Solution: Do not seek to change the world in significant ways because no matter what you do.  Do not get involved in the affairs of others. . nothing much will change.  The people at the top will always be corrupt and they will always have the power to hurt you.

ELEMENTS OF THE LOGIC INHERENT        • • • The main goal or purpose of this person is to enjoy life and to avoid involvement The main issue or question for this person The main assumptions this person uses in thinking are The main conclusion (inference) this person comes to The points of view of this person The main implications of this person's thinking are the main concepts this person uses in thinking are those principles: how to enjoy life improvement within institutions natural consequences (is it ethic or not) .

Am I providing enough details for the other person to fully comprehend my meaning  Focusing on accuracy in thinking. WE MUST ROUTINELY ASSESS IT Focusing on clarity in thinking. Am I certain that the information I am using is accurate?  . Am I clear about my thinking? Can I state it precisely?  Focusing on precision in thinking.3: FOR THINKING TO BE OF HIGH QUALITY.

.CONCLUSION Conscious is responsible of all what we think and how we act and how we behave. Strategic thinking style is a way to organize our mind map and considerate what is effective and what is defective. The way we feel impact our thinking and our reaction. . So we have to screening our visions and points we gain from surrounded environment to take what is really positive to our live and make us happy.

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