Release of energy . Trapped / caught in between 3. Contact with or entanglement 2. Struck by ejected parts of machinery / material 4.ACCIDENT AND DANGEROUS OCCURENCE DANGEROUS OCCURRENCE / ACCIDENT ASSOCIATED WITH MACHINERY 1.

hazards generated by 8. thermal hazards. electrical hazards. 5. hazards generated by radiation. 2. hazards generated by neglecting ergonomic vibrations principles . Hazards generated by substances.MACHINERY HAZARDS VARIOUS KINDS OF HAZARD THE HAZARDS 1. Mechanical hazards. 6. 7. hazards generated by materials and 4. and noise. 3.

Crushing hazard 9. Cutting hazard 5. Ejected material hazard 4. Shear hazard 7.MACHINERY HAZARDS VARIOUS KINDS OF HAZARD THE HAZARDS 1. Potential energy hazard 2. Friction / abrasion hazard 8. Stabbing / puncture hazard 6. Entanglement hazard 3. Impact hazard . Drawing in hazard 10.

Action • • • • Rotating Reciprocating Transversing Cutting Punching Shearing Bending .MACHINERY HAZARDS HAZARDOUS MOVEMENT AND ACTION THINGS THAT HAZARDOUS WITH MACHINERY 1. Motion • • • 2.

MAKE WORKPLACE SAFER THE BASIC. 1. Risk Assessment 3. Controlling the hazard HIRAC . Hazard Identification 2.

Consultation / discussion .Specialist advice WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CONTROL? . The process may include.HAZARD IDENTIFICATION Process of getting to know the unsafe (around you) at workplace. .Task analysis .Inspection / observation .Review records / report .

RISK ASSESSMENT WHAT IS RISK ASSESSMENT? THE FACTORS How bad it could be if injury. illnesses or lost occur SEVERITY RISK MAGNITUDE LIKELIHOOD Probability of a hazard / unsafe factor to cause an occurence WHICH ONE SHOULD BE CONTROLLED FIRST? .

Elimination 2. Personal Protective Equipment . Administrative Control 5.SAFE MACHINE OPERATION HAZARD CONTROL 1. Substitution 3. Isolation / Engineering control 4.

HAZARD ISOLATION / ENGINEERING CONTROL OPERATE MACHINERIES SAFELY Engineering / technical approaches to mitigate the hazard 1. Guarding of a machine 3.SAFE GUARDING OF MACHINERY 3. additional accessories / devices . Modification of machine (redesign) 2.

1970 • Primer Movers • Transmission Machinery • Driven Machinery .SAFE GUARDING OF MACHINERY THE DANGEROUS PART WE SHALL SAFEGUARD COMMON MACHINERY PART THAT REQUIRE GUARDING Factories and Machinery (Fencing of Machinery and Safety) Regulations.

Safety button / control Guards 3. Self-adjusting guard .SAFE GUARDING OF MACHINERY HOW A GUARD / SAFETY DEVICE SHOULD BE? METHODS OF SAFEGUARDING GUARD AND DEVICE 1. Adjustable 4. Restrain 4. Fixed Guards 2. Pullback 3. Presence sensing 2. Interlocking 1.

Store tools in safe place .HAND AND POWER TOOLS 4 BASIC (GOLDEN) RULES There are four basic rules 1. Keep tools in good condition 4. Select the right tools 2. Use tools correctly and safely 3.

Statutory Maintenance .MAINTENANCE OF MACHINE GUARD AND TOOL TYPES OF MAINTENANCE 1. Breakdown Maintenance 4. Preventative Maintenance 2. Online Maintenance 3.

Residual current device 7. Fuses 5. Circuit breaker 6. Insulation 4. Earthing 2. Competency .SAFETY HAZARD E L E C T R I C A L PROTECTION AND PREVENTION 1. System of work 3.

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