P:1Property Property Management - Lease Administration - Facilities Maintenance For Landlords and Corporate Users on SAP Business One

P:1 Property One Solution

The most advanced “out-of-the-box” Property Management software based on SAP Business One, configured specifically to support Commercial Real Estate Owners-Tenants-Investors and Service Providers

SAP Profile

SAP AG. World’s Largest Business Management software company Supported in over 53 countries

SAP Business One – an affordable integrated and easy to use system.
Over 18,000 SAP Business One installations

Over $12 billion total revenue


Ceecom Profile

Ceecom Inc. www.ceecom.com SAP Business One Solution Partner M1 Maintenance R1 Rental Head Office : Toronto Business & Implementation partners in: USA

Latin America Australia & Asia Pacific

Leo Profile

Leo Software, Inc. www.leosoftware.net Award winning Property Information Management web based software designed for real estate Clients include leading US Real Estate Companies such as:
 CB Richard Ellis  Grubb & Ellis  Transwestern

B4 Consulting Inc.

 Global SAP Partner

 Consulting and implementation
 Project management  Property management expertise  Rapid deployment

P1 Key Functions

Asset and Investment Management Vacancy and Encumbrance Bill of Materials Tracking Work Flow Processing Ad Hoc Reporting Master Maintenance Budgeting & Forecasting Scheduling

Executive Dashboard Workshop Control Lease Administration CAM Reconciliations Warranty Management Maintenance Work Orders Fault and Incident Reporting Billing and Collections Fuel Management


Why P1 ? P1 fully integrates all the business processes required for Commercial Real Estate. P1 data dashboard display for executives, managers, investors enables secure access to all selected property data and performance metrics P1 offers “view only” users, making it the most affordable completely integrated solution available P1 is supported globally P1 is the certified Property Management Business One solution from SAP

P1 - Property Management on SAP Business One

Invoicing & Accounts Receivable Purchasing and Accounts Payable General Ledger & HR Lease abstracting and administration Preventative maintenance scheduling Work Order and Invoice tracking Billing and collections Operating expenses benchmarking Budgeting and Forecasting Calculate & track broker commissions Property Reporting Interactive drill downs on most data

P1 - Work Order Management
 Entry and scheduling of Service Work Order requests  Service Work Order history for each tenant, piece of equipment, rental space and property  Capture of all costs to ensure accurate costing and/or billing  Ad-hoc reporting & benchmarking  Facility for entry of all labor hours  Entry of all parts and expenses to complete the Services Work Order  Entry of 3rd party sub-contract services  Work Order Process review and approval  Generates report on the completed Services Work Order

P1 - Lease Administration
           Lease process review and approval Sales and CRM tracking Patented Vacancy Management Dashboard Integrated Lease Abstracting System Integration with A/R recurring billing CAM Billing and Reconciliation Occupancy costing and benchmarking Critical Date Reporting Lease Option and Legal Clause tracking Asset Tracking and expense allocation Vacancy Turnover Best Practice tracking

P1 – Property Maintenance
Fully integrated Maintenance workflow

Generates Preventive and Corrective Work orders
Captures total cost of maintenance by leased unit or common area. Tracks warranty on equipment and generates Claims documents to recover warranty $$

Improves equipment reliability and customer service levels.
Reduce maintenance and operating costs

P1 - Property Master Data Features
 Complete Property Master and Tenant profile information  User defined property configurations – Property, Buildings, floors, space units.  Visibility of all property details at all times  Property status ( Available, on lease, lease expiry dates, in build-out/renovation )  Rental history of each property, building, space units.  Document Management System defined by property configuration  Drill-Down Capabilities  User defined roles and permissions for all users

P1 – Leo Dashboard – Property Portfolio

One screen shot and you have all the pertinent facts on all your buildings. P:1 also allows you to search for space within a portfolio and group buildings together for analysis.

Filtering Technology Property Summary Building Card

P1 – Leo Dashboard - Dynamic Stacking Plan

P:1 let’s you view your building’s occupancy and drill-down to property data. Historical and future occupancy and rent levels are displayed along with Key Performance Indicators: Occupancy, Weighted Net Rent, Operating Expenses. Stacking Plan Building Card Dynamic Bar Chart

P1 – Leo Dashboard - Lease Abstracts

P:1 Lease Abstracts highlight all the important lease terms and provide “Alerts” to key dates and events. All leases and other documents are also available.

Tenant Information Filtering Technology Lease Option Details

P1 - Dashboards - Web Site Generator

Included in P1 is the easy to use Leo Software web site generator. It takes only minutes to set up your property portfolio

Your Branded Header Featured Suites Detailed Views

P1 – Key Benefits
The complete solution designed specifically for commercial real estate. Single database of all Property Leases and Portfolio data.

Graphical display and pictures of all Rental space Inventory and availability
Secure access to internal staff, brokers and investors. Efficient entry of all maintenance services and costs for accurate tracking , billing or allocation to total operating costs. Entry and tracking of all operating expenses and costs by leased units or common area Maximize Rental revenues and IRR

P1 - Key Benefits
 Fund, portfolio and asset management reporting and metrics

 Facility to generate web site for specific property suites
 Easy to Use, deploy out-of the-box.  Email Alerts, Approvals and Drill Downs  Year end reconciliations.  Integrated to SAP Business One, supported globally.  Fast payback

P1 - SAP Business One for Commercial Real Estate Seamless integration with SAP Business One The only time tested fully integrated process software for real estate Global support and training Role Based functionality defines each user’s unique permissions

“View only” Pricing allows affordable enterprise adoption
Patented features allow you to differentiate your property portfolio.

Contact ….

Ceecom Inc. Ray Talwar Toronto, Canada

 info@ceecom.com Tel: 416-494-4200 x229

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