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Breakdown and Preventive Maintenance

• During machine breakdown. .Necessity of Maintenance Management • Breakdown of one piece of equipment or component can hinder the performance of the entire production process. • Repairing a machine can be expensive once it break down • Malfunctioning equipment may affect the quality of products. resulting in delays. workers become idle resulting in higher labor cost per unit of the product. Scrap or wastage due to such equipment increases the production costs. • Machine failure can even lead to accidents in some cases.

• To maintain the machinery and other facilities in good condition so that the maximum capacity can be operated without any interruption or hindrance.Objectives of Plant Maintenance • To maintain the machinery without any breakdown and to keep the plant in good working condition. .

buildings and services required by various departments of the factory for the performance of their functions at optimum level.Objectives of Plant Maintenance • Proper and periodic maintenance ensures the availability of the machines. .

Importance of Maintenance • Plant maintenance has to be given primary consideration in production management because plant breakdown may cause the following problems. – Production time will lost – Production has to be rescheduled – More waste material due to sudden stoppage of process – Failure to recover overheads – Most over-time work – Resorting to more subcontracting work – Temporary work shortages .

Inspection & Supervision Engineering & Improvements Maintenance of the Plant Repairs & Replacement Overhaul of Plant Construction Jobs Disposal Clerical Works . D.Duties and Responsibilities of Maintenance Department A. F. B. H. C. E. G.

Different Types of Maintenance • • • • • Planned Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance Scheduled Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance .

. control and records. servicing and overhauling in order to ensure minimum down time in the long run. It implies all means of examination of all means of repairing.Planned Maintenance • It is organised and carried out with forethought. lubricating.

.• Planned maintenance intention is to carry out maintenance before it is actually needed.

. The production department informs the maintenance department to rectify the defect who find out and correct the repairs.Breakdown Maintenance (Corrective) • Under breakdown maintenance the repairs are undertaken after the equipment went out of order and it cannot function any longer.

. lubrication. repair and overhaul of certain equipments which if neglected can result in breakdown.Scheduled Maintenance • Scheduled maintenance avoids breakdowns. It involves inspection.

.Preventive Maintenance • Preventive maintenance is a planned and scheduled system that tries to minimize the problems of breakdown maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance • It is a latest maintenance technique. temperature and resistance strain gauges . It involves application of human senses or other sensitive instruments like – Audio Gauges – Vibration Analysers – Amplitude meters – Pressure.

Preventive Maintenance • It is based on “prevention is better than cure” .The main purpose of preventive maintenance is to locate the sources of repair and to remove them before the breakdown occurs. It includes periodic test. servicing and inspection. It is undertaken on scheduled basis for retaining an equipment in a satisfactory operating condition. monitoring. .

cleaning and painting of equipment . • Repeated servicing. • Adequate lubrication. up keep and overhaul of equipment.Preventive Maintenance Program consists following activities • Design and installation of equipment • Continuous monitoring of plant and inspection of equipment to prevent break down before they occur.

Important factors • • • • • • Analyzing records Availability of skilled people Location of maintenance facility Planning and scheduling Application of work standards Effective Inventory Control – – – – – – Total No. of Equipments Service Life of Parts Job Conditions Sources of Supply Delivery Period Efficiency of the purchasing department .

• It predicts major breakdowns. wastages and ensures better quality control • It minimizes maintenance costs of both labor and materials. • We can keep less equipment needed in stand by and reduce the investment • It reduces product rejects. • Only required spares have to be maintained leading to minimum inventory. • It provides longer service life of plant equipment and building.Advantages of Good Preventive Maintenance Program • The production down time will be less • The overtime pay will be very low for maintenance personnel on ordinary repairs and adjustments than breakdown repairs. • It provides safety for workers and protection for the plant leading to minimize accidents. .

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