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Lokfix used anchoring staircase handrails

constructive solutions

Lokfix used for Column Extension

constructive solutions

Lokfix used for Staircase Extension

constructive solutions

Lokfix P used for fixing balcony railings constructive solutions .

constructive solutions WATERPROOFING .

etc .Water proofing constructive solutions  What is waterproofing  The treatment of a surface or structure to prevent passage of water under hydrostatic pressure        Water retaining structures: keeping water in Reservoirs and water tanks Waste water treatment plants Dams Secondary containment bund Swimming pools Sewers and pipelines.

etc.Water proofing  What is waterproofing constructive solutions  The treatment of a surface or structure to prevent passage of water under hydrostatic pressure.Terraces Parking garages Underground stations and subways Utility vaults Reservoirs and water tanks Marine structures Tunnels. .         Waterproof facilities: keeping water out Basements.

Water proofing constructive solutions Causes for leakage        Concrete shrinks and develops micro cracks Joints detailing & treatments Poor quality of concrete Poor workmanship High water table Water retaining structures Structural problems .

Water proofing constructive solutions Why is it required?? Leakage results in     Corrosion and spalling Life of the structure is reduced Loss of revenue Remedial measures are trial & error and very expensive .

R-Wall. Wet Areas-Toilet. Basement – Footings/Raft. Above Ground.Waterproofing Areas constructive solutions Bellow Ground. Grade Slab.Tanks. Podium & Roof Slab-Architectural water feature & horticulture elements. Kitchen & Balconies Water Retaining Structures. Sumps & Swimming pool .

Waterproofing-Generic Systems constructive solutions Torch-on Liquid applied Self adhesive Spray Loose laid Pre-applied .

Waterproofing system types constructive solutions .

Fosroc Waterproofing Brand constructive solutions  Key brands  Brushbond  Nitoproof  Proofex  Supercast .

constructive solutions Liquid applied Systems .

Product Application Liquid Applied System  Bitumen emulsions  Cementitious  Modified PU Coating constructive solutions .

Fosroc Waterproofing Range constructive solutions  Liquid applied Cementitious  Brushbond  Brushbond RFX  Brushcrete  Liquid applied Bituminous  Nitoproof 100/120  Liquid applied pitch based PU  Nitoproof 600 .

Liquid applied membrane constructive solutions Pressure grouting with neat cement slurry using Cebex 100 Step 1: Pressure Grouting (if necessary) .

Liquid applied Cementitious membrane  Brush bond series – roof slab constructive solutions Nozzles for pressure grouting fixed using Renderoc plug .

Liquid applied Cementitious membrane constructive solutions  Brush bond series – roof slab Pressure Grouting with Cement Slurry with Cebex100 .

Liquid applied Cementitious membrane constructive solutions  Brush bond series – roof slab Cement Slurry jetting out of adjacent nozzle indicating path through the concrete .

Liquid applied membrane constructive solutions  Coving .

Surface Preparation surface imperfection constructive solutions .

Surface Preparation Hacking all mortar droppings constructive solutions .

Surface Preparation sweeping away all loose debris constructive solutions .

Surface Preparation Removing debris using air jet constructive solutions .

Surface Preparation Air jet to remove ponding water constructive solutions .

Liquid applied Cementitious membrane  Brush bond series – roof slab constructive solutions Application of Brushbond RFX .

Laying cement/sand mortar constructive solutions .

Protective screed laid in panels constructive solutions .

Cutting panel joint grooves constructive solutions .

Pouring sealant into joints constructive solutions .

tunnels.Liquid applied PU membrane constructive solutions  Nitoproof 600  Liquid applied single component pith based PU elastomeric waterproofing membrane  Uses  The high elasticity. balconies. car decks. sewage works. ground floors. excellent bond and low water permeability of Nitoproof 600 make it ideal for a wide range of water/vapour proofing applications such as foundations. bridges. patios. roof terraces. inspection pits. basements. . water retaining structures (not potable water). Precincts. and inverted roofs. The excellent chemical resistance of Nitoproof 600 makes it particularly suitable for tanking applications in areas where aggressive ground water conditions prevail. suspended floors.

constructive solutions .Liquid applied PU membrane  Features and benefit  Single component  Cold Applied  One coat application  Seamless  Fully bonded  Irreversible chemical cure No mixing required No heating required No over coating delay time No laps Elimination of water tracking Does not permit the melting of membrane at elevated temp.

Liquid applied PU membrane  Excellent elongation cyclic movement in the substrate constructive solutions Will accommodate thermal  Excellent crack bridging capability  Can be applied irrespective of contour of substrate Can bridge crack within the substrate up to 6 mm No cutting. trimming and fitting .

Liquid applied PU membrane constructive solutions  Limitation     Not UV resistance Not a vapour barrier system Cannot be applied on lean concrete of basement Cannot be applied on damp concrete .

3mm thickness Typical cured membrane properties (at 28 days) Elongation (ASTM D412) Tensile strength (ASTM D412) Modulus @ 100% elongation (ASTM D412) Recovery from 200% elongation (ASTM D412) Tear resistance (ASTM D624) : 620 % : 1.62 N/mm2 : 95 % : 15 N .Physical Properties constructive solutions Tack free time @ 25°C Time to full cure @ 25°C : 15 hours : 48 hours @ 1.5 N/mm2 : 0.

Physical Properties constructive solutions Artificial weathering : No loss of flexibility after 4000 hours exposure Extensibility after heat aging (min.extended to 6. requirement .4mm without cracking) : No cracking or tearing Service temperature (continuous ambient) : -40°C to 70°C .

Modified PU elastomeric coatings constructive solutions  Nitoproof 600 .

Mixing of Nitoproof 600 Using drill & paddle constructive solutions .

Application Tools Rubber base squeegee constructive solutions .

Application of Nitoproof 600 constructive solutions .

Application of Nitoproof 600 constructive solutions .

Application of Nitoproof 600 Planter Boxes constructive solutions .

Completed Nitoproof 600 to planter box constructive solutions .

Shake on cement powder onto Nitoproof 600 constructive solutions .

constructive solutions Membrane Applied Systems .

Fosroc Waterproofing Range  Membranes      Torch on applied membrane Self adhesive membrane Preapplied membrane Loose laid / mechanically anchored membrane Spray applied membrane constructive solutions .

Torch on ( bituminous) membrane
 Proofex Torchseal 4P & 3P

constructive solutions

 Torch applied APP modified( bituminous) waterproofing membrane with 180 GSM non oven polyester fabric

 Types
 Plain  Slated / Mineral  Sand  Uses  To provide waterproofing and damp-proof membranes for:
     Concrete roof and floor slabs Basement tankings Car park deck slabs Concrete retaining structures Tunnels and subways

 Advantages
 High strength reinforcement gives excellent resistance to puncture and stress
    Easily torch applied Bonds well to the substrate Readily formed to contours Suitable for waterproofing basements grades 2, 3 and 4 as defined in BS 8102 : 1990, ‘Protection Of Structures Against Water From The Ground’

Self adhesive membrane
 Proofex GP

constructive solutions

 Self adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane with 140 GSM non oven polyester fabric

 Types
 Plain  Slated / Mineral  Sand  A high performance self adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing applications including basements and substructures. Provides a vapour and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.

   

Advantages Cross-laminated HDPE film for protection against damage Dimensionally stable Combines toughness with flexibility for detailing around corners

Types of Joints Sealants
 Polysulphide Sealant: Thioflex 600 (Gun Grade & Pouring Grade )

constructive solutions

 Polyurethane Sealant:
Colpor 200,Nitoseal 280  Polyurethane Sealant (Single Part) :

Nitoseal HP 40,Nitoseal MS 60

CHEMICAL TYPES constructive solutions     Two part polyurethane Two part polysulphide Epoxy–urethane Silyl extended Polyether Colpor 200 Thioflex 600 Nitoseal 280 Nitoseal MS range .

Thioflex 600 constructive solutions Two-part polysulphide sealant (Gun grade & Pourable)  MAF = 25%  Expansion joints  Water retaining structures .

Colpor 200 constructive solutions Cold applied. high performance fuel resistant sealant  Expansion joints in concrete roads & bridges  Isolation joints around machine foundations  Concrete runways/taxiways . Polyurethane based.

Nitoseal 280 Two-part epoxy polyurethane hybrid sealant constructive solutions  Pourable grade  High abrasion resistance  Semi rigid (MAF: 10 -12%)  Used in Industrial floor joints Treatment of industrial floor joints With Nitoseal 280 .

General Procedure for Sealant application constructive solutions Surface preparation Masking of tape for better finish Application of primer Application of Sealant .

Industrial flooring  Full industrial flooring range including car park decking        Shake-on hardeners Cementitious self-levelling Epoxy coatings and screeds Polyurethane trafficable deckings Tar-epoxy anti-skid dressing Hybrid epoxy-cementitious toppings Decorative screeds and toppings constructive solutions .

Nitofloor TF 5000  Polyurethane Trafficable Deckings: Trafficguard UR 100.Nitofloor Levelcrete  Epoxy Coatings and Screeds: Nitoflor FC 140.Nitoflor FC 150.Nitoflor EU5.Cemtop 400 SD.Types of Industrial Flooring constructive solutions  Shake on Floor hardeners: Nitofloor Hardtop. Trafficguard UR 150  Tar Epoxy Anti-skid dressing:Nitofloor ET Slurry  Hybrid Epoxy-Cementitious Screed:Nitofloor WEC 300  Decorative Screeds and Toppings: Nitofloor DS 5000 . Cemtop HD. Nitofloor Hardtop Standard  Cementitious Self Levelling: Cemtop 250T. Nitoflor 145.

Concrete Repair & Protection constructive solutions  One of the largest product ranges for concrete repair applications     Repair mortars and micro concrete Resin injection systems Protective coatings (anti-carbonation) Carbon fibre reinforcing sheets and strips .

Rendroc S2. Rendroc Putty.Nitowrap EP (CF). Rendroc Plug.Deckguard PU.Nitocote EP 140(M)  Glass and Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Sheets and Strips: Nitowrap EP (GF).Rendroc UW  Resin Injection System: Conbextra EP 10.Types of Repair Products  Repair Mortars and Micro Concrete: constructive solutions Rendroc RG. Conbextra EP 10(M)  Protective Coating (Anti-Carbonation and Epoxy): Deckguard S.Rendroc HS.Deckguard WB 300. Nitowrap CFP . Deckguard S 300.

supplies complete product range.1 construction chemical company in India.Fosroc INDIA Overview  Fosroc commenced its Indian operation in 1981 constructive solutions  No. biggest sales network at all major states with state of art manufacturing facilities at 3 different locations.  Fosroc Technology Center located in Bangalore to cater global needs  Fosroc India certified for ISO 9002 BVQI .

Uttaranchal (NORTH).Fosroc INDIA Overview constructive solutions  Three completely modern ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities at Bengaluru in Karnataka (SOUTH) Ankaleshwar in Gujarat (WEST) Rudrapur. .

Fosroc INDIA Overview constructive solutions  Three completely modern ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities at Ankaleshwar in Gujarat (WEST) .

Fosroc INDIA Overview constructive solutions Thank you .