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/ i: / say ee long ee six times Words with ee be bee tea key see sea knee eat each deep cheap beat read weak thief these teach scene deal meal speech sweet field .

meat and cheese for meals. dream sweetly. speak freely and feel clean. . We sleep peacefully.Sentence practising ee We eat peas. The green leaves of each tree in the field please the teacher.

a. a. ah./ a: / long ah Say ah. ah. a. a . Words with ah are art part heart card guard hard dark laugh pass march charge large harm farm past fast ask dance chance aunt star start staff class glass clerk grant branch . a. ah. ah. a. ah.

Sentence practising ah A large army marched past the farmyard. . The master demanded a large staff of clerks to start the new branch.

aw. o. aw. aw. Words with aw for saw law bought taught caught short court board sort lord sought talk thought . o. aw.long aw Say aw. o. o. aw o. o.

call storm off fall wall hall brought fault draw walk small forth north and course ah cart coarse force Words with aw born barn caught dawn form jaws farm jars forced card pause .

o and aw card cod cord tart tot taught part pot port darn don .Words with aw and o not short shot sport spot Words with ah.

aw story order forty former water forward also quarter awful always daughter portion morning August because almost towards inform report .

a developed a shocking cough.Sentence practising aw The boarders thought the portion of corn was almost a quarter short. Your daughter has caught a cold. .

yoo. oo. oo. yoo. yoo./ u: / long oo Say oo. Words with oo too tooth June two shoe who loose noon root juice move choose lose youth moon . oo. oo. yoo. yoo.

cool truth ruin fool rule proof prove true foolish group include fruit July through Words with yoo duty beauty music pupil Tuesday future student value issue volume review university January uniform occupy manufacturer continue unite regular .

oo. with teeth touching. er. er. er. e. er. er. aw then. ah. aw. er./ 3: / say long er ee. . er say ah. aw. er. aw. er. e. oo. say oo. er. ee. er. next say er. er. aw. ee er.

Words with er earth hurt nurse turn urge third worse learn fur were sir her shirt work worth burn skirt early worthy purchase word heard search first firm worst journey thirty Thursday occur furniture .

The girls learnt about birds in the first and third terms at the university.Sentence practising er Perfect service deserves earnest and worthy return. .