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• a dipthong begins on one vowel and ends on another. ( they are made from two vowel sounds put together) • the whole must be said in one breath. • there are eight diphthongs in English .

Dipthong Words e–i long a aid may table away age aim pay hay nation remain bay laid day shape they baby great neighbour patient weigh April against station delay payment vacation conversation explanation invitation examination .

. They a played for a great game and made name their nation.Sentences practising They say that rain came on eight days in April.

Dipthong a–i long i Words with i I eye tie die ripe by either buy my why sight high might pipe night apply occupy type fight neither alive iron supply Friday exercise island advice satisfy realize outside .

my right eye.Sentence practising I’ve why a I’m fly in crying. that’s The child tried nine times for the writing prize. .

Dipthong aw – i long oi Words with oi Toy joy choice noise coin spoil loyal royal destroy appoint poison .

Sentence practising The boy boiled the toy in oil and spoilt it. employment . He joined the loyal lists. but avoided any in royal appointments.

Dipthong o–u long o Words with o toe though so sew show no roll know low gold wrote coat sold road folk load boat only lower choose hope noble progress .

There is a hole in the coat and both shoulders are open.Sentence practising Follow the lower road and go slowly home. His clothes are old. broken .

Dipthong a – oo long ow Words with ow bough mouth cloud bow south proud now doubt shout out loud town ground thousand about mountain .

Sentence practising Our round brown tower. . cow is now down by the The crowd. in the town surrounded the houses down and shouted loudly. which amounted to a thousand.

Dipthong e – er (air) Words with air Pair bare bear tear dare care fair fare prayer spare there their share wear where square declare affair .

. therefore be how you repair it.Sentence practising Have you a spare pair of boots for the fair – haired child to wear? The chair is careful a scarce one.

Dipthong oo – er (oor) Words with oor. Poor rural plural tourist February After the diphthong ow put the short vowel er tower hour our flour .

Dipthong i .er Words with ier ear tear(crying) dear fear cheer here clear real sincere period year hear really realize idea appear serious appearance experience .

. when hear!” and cheered the hero he appeared.Sentence practising They shouted “Hear.