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FAMILY ROUTINES Mr. 10:30-Adult do their job. Kumar’s 7:30-They go jogging. Adult do their job. 4:00-Children study. 9:30-they sleep. 6:00-They play outdoors. 8:00-Dinner. . 3:00-a short nap or have a free time to de-stress themselves. 2:00-lunches. Children study. 9:30-They play tennis.

4:00-Adult do their job.board games or Play station. 2:00-Lunches. 6:00-They play indoors. Children study. 10:30-Adults do their job.          7:30-They read newspaper. 8:00-Dinner. 9:00-They watch television. 11:00-They sleep .Children play PlayStation. Children study. 9:30. 3:00-Children play PC games.

   KUMAR FAMILY SHARMA FAMILY . They have no friends in society. the Sharma‟s are obese. They interact with people. or stretching. active and stigmatic.  The Sharma‟s are always at home. exercising. Children are toppers of their class but fail in sports as they study well but play indoors.IMPORTANCE OF EXERCISE  The Kumar‟s are mostly outdoors jogging. Result is simple. sporting. They seldom go out. adults go for their job and also complete pending work. lazy and dull. children study. Though. The Kumar‟s are fit. They are found playing PC games and play station at that time. But.

IMPORTANCE OF YOGA AND MEDITATION  The Kumar‟s are always fresh and de-stressed. Doing yoga and meditation for just five minutes can recharge you. You are always fit and have no chance to take health insurances. It is said to be right to do yoga as a healthy being is a happy being. Mrs. But their neighbouring family. Kumar has also opened a yoga class in her garden for all the society people. Do you know the reason behind it? This is no magic or anything else. only do not come for the yoga classes. Sharma‟s. Mr. That‟s why this negative thinking have led them to health issues. . It is only that they do yoga and meditation. But why? Because they think it is boring and of no use.

feel sleepy and yon. lazy. Sharma‟s sleep at 11pm or midnight. great personality and always active. Kumar‟s family smart. They watch television for the whole night either sleep well to have a fresh next morning. That‟s why.REST AND RELAX  Rest and relaxation has made Mr. they are never late far schools and jobs. So it is a must to have relax or have a good sleep because a mind is happy then the day is happy too.  But Mr. etc. So as a person they are dull. As they have got used to this habit.  . mostly late. slow at walking. They also don‟t have a nap in the afternoon. they find it difficult to change it. They are in bed at 9:30 pm sharp. They sleep for 8-10 hours and have a short nap in the afternoon.

To de-stress themselves children go for art and music classes after studies. Before going for jobs. They follow their old worse routine. So we should always de-stress ourselves as rest +de-stression = success. Kumar do yoga and have a good sleep after coming from offices. Kumar‟s family is always cool. And Mrs. Mr. Kumar teaches her children for some change. De-stressing is their main success. But they don‟t think anything about it.DE-STRESSING  Mr. After they come back from school they sleep and again start studying. Mr. Mrs. They sleep well at night and have a de-stressed morning. Why? Because they do hard work but don‟t rest or destress themselves. They complete all their work from household till jobs and studies. Sharma‟s are stressed. They come tired from school and jobs sometimes with headache or muscle pull.  .

vitamins and minerals-fights germs. They know that if they eat it a single day their fat would increase. proteins-builds our body. Sharma‟s family does not understand its importance. HEALTHY FOOD Healthy food 1. Junk food The family of Mr. . So they eat them balanced as eating more will cause fatness or obesity. Mr. They like such food as their taste is very good and mouth watering. Kumar eats very little junk food. But they eat it for some change. That is why they are obese and occur with heart and liver problems. 2. Mr. They know it has extra oil but they don‟t think about it . Kumar‟s family mostly eats healthy food as they know it is essential for a good health. 1.JUNK FOOD VS. They only think that it is needed to fill our stomachs and kill our hunger. only once a week. They don‟t eat much of it as they don‟t like its taste. Carbohydrate and fats-gives energy. 2.

Health and wellness chart .

and meditation. The family of Mr. Kumar does exercises. healthy and pro-active. Sharma does the opposite of Mr. . That is why they are obese. sleeps well and are always destressed. mostly ill and lazy. yoga. So they are fit.CONCLUSION  The family of Mr. Kumar‟s family.

On the individual level it is subordinated to the other so called more important needs like wealth. power. knowledge etc. Health is often taken for granted and one becomes aware of its value only when it is lost. . prestige.Health has always remained one of the most neglected aspects of life.

IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY .The single most important responsibility of every individual on this earth is to keep self full of health & vibrant energy (Not merely free from sickness).

happiness Enough money for needs . sickness at all Diabetes. high BP. joy.WE WANT    Long life – 120 years No disease. stamina. cancer etc – NOT at all   Lots of energy. joint pain.

WHAT WE NEED Knowledge  Conviction  Will power  Action  .

mental & social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.” . “Health is a state of complete physical.World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health.

The best option is to remain slightly hungry at all times. .DAY TO DAY TIPS  Do not carry grudges of the past. worry for the future. Live in the „PRESENT‟ with full focus on „NOW‟. Do your best.  A small part of what we eat goes to give us energy. The rest goes to increase doctor‟s bill.

Our Karmas will keep chasing us till we have borne the consequences. Remember the law of karma.  . It we do something. It is nice to eat tasty food with good nutrition. Train yourself to master the taste instinct. The laws of nature are indestructible. we can‟t but escape facing the consequences of our action. The pity is large number of tasty foods lack nutrition or are actually harmful.