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Namespace SAP Interface

Basic Structure
Mastersaf Namespace SAP Interface

Get Data from SAP and pass to Mastersaf DW. Without update (never ever) Standards SAP tables

Conquest of the SAP Namespace - MSAFX

We have an exclusive area within the SAP environment. All our objects are no longer custom objects Z or Y. They start with the namespace /MSAFX and they are completely adhering to SAP environment.
Namespace MSAFX

There is no configuration required, simply apply the change request from Mastersaf SAP Interface

Integrity of objects ( inviolable )

This conquest also means that our created objects are inviolable. Therefore, at the hundredth, at the thousandth of clients, the standard source code is the same. That ensures stability and safety.

Well-defined Standard part and Customization part

Rules were defined in the inviolable part (Standard) for the customization behavior. Therefore, being forced to follow the implementation of customization part rules. This way we obtain control and visibility (easy identification and localization)

Integration SAP and Mastersaf DW


Mastersaf SAP Interface

The obtained data from SAP are transmitted to the Mastersaf DW using two methods:
Database connection using SAP DBCO connection, in which the data are passed directly to the Oracle tables of Mastersaf DW Or using text files generated to load into the Mastersaf DW.

DBCO Connecton SAP-Oracle

Mastersaf DW

Interface Layout-Fields guide inside the Mastersaf SAP Interface

Interface A Interface B Interface ...

The field Mapping of guide define the behavior of Mastersaf SAP Interface. This configuration of fields is the head of Mastersaf SAP Interface System . They can have or Standard behavior or Customization behavior or no-treated behavior or mathematical rule behavior.

Field 1 Field 2 Field ...

Concept of Release


Mastersaf SAP Interface

All updated field structure guide force updating of Mastersaf SAP Interface

Customization Part controlled by the client

The Customer has full control of customization part . They can be desactivated without create source code, just using a mouse click.

Identify automatically SAP Unicode System and SAP New General Ledger

The Interface use SAP functions to identify them.

The Interface use Concept of SAP Authority-Check

English Guides of Interface

Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 1 Read me Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 2 SAP Basis Professional Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 7 Database Connection Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 9 Technical Overview Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 10 Presentation Slides

Interface Guides to Brazil

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Well defined Responsabilities

- SAP Basis Professional : Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 2 SAP Basis Instructions Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 7 Database Connection
- SAP ABAP Professional : Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 2 SAP Basis Instructions Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 3 Set Up / Mapping Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 5 Migration - Funcional Mastersaf Professional : Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 4 Operational Instructions Interface Namespace SAP - Guide 6 - Technical Mapping Definition

For Additional Information Contact Mastersaf Interface SAP Team From Mastersaf Thomson Reuters Business Address: Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo, 1855 - 13 andar CEP: 04548-005 / Vila Olmpia So Paulo - Capital Phone: +55 11 2159-0500