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and her Master

Dr.T.V.Rao MD
Sister Nivedita (1867-1911)

Sister Nivedita (1867-1911),
born Margaret Elizabeth
Noble was an Anglo-Irish
social worker, author, teacher
and disciple of
Swami Vivekananda. She met
Vivekananda in 1895 in
London and travelled to India
(Kolkata) in 1898.
Swami Vivekananda gave her
the name Nivedita (meaning
"Dedicated to God") when he
initiated her into the vow of
Brahmacharya on March 25
Parents guide Nivedita

She came into this world on October 20,
1867. She was born in Ireland as the
daughter of Mary Isabel and Samuel
Richmond Noble. Her father always
taught her that, service to mankind is the
true service to God. His words made an
impression on Nivedita's mind.
Sister Nivedita empowers

Sister Nivedita probed into the heart of Indian
womanhood and reflected in her rhythmic and
eloquent prose the natural simplicity and
spiritual fervor of the women of India. Women,
she contended, are the embodiment and
repository of the ancient wisdom of the East.
They are the inheritors of a radiant orthodoxy,
unspoilt by age and undimmed by the passing
fashions of the day to which men so easily
Swamiji’s thoughts Inspire

The sayings of the
Swamiji kept
returning to her mind
and haunted her.
"God alone is the
truth," he had
asserted. This
assertion might not
be new, but the
Swamiji's conviction
was indeed quite new
Vivekananda inspires Nivedita

He had given up
everything for god.,
His sayings were not
mere repetitions from
books. They were
living words, which
sprang from the
depths of his soul,
charged with the
Truth he had seen
and experienced.
Swamiji’s words thunder the

In midst of his discourse,
the Swamiji said in a
thundering voice: "What
the world needs to-day
is twenty men and
women who dare stand
in the public street and
declare that they have
nothing to call their own
except the God. Who is
there among you that
can say so?
Becomes Nivedita
( One dedicated to God )

She was given the name of ‘Nivedita’ as
one dedicated to God. She became a
teacher to little children and their mothers.
When plague or famine or flood ravaged
the land she became the very
personification of compassion and
service. Nivedita is the deathless symbol
of sacrifice and service.
Initiates to serve India and God

The 25th of March
1898 was for
Margaret the holiest
and most
unforgettable day of
her life. That was the
day on which her
Guru dedicated her
to God and to the
service of India.
Swamiji teaches to worship Lord

It was a Friday. Swami
Vivekananda took all
there of them to the
Math, Leading Margaret
into the shrine, he taught
her how to worship Lord
Shiva according to the
prescribed ritual. He then
asked her to offer
worship, unaided.
Becomes Nivedita

The Swamiji then
initiated her
ceremonially into the
order of celibacy. He
gave her the name of
'Nivedita', which
means 'the
Dedicated One'. He
commanded her to
place lotus flowers at
the feet of Lord
Benediction and message

In tremulous voice, he
gave her his benediction
and message: "Go thou,
my child, go. Tread thou
the path shown by that
Great Soul who was the
very embodiment of
compassion and
sacrificed himself for
others in five hundred
lives before he attained
the status of the
India needs Women for

she received from
the Master this
heartening message:
"It is not a man we
need but a woman; a
real lioness, to work
for the Indians,
women specially….
Vivekananda Chooses Nivedita

Speaking about the woman
of India, the Swamiji said,
"Our girls over there have
not even seen the face of a
school. That land of ours
cannot advance unless they
are educated." Then,
turning at once towards
Margaret, he said, "I have
certain plans relating to the
education and the welfare
of the women of my
country. I believe that you
can be of great service to
me in translating them into
Nivedita inspired by Mother
Swami Vivekananda with his followers Josephine Macleod, Ole

Bull and Margaret Noble (Sister Nivedita) in Kashmir

Swamiji Awakens Nivedita

Swamiji reassured
her: "You have the
making in you of a
world-mover, and
others will also
come… Awake,
awake, great one!
Nivedita Inspires

The very personality of
Nivedita commanded
respect. Her stately,
handsome figure,
dressed in a long,
flowing, snow - white
gown, held firm with a
silk waist - band lent her
a certain majesty which
heightened her natural
dignity and grace.
Nivedita makes a Great Presence
among the Masses

The rudraksha rosary
around her neck
gave her a saintly
look. It is recorded
that whenever
Nivedita came to
address a gathering,
spontaneously rose
to their feet and gave
her a standing
Inspires several Intellectuals

Her vast circle of
friends, English and
Indian, included
journalists sought her
advice on various
subjects and found
her an intelligent,
widely read person
whose advice always
stimulated their
enthusiasm and
inspired them.
Dedicates everything for India’s

She made her will. All
that she had in this world
by way of property, the
little money she had with
her, and even the copy
right over her writings,
she left to the Beleur
Math. She wanted that
her bequest should be
used to give national
education to the women
of India.
Nivedita –Life is service

Throughout her life,
she kept assisting
the poor and the
distressed. Thus
she became a
deathless symbol of
relinquishment and
Last words of Divine Soul

"This frail boat of
mine is sinking, but I
can yet see the
sunrise". These were
the last words of this
noble soul.
Gave everything to INDIA

In the lap of the
Himalayas rests the
earthly form of this great
lady. Over her grave is
erected a humble
memorial which bears
this simple epitaph.

"Here reposes
Sister Nivedita who
gave her all to
Empowers Womanhood

But it is the little
school that Nivedita
had set up that has
grown to be he living
Thousands and
thousands of girls
and women are
receiving a truly
national education in
that noble institution.
A benediction to Sister Nivedita
by Swamiji

The mother's heart, the hero's will
The sweetness of the southern breeze,
The sacred charm and strength that dwell
On Aryan altars, flaming, free;
All these be yours and many more
No ancient soul could dream before-
Be thou to India's future son
The mistress, servant, friend in one."
Sister Nivedita in Complete
Works of Swami Vivekananda

To Labour is to pray.

To conquer is to

Life is itself religion

To have and to hold
is as stern a trust as
to quit and to avoid.
Sister Nivedita Lives with Us

She left her mortal
remains on 7
October 1957 to be
cremated according
to Hindu rites. Sister
contribution towards
India is unforgettable
and she will
eternally live in the
soul of India
The life of Sister Nivedita a lesson
to change our consciousness

The only hope for the future depends is in a
change of man's consciousness and the change
is bound to come. But it is left to men to decide
if they will collaborate for this change or if it will
have to be enforced upon them by the power of
crashing circumstances. So , wake up and

The future of the earth depends upon the
change in consciousness.
Sister Nivedita’s teachings, love
for poor and down ridden inspire
the Indian continent

Dr.T.V.Rao MD