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Genitals and Inguinal

Female Genitals and Inguinal Area
♂External Female
 mons pubis
 prepuce
 clitoris
 labia majora
 labia minora
 urethra
 vagina
 vestibule
 perineum
♂ Internal Female
 fallopian tube
 ovary
 uterus
 bladder
 urethra
 Bartholin’s gland
Five Stages of Pubic Hair
 Stage 1

 Stage 2

 Stage 3

 Stage 4

 Stage 5

♂ Genitals
 external genitals
 Internal genitals

♂ Reproductive Tract

♂ Inguinal Lymph Nodes


♂ Equipment
 drape

 examination

 supplemental
lighting, if needed
 Implementation
1.Explain the procedure to the client.

2. Wash hands, apply gloves and appropriate

infection control procedures.

3. Provide for client privacy.

4. Inquire client’s history:
♂ age of onset of menstruation
♂ last menstrual period (LMP)
♂ regularity of cycle, duration, amount of
daily flow, and whether menstruation is
♂ incidence of pain during intercourse
♂ vaginal discharge
♂ number of pregnancies
♂ number of live births
♂ labor or delivery complications
♂ urgency and frequency of urination at
♂ blood in urine
♂ painful urination
♂ incontinence
♂ history of sexually transmitted disease,
past and present
5. Position the client
supine with feet
elevated on the
stirrups of an
examination table.
Alternately assist
the client into the
dorsal recumbent
position with knees
flexed and thighs
externally rotated.
6. Inspect the distribution, amount, and
characteristics of pubic hair.
7. Inspect the skin of the pubic area for
parasites, inflammation, swelling and
8. Inspect the clitoris, urethral orifice and
vaginal orifice when separating the labia
9. Palpate the lymph nodes.
10. Document findings.
Internal Genitals
 Involves the following
a. palpating Skene’s and Bartholin’s glands

c. asessing the pelvic musculature

e. inserting a vaginal speculum to inspect

the cervix and vagina

g. obtaining a Papanicolaou smear

Internal Genitals
♂ Nursing Responsibilities
2. Assembling the equipment
3. Preparing the client.
4. Supporting the client during the
5. Monitoring and assisting the client
after the procedure.
6. Documenting the procedure.
Vaginal Speculum
Papanicolaou Smear

 Inserting a vaginal speculum and

obtaining a specimen
Normal Cervical Mucus
 wet, clear, slippery,  sticky, white, cloudy,
fertile mucus infertile mucus (on the
Lifespan Considerations
♂ Infants
 Can be held in a supine position on the
mother’s lap with knees supported in a
flexed position and separated.

 The labia and clitoris may be edematous

and enlarged and there may be white
vaginal discharge
Lifespan Considerations
♂ Children
 Ensure that you have parent or guardian’s
approval to perform the examination and
tell the child what you are going to do.
 Assessment of adolescent girls is limited to
inspection of the external genital unless,
unless the girls is sexually active.
 The clitoris is a common site for syphilitic
chancres in younger females
Lifespan Considerations
♂ Elders
 Labia are atrophied and flatter
 The vulva, falllopian tubes and ovaries atrophy
 The clitoris is a common site for cancerous
 The vaginal environment becomes dier and
more alkaline
 The cervix and uterus decrease in size
 Ovulation and estrogen production cease
 Prolapse of the uterus