The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Program

• Formal recognition of young individuals that excel in their chosen path in life • Role models for other young people

Who is the Competition open to?
• Outstanding young persons between the ages of 18 and 40 • JCI members & non-members

• 1930-31: the birth of the idea • 1938: JCI USA adopted the Program • 1952: Other National Organizations began running the TOYP program • 1983: JCI officially adopted the JCI TOYP program • 2012: 30th Anniversary of the international JCI TOYP program

Being a Honoree means:
• Attending the JCI World Congress • Receiving a TOYP trophy at the JCI TOYP Ceremony • Giving a brief speech during the ceremony • Attending the TOYP excursion and TOYP luncheon

JCI will provide:
• 2 complimentary World Congress registrations • Accommodations at the Headquarters Hotel • One economy round-trip ticket to the World Congress

Judging Process
• The honorees are selected based on a twophase judging process • 10 Honorees are selected regardless of category

The Judges
• • • • From partner organizations Business & Community Leaders University Professors JCI Board of Directors Members

Easy and fast nomination & judging process

Nomination Process
• Visit the JCI website, www.jci.cc/programs and fill in the online nomination form • The nominator, the nominee and the National President need to sign the declaration form and upload it along with the copy of the ID/Birth certificate of the nominee and a photo • The completed form should be submitted by May 20


Reasons to run the JCI TOYP Program
• • • • • Fulfills the JCI Mission Sponsorship opportunity Public Relations opportunity Learning opportunity Membership increase

Getting Involved
1. Promote the program and forward nominations to the national/international program 2. Host a program without an awards ceremony and forward your honorees to the national/international program 3. Host a program, hold an awards ceremony and forward your honorees to the national/international program

Tools Available
1. 2. 3. JCI TOYP kit: www.jci.cc/info/en/jcilibrary JCI TOYP website: www.jci.cc/jciprograms/en/toyp JCI TOYP presentation: www.jci.cc/info/en/jcilibrary JCI TOYP nomination form: www.jci.cc/jciprograms/en/toyp/toypapplicationfor m


Suggested Timelines for Participating
• 2012 Sept: Include JCI TOYP in your 2013 Plan of Action • 2012 Oct: Manpower-Find committee members and non-JCI partners • 2012 Nov: Work on the deadlines, nomination form, website • 2012 Dec: Prepare the promotional materials

Suggested Timelines for Participating
• 2013 Jan: Issue a press release and start the promotion of the TOYP program • 2013 March: Invite potential TOYP judges • 2013 April: Select the honorees • 2013 May: Forward the honorees to JCI

Important Notes
• Set a deadline earlier than the JCI deadline

• 20 May 2013: Submit the nomination forms to JCI
• The nominee may not be a current member of a JCI Board at the International, National or Local levels. In addition paid staff members will not be considered for the JCI TOYP program.

Contact and Additional Information
• For the detailed rules and for more information online, visit www.jci.cc • For questions, please contact JCI Programs Manager at the JCI World Headquarters programs@jci.cc