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Final Semester Of MBA Project Preparation And Submission Guideline

Prof.Prof. Randhir Kumar. you can select any topic according to your specialisation for your project.  Out of your prescribed syllabus. Prof.25 inches.  Project must be binded either in book form or spiral binding form  Only the given project guide will be accepted Guides for MBA Project:.Sarvesh Pandey .  All topics must have a label page.  All margins must be set 1.Project Preparation and Submission Criteria  Maximum two students are allowed in a single project subject.  Line spacing must be 1.  A4 size white page must be use in printing for project document (Synopsis & Project Report). Ranjani Kumari.5. Kishore Bhattacharya.  All pages must contain page number in bottom-right footer area of page. & Prof.

2012 .2012  Final Project Report & Project CD SubmissionFor Correction – 30th Nov.10.Project Will Submitted In Two Phase  Project Synopsis Submission Last date.29.-5TH Dec.

Synopsis of Project It is a summary of project on which the project proposal of the student is validated. Name as well as Guide Name & Qualification ). Introduction of the project work  Contents (It contain all the topics name & its page number). Analytical tools).  References and Bibliography need to be given . Sampling technique.  Certificate of Project (It contain Student’s roll.  Title of Project (It contain only the title of the project).  Research methodology (Research design. The Contents of Synopsis are: Front Page.  Object of Project (It contain the objective of the project in concise manner). Data source. Data collection methods.

Front Page Of Synopsis Must Contain  Student Enrollment Number (University Roll Number)  Student Name  Course  Semester  Project Title (Must be self defined according to Project)  Study Centre Name  Study Centre Code .

standard deviation. interview method etc.). exploratory.percentage method etc. Analytical Tools. .Research Methodology  Research Design.Describe the data sources to be used (primary.Describe the sampling techniques to be used(probability sampling. median. Sampling Technique. Mathematical Tools like. mode.).Describe the research design to be used (e.Describe the analytical tools to be used (Statistical Tools like-mean. probability distribution etc. experimental etc. Data Collection Tools. secondary). observation method.g.Describe the data collection tools to be used (scheduled questionnaire. non probability sampling).). Data Sources.-descriptive.

Final Project Report      Cover Page Title Page (Title of Project). Table of contents List of Tables and list of Figures List of Symbols and Abbreviations Executive Summary  Chapters  Introduction  Project details      Title of the Project Aims and Objective of the study Problem Statement Scope of the Study Significance of the Study            Literature Review Methodology used Interpretation/Research findings Recommendation and Conclusion Limitation of the study References ? Bibliography . Acknowledgement Declaration Bonafiede Certificate ( from the company where the project was undertaken) Certificate (It must contain student’s details & guide details).

 Two soft copy burnt on CD. .About Project Report  Final Project Report must have three hard copy (One for student it is optional).

.About CD  University Roll Number  Name of the student  Course & Semester  Project Title  Centre Name & Learning Centre Code Note:.All Student’s Details must be written on CD using permanent marker.

Suggested Topics For MBA • Topics For Human Resource Management    A study of performance appraisal in XYZ organisation Job satisfaction survey at XYZ organisation Training Effectiveness in an organisation Motivational analysis of an organisation • Topics For Marketing Management A study on supply chain management of XYZ organisation  A study on consumer awareness and satisfaction of a particular company  A study to know penetration level and brand loyalty among existing consumers of a company .

• Topics For Financial Management Profitability and operational efficiency of public sector banks  A study on Indian financial system post liberalization  A comparative study of finance performance of banks using various ratios .

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