1.4Perspective 1.4.1Prostitution as positive function 1.4.2Prostitution as negative function 1.4.3Prostitution as Career 1.5. Types of Prostitution 1.

6 Causes and Effects of Prostitution 1.7 Characteristics of Prostitution 1.8. Argument in Favour of Legalizing Prostitution

Prostitution- the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire. -often called “the world’s oldest profession”

Prostitution as positive function

provides a social service to those otherwise deprived of sexual satisfaction.

can provide the financial resources necessary to move up in society.

Prostitution as Negative Function

spread of sexually-transmitted diseases and the devaluation of marriages and intimate relationships.

Prostitution as Career

is not merely an exchange of sexual favours; it is a financial exchange. At this point, individualist feminists rise to defend the free market as well as a woman's self-ownership.

for sex is perceived to be whoredom as it seems like a human trade which relates to sexual intercourse between buyers and sellers with no emotional or feeling involve.

a. Street prostitution – Client solicited on the street, park or other public places services in side street, vehicles or short stay premises.

b. Brothel prostitution – Premises explicity dedicated to providing sex. It’s better security than street.

c. Excort prostitution - Client contact sex worker by phone or hotel staff. Most covert form of sex work. Relatively expensive because of low client turnover services provided at hotel room or clients home.

d. Private prostitution – Client contact sex worker by phone. Premises provided in workers premises.

e. Club, pub, karaoke bar, bar prostitution – Clients solicited in alcohol vending venues and services on side or elsewhere.

f. Other method of solicitation prostitution – Used internet or mobile phone services to confirmed the sex worked.

 Financial

needs- to provide food, shelter, clothing  Drugs  Alcohol  Sex  Adventure  Freedom  Rebellion  Abusive homes  Forced into "the life"

* Physical effects may include  High rate of exposure to STDs (including Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, HIV/AIDS).  High risk of infertility.  Unwanted pregnancies.  Injuries of repeated physical attacks.  Broken bones as result of beatings.  Shot or stab wounds at the hands of clients or pimps.  Organ damage from drug and alcohol addiction.

*Emotional effects  Stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.  After leaving the life of prostitution, girls often suffer from Post-traumatic disorder i.e. severe depression, acute anxiety, insomnia, irritability, flashbacks and emotional numbness.  The real meaning of love becomes twisted.  Distrust and hatred for men  Anger and Rage  Deep emotional pain and grieving  Feelings of humiliation and dirtiness and shame


Social effects:

 Difficulty

establishing intimate relationships  Educational deprivation  Lost career building years  Missed normal socialization process

 Effects

on the client

 Unfaithfulness

in marriage.  Diseases, STD's, HIV/AIDS.  Twisted ideas of love, sex and women.  Sex addiction.  Pornography addiction.

 Effects

on the client’s family  Diseases to his wife.  Deep emotional hurt to his wife.  Diseases that can be spread to his children.

 Effects

on society  Increase in crime, drug abuse, violence, rape and theft.  An enormous amount of money is needed to rehabilitate girls as they leave the life of prostitution and drug abuse.

1、They belong to service trades, making a living as a performer. 2、Both are not having the rule of life, you have to work day and night as long as the customers required, and often become ill as a result of the job. 3、They are obliged to the maximal possibility to meet the customer’s abnormal demands of all shapes and colours. 4、Prostitutes work on the measurements, and the designers also depend on the three-dimensional. 5、The specific operation is combining the point, line, and surface.

6、Technology drop-in is often due to the vulgar tastes of customers, and gradually fall into the low play according to circumstances. 7、They often work intoxicated ecstasy, the body and mind is happy after the job is completed, both having an irreplaceable pleasure. 8、In order to solicit designers is usually provided their work on the cuff, and prostitutes will let you look at the figure first. 9、The new designer named green hand, and the newly recruited prostitute’s line called chicks, both of them are the poor little animals. 10、They belong to the same industry, the place that the designer concentrates shouts design office, the places where prostitutes work called red-light district. 11、They belong to the industry of none monitoring system, have been deceived and used by customers, and get nothing for their work. 12、They are fond of the night shift.

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