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Moving towards selfimprovement

Responding to the Local Government White Paper.

Drivers of improvement in other sectors Time to embed improvement Leadership & directional management Data and information richness Inspection and challenge Additional capacity to sustain improvement Integrated and coordinated action between agencies

The story so far.

initial focus: Developing data sets for the CPA. Developing Regional Commentaries Supporting local government : Self-assessment and peer review tools Other improvement tools Regional improvement networks

The improvement journey

Externally driven Improvement

Self improvement

National performance indicators Audit & Inspection CPA Intervention

Local & national Impact/performance data Self-assessment Validation/Peer review Self-support Best practice learning Knowledge & information


Draft Self-Improvement strategy.

Produced in March 06 it brought together the work we are doing into a coherent approach focused on four themes.




It identified how the elements could come together Monitor

Professional Bodies DCMS NDPBs RCCs IDeA
Validated Self-assessment

Service or facility accreditation

Peer Support Competency Standards Training & development




Regional Improvement networks


Audit Commission

Regional Commentaries

Peer review

Information & Knowledge


Concerns or areas for further development and clarity.

Defining a clearer and stronger role for local government in the strategy. Explaining and justifying the value and purpose of cultural services particularly in terms of building sustainable communities. Developing better outcome or impact measurements. Clarifying the role, responsibilities and capacity available from the NDPBs, DCMS and RCCs. Clarifying the role of professional bodies. Rationalising the complexity round improvement tools.

Strengthening political and managerial leadership.

Building sustainable arrangements.

Progress over the last 9 months Data Regional commentaries Service and facility accreditation Self-assessment & Validation Peer review Improvement networks Leadership Other support Inspection

LG White Paper - The Deal

The offer A stronger role for local authorities to lead their communities, shape their areas and bring local public services together More space for local authorities and other local service providers to innovate and respond to local needs Stronger focus on top priorities

In exchange for
More bottom-up accountability Stronger local authority leadership Better and more efficient services Tougher intervention when things go wrong

New Relationships
Fundamentally rebalance the central-local relationship:
Single set of national outcome indicators (agreed through CSR) Small number of targets agreed with each area (35, plus DfES statutory targets) Reformed, more-risk-based and better targeted inspection regime Enhanced right to be heard: Community Call for Action and encourage petitions Promoting community ownership and management of assets Involving and consulting service users and providing better information

More accountable and responsive services at local level

Stronger role for local authorities as place-shapers and local leaders

Local authorities to develop Local Area Agreements in partnership with other agencies New role for LSPs and thematic partnerships Place duty on named partners to co-operate in agreeing LAA targets and to have regard to meeting them Presumption that all area based funding will go through LAAs

The new performance framework Simplified Best Value Regime; Comprehensive Area Assessment replaces CPA from April 2009. Riskbased, area-based; LAAs to be statutory/ single pot funding; Co-ordinated improvement and intervention (new National Improvement Strategy).

Outcomes, indicators, targets

Single set of 200 national performance indicators linked to top priority outcomes; LAAs to include 35 improvement targets tailored to local needs (+ 18 DfES statutory targets); All central-local performance management must operate through this framework. No parallel system will be allowed.

Local Area Agreements

Local Area Agreements

Local government white paper- Are we fit for purpose?

What do we measure & how?
Are we able to collaborate across functions across agencies and across boundaries?

Sustainable community strategies, LAAs & the new PMF

City regions & MAAs Stronger leadership & self-improvement Commissioning, procurement & service personalisation

Community engagement & community cohesion

Can we capture local public opinion to demonstrate the value of what we do?

Has the sector the capacity and capability to survive

Are we prepared to change the way we work?

Dont wait to be told to improve, grasp the self-improvement agenda now?