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Aircraft Lighting Systems

Group 5 Alex Simpson Mark Gabbard 19 September 2006

Exterior Lighting Interior Lighting Emergency Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Specifically regulated by FAR Requires several systems for transport category aircraft

Landing lights (FAR 25.1383) Position lights (FAR 25.1385-95) Anti-collision lights (FAR 25.1401)

Exterior Lighting
Anti-collision lights

Landing lights

Position lights

C-130 from

Landing Lights

Light for night landing On wing leading edge or landing gear 28V DC or 115V AC 600W Taxi lights, 250W
Boeing 757 from /aviation_night

Position Lights

Also called Navigation lights Red on left wingtip Green on right White on tail 28V DC or 115 V AC

Anti-Collision Lights

Red or white flashing 40-100 cycles per min Must illuminate the vital areas Red beacon on vertical tail White strobes on wingtips Strobes or beacons on top and bottom of fuselage

Other exterior lights

Cargo loading lights Wing icing detection lights (required)

Cannot cause glare or reflection that impairs crew (FAR 25.1403)

C-17 from

Interior Lighting

Cockpit lighting

Instrument lighting

Cabin lighting

Cockpit Lighting

Instrument lighting

Must illuminate each essential instrument and switch Direct rays must be shielded from pilots eyes Must provide dimming control

A340 cockpit from

Cockpit Lighting

Interior lights to allow crew to perform other functions Not regulated Often red to preserve night vision
767 Cockpit from

Cabin Lights

Varies significantly by aircraft type and purpose Usually overhead fluorescent lights 28 volts DC
767 cabin from

Emergency Lighting

Required by FAR 25.812 Must include exit marking signs, general cabin illumination, floor escape path lighting, and exterior emergency lighting Must be battery powered and separate from main electrical system

Exterior Lighting Interior Lighting Emergency Lighting


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