A Challenge to the Idea & Identity of BHARAT ____________________
“THINK INDIA” Workshop
Bangalore – 2 Sep. 2006 Prepared by: Dattatreya Hosabale

Today’s India (Bharat)
Two distinct phenomena: • 1. Rise of India as an emerging power • 2. Challenges before India as a nation

Rise of Bharat (India) as a power
1. Advancement in S & T Achievements – IT, Space Tech. etc., 2. A nation with a vibrant democracy & cultural and spiritual heritage 3. Economic growth 4. Inner strength to face natural calamities, epidemics etc., 5.Vast Human Resource And many more……………

Challenges before India as a nation 1.Challenges before her
Sovereignty 2.Challenges before her security 3.Challenges before her unity 4.Challenges before her identity

Challenges to sovereignty & security
• Single most challengediabolic terrorist attacks Terrorism: 1. Jehadi/Islamic Terrorism 2. Maoist/Naxalite Extremism 3. North-east Insurgency

Bali, Madrid, Russia, India - Simply the name of a technique : Intentional attack on innocent civilians. -Attack well-planned but without warning; purposeful but with a suddenness; concealing the identity; cowardice; -Merchants of death; sadism;

• Create fear, spread terror among people, ordinary citizens • Make people lose confidence in govt. establishment, security forces etc., • Challenge the sovereignty • Establish a reign/regeme of terror • Destabilise India ; finish Hindu civilisation

What’s their demand? No one knows!
Not publicised; never declared.

Fight against whom?
Jehadi’s possible enemies: In the west-Christian world -Christian Govts.

In India clearly it is – Hindus
• All terrorist attacks-Jehadi, Leftist & Northeast make Hindus as target • J&K, Amarnath pilgrims, Ayodhya, Akshardham, Mumbai blasts, Deepavali blasts(Delhi), Janmastami attack (Manipur), Varanasi temple, RSS offices, Coimbatore blast, kidnapping & killings of RSS men in AP & NE, • Nowhere a church is attacked.

Terrorist operations
• Jehadi• ISI-sponsored/backed History: Operation Topaz- Zia ul Haq Thousand-year war- Bhuttos • Al Quida/ OIC role • Petro-dollars • Fake currency • Madarasas and Mosques- on all bordersNepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

Logistic support
Infiltration- Bangaldeshis - Army/Police Media/Entertainment/cricket Human right activists ‘Secular’ intellectuals/ writers Politicians with an eye on Votebank - Mullah Mulayam : SIMI - Paswan : Muslim CM - Laloo Yadav: MY - RajasekharReddy

• Attack : Temples Gatherings of people, children. (Mela, Independence Day) Railway Station,Market,Cinema Hindu Organisations/leaders/workers • Spread the word “Islam is in danger” • Organise them in huge number-protest against Bush and Danish cartoon. • Demand-release of terrorists-J&K(HM),Kandahar

Foreign aid/Hand
1.Pakistan & other Islamic countries. 2.China & other such countries. 3.Western states/church. Money Weapons Plans Training Moral support/Academic face/pretext

The components of religious demographic changes in India which damage the nation 1.Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. 2.Religious conversion esp. by the church. 3.Islamic growth due to special civil rights. 4.Increased fertility rates among the

Infiltration from Bangladesh.
An issue first highlighted in 1980. - Assam students’ agitation-1980 –85 “Save Assam to Save India”. - Rajiv Gandhi-AASU Accord:14-08-1985. - AGP formed; captured power - But the issue was not addressed. Foreigners continued to infiltrate into India.

• -More than 30 million (3 crores) Bangladeshis are in India. • 750,00,00 in Assam & north eastern states. • They are border states. • Hindus are fast reducing to minority.

1-obtained ration cards - enrolled in voters’ list - knocked job opportunities. 2 -dependable vote-bank. - religious group. 3- dependable logistic support to Jehadi terrorism. - couriers of weapons/fake currency. 4- influence 26 Assembly segments of Assam

A serious threat to National security/sovereignty
• Pakistan & Bangladesh-hatred towards India. • Appro. Rs. 9000 crores spent annually on infiltrators. • Adding to the strength of Muslim population- which only helps to create another Pakistan or Bangladesh out of India. • Idea/cry of Greater Bangladesh.

Growth of Muslim/Christian population
• Unusual change in the pattern of demography during 199-2001. • Religious demography report 6th Sep. 2004. • Picture of demography.
• Indian religions(Hindu) 1947-2001 rate of decrease … 0.85%

1911-1951 rate of decrease 0.50%

Pakistan Scene
• Hindus:1941(undivided)19.7% 1951 ” 1.6% 2001 ” 1.0% East Pakistan or Bangladesh
Hindus:1901 (undivided) 33.9% 1941 ” 29.6% 1951 ” 22.9% 2001 ” 10.0%

What the figures say?
• a)1981-2001-2 decades:Rate of Muslim

growth is more than 45% than that of Hindus population is. • b) Hindus opulation is reduced in the area from Purnia (Bihar) to Arunavhal Pradesh. • C) Santhal Paragana &West Bengal districts. Assam-Muslims:46% of population.

d)Christians in North east(other than Assam state)46% Hindus : 1991– 56% 2001- 49.4% e) Kashmir Valley - Hindus almost nil J & K Hindus – 35.67% - 1991 - 29.6% - 2001 Kerala Coast 1901 – 68.9% 1991 – 57% 2001 – 56.3% Muslims and Christians are on the increase in other areas like Karnataka coast, Goa & towards north.

Danger Bell
•From Purnia upto Bihar- UP border areas. Hindus are fair becoming minority •West UP to Uttaranchal Pradesh: Bordr areas : Muslims – 38.5% •Rate of growth : 1951 – 2001 = 8.6% Pakistan was created in 1947 due to Muslim majority areas in the border.

1991 1. Hindus 82.0% 2001 80.0% 0.8% 0.4% 1.9% 13.4% 2.3% 0.7% Decrease - to 5% -0.1% +1.3% o 0.3%

a) Buddhist 0.8% b) Jain c) Sikh 2. Muslim 3. Christian 4. Others 0.4% 2.0% 12.1% 2.3% 0.4%

Growth Rate(1991-2001)
National : 22.66% Muslim : 29.3% Christian : 22.1% (1991-17%) Hindu :20%(1919-22.8%) Hindu 1961-2001 3.2%down Muslim 1961-2001 5.2% up

(Below 6 years age) 0 – 6 Age Group : 2001 Hindus: 15.6% Muslims: 18.7% What will be youths proportion in 2021? 1991 –

History says :
As and when Hindu population decreased and became minority in border areas that geographical part is cecesed Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh New districts created Mallapuram ; Quad-eMilat

Islamic corridor
From Bangladesh to Pakistan through Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana – green belt ? New districts and Urdu as second official language in states.

Demographic Imbalance
Is a threat to national security, sovereigntly & intgrity.  Affects culture, life style, industry  Captures natural resources, jobs.  Hampers india’s role at the global level for world peace & brotherhood Infiltratiion, Muslim fertility rate and conversion are responsible. Unless these factors are not checked India has no future as a nation.

Division in Hindu Society a. Caste system;Caste –conflict/hatred. b. Untouchability ;Dalit factor Although Hindus believe in & preach great philosophy of Advaita, Bramha, spiritual oneness etc.,they treat humans on different levels ; hierarchy ; low-high. A stigma ; a sin

Efforts till now:
Works of teachings of -Social Reformers -Great teachers/Acharyas -Political instruments(constitution, law) Yet Hindu Society is a divided family.

Today Hindu society is a broken mirror. United Hindus are the guarantee for nation’s development & security, unity & integrity. Poor dalits: -treated as vote banks. -no status even in society -potential section – for religious conversion -for Naxalite inroads -for social disintegration

The Pseudo-Secularists
•A class of politicians, intellectuals, writers, media persons is created during British Regime which –  denigrates anything India/Hindu;  looks always towards west for any inspiration, intellect, information;  has perverted, distorted approach to Bharat’s history, society, culture and achievements.  This class is dis-”oriented” in everything

Thus the challenge is before India’s
• • • • Sovereignty Security Unity Identity

The Challenge is to the idea and identity of Bharat.

What Youth can do?
 Create awareness  Fight pseudo – secularism and minority appeasement  A Nation wide campaign –  Wanted Intellectual Soldiers !