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Online video consumption

2011 2012 trends 2013 predictions

2012 Online video advertising stats
- 56% of all consumer Web traffic is video - 182 million viewers watched 457 million content videos and 105.4 billion video ads - Video ad spend was $2.9 billion (26% over 2011) and made up 23% of year's total ad spend yahoo_adv_infograph_predictions

Video content monetization

-video content continues to rise, with total video views up 23% year over year(2011>2012) -Video ad volume spiked 47% (2011>2012) - Use of the 15-second video ad has decreased steadily over the past four quarters while the 30-second ad gained share 34% of video ads are :15 while 42% are :30


Were being subjected to more, watching more + for a greater amount of time

Online video viewers

Video ads accounted for

20.8 percent of all videos viewed and 1.8 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online

In Europe, the online video market values over 380 million euro

Predictions 2013 online adv -> video content

IAB: the European online advertising market will reach 30 billion euro in 2013 and the video segment will continue to increase as advertising brand

- the online advertising market from USA will probably reach 31 billion euro and in China, it will reach 18 billion euro.
- from 652,1 mil adults from Europe 426,9 mil use the Internet

- Europeans spend 14,8 hours a week connected


Mobile marketing
2011-2012 trends 2013 predictions

Video on mobile devices: 50% of tablet users and 20% of smartphone users watch video content

Video content what for ? -educate consumers -build brand loyalty -increase engagement through greater interactivity

Some facts
- 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide = 87% of the worlds population -China and India account for 30% of this growth - over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web from their mobiles - over 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 years -Google earns 2.5 Billion in mobile ad revenue annually

Mobile phone market evolution

Google: mobile search increased 400% in 2011, as compared to 2010 -in 2012, 444.5 million mobile phones have been sold, worldwide = 2.4% growth, as compared to 2011
-vendors shipped a total of 444.5 million mobile phones in 3Q12 compared to 434.1 million units in the third quarter of 2011 -in the worldwide smartphone market vendors shipped 179.7 million units in 3Q12 compared to 123.7 million units in 3Q11 = > a growth of 45.3% year-over-year (2011 > 2012)

Share of video content ios/android


viewing on non-PC/Mac devices (smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.) continues to rise; now comprises 12% of total video viewing, up from 2% in Q4 2011 Apple devices continue to dominate share of video viewing with 60% of share; Android comprises 31%

Mobile video user habits

Profile Heavy Mobile Video Viewer

- mostly 25-44 years old - have unlimited data packages - watch about 13.25 videos every two weeks and mostly stream but on occasion will download the video to watch it => about 26 videos a month or nearly one per day

IAB mobile stats what ads ?

Mobile ad spending amounted 3.3 billion dollars in 2011 and is predicted to be 20.6 billion dollars in 2015


Internet penetration: 47% locuinte Obiceiuri de consum/utilizare: 37% fol zilnica vs. 54% deloc FB account: > 4,6 mill, aprilie 2012 Mobile internet usage: crestere de 60% in 2011 = 7,47 mil conexiuni active (main: Nokia, Android, Apple) Industries use mobile in mkt mix: telecom, financiar, publishing!, auto, retail & FMCG

more from 2011

Initiative Romania - Unlocking the Power of Mobile, april 2011, 800 mobile users 21% choose mobile connection instead of other connection to internet 58% of internet users connect to internet through mobile devices, daily 18 min = average time spent daily on the internet, through mobile connection 31% of activities manages through mobile are dedicated to data services 17% of mobile users navigate the internet on their mobile devices and watch TV at the same time

- on average, are downloaded 4-5 apps on a mobile device -it is predicted that users could spend 16 billion dollars on mobile apps, worldwide - almost 2.000 apps are integrated into the smartphones everyday & 1 million apps in the Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows platforms

Is considered that mobile usage will increase substantially (online shopping area, mobile apps and mobile marketing) Is predicted that mobile devices sales will increase by 20% and the number of mobile users will grow, web mobile becoming ore popular than computer web acces - Online sales will grow, reaching almost 17 billion transactions