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Supernatural Excellence

Shepherd Magombedze
Just make up your mind at the very outset that
your work is going to stand for quality...
That you are going to stamp a superior quality
upon everything that goes out of your hands,
That whatever you do shall bear the hall-mark
of excellence.    
Orison Swett Marden
The man became great.
He continued becoming greater,
Until he was exceedingly great!
(Genesis 26 vs 13.)
Genesis 26 vs 13 above brings about a case of
supernatural blessing.
Supernatural ability to excel in prosperity, riches,
wealth accumulation and status!
This only comes from God!
Isaac excelled in wealth and did not stop there! He
became great and did not end there!
He continued becoming greater until he was
exceedingly excellent!
…it is He that giveth thee power to get
wealth [excel] Deuteronomy 8:18
Supernatural excellence is unlimited! It knows no
limits, no human bounds.
You continue to improve continuously! There are
no limit!
That is supernatural excellence. It performs
above what you can think or ask.
It is above human ability, and depends on God!
“God is the one that giveth thee power to get
wealth” [power to excel] Deuteronomy 8:18
It sows in barren lands and reaps 100 fold, because of
God’s divine ability to excel which is in his blessing.
(Genesis 26:12)

Like Isaac you can have supernatural excellence in all
your works!
You can sow in adverse environments and reap
excellent harvests. You can invest in unlikely markets
and obtain excellent results.
Its all up to you! Excellence is within your reach. Have
a vision for it, plan for it, seek for it in all your
God masters your destiny!
A Devine Connection for:
You need to connect to the divine in order
to excel supernaturally!
Connect to God and you will perform
Develop a passion for excellence, God is as
God created everything and saw that it
was good.
If you connect to Him you will have
The Greatest Exceller of All
You can not out excel God! The sun and
planetary system will never go out of grove.
Its an excellent system put in place by God.
The sun does not need any servicing to
remain hot!
God’s systems for seed time and harvest
time were put in place but once. They do not
need upgrading like IT systems e.g. Windows
God is the greatest exceller of all time!
Connect to the Xceller!
The best way to learn is from the best.
God is the best. Connect to him through the
Holy Spirit.
Receive Jesus in your heart. Then you will
have an exceller in you. You will receive the
ability to xcell.
Be filled by the Holy Spirit. He is a spirit of
excellence! Rely on the xceller!
Let the exceller guide you. The Spirit of
The Requirements
The Requirements
What Is the Qualification!
Do you have enough passion to take you to
the next level of excellence!
Do you have the passion it takes?
I am here to deliver to you that passion, a
reason and ability to fight for excellence!
Welcome aboard to the Ship of Excellence!
You are not going to be left behind!
Brace yourself for excellence!
In Pursuit of:

is a high value of performance which is
exceptionally good.
It is super performance which produces
super results
It is outstanding performance of High
Or performance of Extremely Good
Is Quality execution of the
Vision, which is performed
with such precision as to
produce outstanding
Quality is key to:
People forget how fast you
did a job, but they
remember how well you did
                                                                      ­Howard W. Newton
You need to have a Vision …
and Run with it!

“Write the vision & make it 
plain upon tables, that he 
may run that readeth it” 
– Habakuk 2:2
requires a Vision
There can not be excellence without a
Once you have a great vision, you need
to have good plans and good execution
of those plans.
Excellence Is Like a
You can not win it until you play it, and
you can only win by playing by the rules.
Excellence has no short cuts. It comes at a
cost and you have to pay the price!
It requires meticulous planning to the last
detail and precise execution of your game
You can only win by being the best at the
end of the day.
You have to be the best prepared with the
best co-ordinated plans and actions.
Without excellence, your efforts or
work, your results are useless,
meaningless, and serve little! Put
your whole heart to whatever you
- Magombedze
Is all about visions, plans and their
execution, nothing more, nothing less!
If you go without the vision, you lose a
reference point to evaluate plans from!
If you don’t plan, you will operate like a
rudderless ship moving hap-hazardly and will
not progress!
Ignoring your vision and plans mean they will
die on the draw board and will never be
From a great vision, superb plan and precise
Have persistent focus and
sheer dertemination!
Apostle Paul says: This one thing I do. That is
passion: I have to do this one thing!
“And I know whom I have believed, none of
these things move me”, Apostle Paul. Meaning
in the face of resistance, I am immovable,
unshakable and unstoppable in my quest for
Have invincible determination and an
unquenchable passion!
Focus your effort on one goal persistently.
Never stop until you
“I am doing a great work, I
cannot come… Why should the
work stop while I come to you…
-(Nehemiah 6 vs
Overcome all distractions and
resistance from whatever
In the bible Nehemiah was faced with
enemies who wanted to do everything
possible they could to derail his great work.
This included discouraging his volunteers,
threatening to attack them, ridiculing their
work, despising him and even attempting to
kill him.
Despite all this, using the wisdom of God
and through sheer determination he
Requires that you overcome your
Overcome your fears, your distractions
and your enemies.
Pursue excellence despite all
resistance, threats or obstacles.
Convert your obstacles into stepping
stones to excellence!
Passion is the key that
opens the door to:
Get passion at all cost!
Add passion to every particular thing that
you do.
Whatever the outcome, do your things
passionately! It will definitely make a
You cannot fail. Succeed passionately!
You cannot have outstanding excellence
without passion!
Be passionate!
Get passion at whatever cost! The results
To be Super-Organised is to be super-
charged for excellence - Really!
You need to:
Be disciplined
Be consistence in your performance
Be competent
Be on time all times, be on schedule always!
As a super charged battery produces super
results; your supercharge gives you the
capacity to perform at above normal levels.
Action separates winners from losers
(John C. Maxwell)
Never be satisfied with good enough!
Do not settle for anything else but the best!
Not second best, but the best!
The world does not have a record for second
performing individuals, but the best! (Dr S. Bhero)
Change your belief systems.
Think winning thoughts
Persistently take winning action
Think About:
Where am I going as an
How do I get there?
What is my mission?
What is needed to fulfill it?
What are the priorities?
What do I do and when?
How do I know when I have
achieved my goal?
Plan for:

You need to meticulously plan
for excellence.
You need to have a mission,
vision, goals, objectives and
plans for execution.
Quality planning will enable for
the execution of the vision
• Mission – You have to know why you exist
• Values – What’s important to you for the
fulfillment of your vision.
• Vision – What do you want to be or
• Plans - These are the blueprints of how
you are going to achieve the vision.
• Execution – This is the meticulous
operations on plans to achieve the vision.
Be Solution Oriented!
• Become solution-oriented with every
difficulty you face and not problem minded.
• Make a habit of looking for the answers to
your questions, the solutions!
• Seek for the valuable lesson, and make a
list of every insight you can gain from every
setback, difficulty or adversity.
• Take some time to write out every detail of
the problem, and then take the most logical
step to solve it.
A Key Ingredient is:
 Put Energy into your work. Concentrate it,
focus it on important things instead of
frittering it away on trivia.
 Decide what is the most important thing to
do, and then decide how to do it. And do it
immediately! Now! Procrastination is your
enemy number one! Kill it!
 Put energy to that most important thing!
Push it passionately!
 When its done, look for the next important
is achieved by Action
Be an action person.
Here is something you can do immediately
with those great ideas you have!
Put them into action.
Always have a number of projects planned,
to which you look forward to.
Anyone of them could change the course of
your life overnight.
is achieved by focusing on the
one thing that is important
 Review your list of tasks, activities and
projects regularly.
 Continually ask yourself, "Which one activity,
if I did it in an excellent fashion, would have
the greatest positive impact on my life?"
 Whatever it is, set it as a goal, make a plan
to achieve it and work on it immediately.
 "Just begin and the mind
grows heated; continue, and
the task will be completed!“,
Never, Never Give up!
 "The person who gets the farthest is
generally the one who is willing to dare.
 Get started immediately. Do it!
 Begin where you are with what you have,
get going!
 Resolve that, no matter what happens, you
will never, never give up until you are
 Before you accomplish anything worthwhile,
you will have to pass the persistence test.
 The test will come far sooner than you
Change Yourself First!
 Start by changing yourself, then you can
change others!
 Decide exactly what you want, write it down
with a deadline, make a plan and take
action - on at least one goal - today!
 Determine the price you will have to pay to
achieve this goal,
 Then get busy paying that price - whatever
it is.
Be definite & decisive!
 Decide exactly what it is that you stand
for, and what you will not stand for.
 Be definite about who you are and refuse
to compromise.
 Resolve in advance to discipline yourself to
do what you say you will do, when you say
you will do it, whether you feel like it or
 Force yourself to persist until you succeed.
Be daring, think outside the
 "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved
except by those who dared believe that
something inside of them was superior to
circumstance." -Bruce Barton
 Select the most valuable and important
task you have to do right now, and start on
it immediately.
 Work tirelessly until you achieve your goal,
once you get started.
 Aim for 100% productivity and quality.
 This will change your life.
begins in the Mind
 "A man's doubts and fears are his worst
enemies." Be ruthless. Get rid of them!
 Set a goal for yourself to always think and
talk only about all the positive things that
you want, look forward to and expect for
the whole of your life. Forget about the
negative ones.
 This will be one of the hardest things you
will ever do.
 But if you can keep your mind on what you
want and off of what you don't want for life,
Sow the seeds of greatness
in your thought patterns!
As a man thinketh so is he! (The Holy Bible)
You are a product of your thought
What a man soweth, that shall he also
reap! (The Holy Bible)
Sow great, positive seeds in your mind and
you will reap the good things that you
Eliminate doubt! You can do it!
See Ability, Possibility and
You must see yourself already possessing
what you want.
Vividly see yourself having what you want.
Possess it! Touch it! Smell it! Get it!
Speak it forth!
You can have what you say!
You can create things into existence by
your words spoken in faith!
Faith it into existence!
Now is the time for:
Do it now!
Be careful with what you do with that nick
of time, that “supreme moment”
Doing a deed is like sowing a seed: if not
done at just the right time it will be forever
out of season – Marden
There is no moment like the present. It will
not come back again! Use it, now!
Never postpone for tomorrow what should
be done today.
Never do anything tomorrow
again, but now!
Tomorrow is nowhere to be found in the
registers of time.
I have chased tomorrow all the days of my
life and have never caught it a single day.
"To-morrow." It is the devil's motto.
All history is strewn with its brilliant
victims, the wrecks of half-finished plans
and unexecuted resolutions. It is the
favorite refuge of sloth and incompetence -
"Strikes while the iron is hot"
"Makes hay while the sun
Xceller Has no
Indecision and
Indecision becomes a disease and
procrastination is its forerunner.
There is only one known remedy for the
victims of indecision, and that is prompt
decision. Otherwise the disease is fatal to
all success or achievement.
He who hesitates is lost - Marden
Seize the most important
The man who will not execute his
resolutions when they are fresh upon him
can have no hopes from them afterward.
They will be dissipated, lost in the hurry
and scurry of the world.
A few minutes often makes all the
difference between victory and defeat,
success and failure.
Seize the most important thing and
sacrifice other things.
Now is your moment!
Seize the moment! Now!
Time is a non-renewable resource.
The minute that is gone is gone for
There is no time as good as now!
Utilise the now moment fully!
Receive the Gift of:
Excellence is God’s gift to His children!
It’s a Godly quality and one of God’s
Pray for it in Faith! Believe God that you
receive it!
You are an Exceller!
You operate in excellence!

Never, Never Look Back
No man, 
having put 
his hand to 
the plough, 
and looking 
back, is fit 
for the 
kingdom of 
– Luke 9:62
In the heat of the
When the rubber meets the road,
When things heat up.
You need passion to sail and cruise
It is passion which will thrust you
The deepness of your passion will
define the depth of the quality of your
Deepen your quest, thirst and hunger
for excellence.
Strive to outclass yourself and
for your own approval!
The most splendid achievement
of all is the constant striving to
surpass yourself and to be
worthy of your own approval.
- Denis
Be displeased with your past results.
You are not competing against anyone, but
against yourself and past results!
Resolve to improve on them with a deep
passion for excellence:
That is the only way you can compete
against yourself.
Contest your previous and current results
Be your most vocal, objective, vigorous and
rigorous critic! Positively!
Go and do it!
Now is the time for excellence. Do it!
You are the driver for excellence in your
life and works. Drive it passionately!
You are the master of your vision!
Pursue it!
In each and every endeavor of yours,
think, plan and action excellence!
Go for it!
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