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PIC Microcontrollers

What are PICs Applications Using a PIC Architecture PIC Families Summary

What are PICs?

Peripheral Interface Controller Developed by Microchip Technology in 1975 Microcontrollers NOT Microprocessors Microprocessor system with number of components (EEPROM, RAM, I/O Support)

DIY Projects Mini-robot Temperature Sensor and many more

DC-Motor-based Mini-robot


Temperature Sensor


PIC Project Book

Why Use PIC?

Variety of choices (8-bit to 32-bit) Affordable (8-bit: $0.41, 32-bit: $6.00) Low Power Reasonable Size Convenient Packaging
Through Hole (Dip) Surface Mount (QFN/SPDIP)

Resources and References

Using A PIC
C and assembly environment Debugger included C compiler included Free Variable cost Ex. ICDE2, PICKit2, many more Libraries by Microchip


Software Development Tools

Using A PIC
Datasheets Available from Microchip Large Specific Documents Similar to MPC Documentation Other resources Books Hobby sites

Using A PIC
Documentation Examples:

Using A PIC
Documentation Examples:

Using A PIC
C Code Examples:
Using Microchip Libraries to initialize UART (on PIC 18F):

Initializing USART by manipulating registers:


PIC16C8X (8bit)

Subset of MIPS ISA
35-80 instructions Flash/EEPROM-based Instruction Memory Separate Data Memory One accumulator In-order non-pipelined and multi-cycle (Most systems)

Memory Low-performance

PIC Families
Divided into families
8-bit: 8F, 16F, 18F 16-bit: 24F, ds33F 32-bit: 32F Power Consumption Speed Package size Memory Capacity

Minor differences

PIC Families
Max Speed 20 MIPS (mill. instr / sec) Generally 4 cycle processor Memory Range <1kB to 128kB instruction up to 32 kB data Max speed 40 MIPS 2 Cycle Processor Memory Range <1kB to 256kB instruction up to 32kB data Max speed 80 MIPS 5 stage pipeline, out of order Memory Range 32kB to 512kB instruction up to 32kB data



Popular in many areas Low cost and Low-powered solution Accessible resources Subset of MIPS Variety of families

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Microchip Technology (Manufacturer):

The PIC Tutorial:

Embedded Systems/PIC Microcontroller

Wikipedia Entry: PIC Microcontroller