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English Word Formation

By: Mohammad Fadil
English Lecturer, Jember University Language Centre

ful = ADJECTIVE (meaning: full of. having) NOUN + .less (ADJECTIVE) careless artless colorless priceless countless wireless care art color success wonder beauty price count wire ..A...less = ADJECTIVE (meaning: without) NOUN .... Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran)) NOUN + ...ful (ADJECTIVE) careful artful colorful successful wonderful beautiful - .

.hood (ABSTRACT NOUN) adult adulthood brotherhood childhood neighborhood brother child neighbor .A. Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) COUNT NOUN + hood = NONCOUNT ABSTRACT NOUN NOUN ..

ship (ABSTRACT NOUN) leader leadership friendship fellowship relationship membership friend fellow relation member . Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) COUNT NOUN + ship = NONCOUNT ABSTRACT NOUN NOUN .A...

A.ness (ABSTRACT NOUN) kind kindness appropriateness politeness weakness seriousness appropriate polite weak serious .. Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) ADJECTIVE + ness = NONCOUNT ABSTRACT NOUN ADJECTIVE ..

.A..ity (ABSTRACT NOUN) able ability activity loyalty accessibility legality active loyal accessible legal . Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) ADJECTIVE + ity = ABSTRACT NOUN ADJECTIVE .

Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + tion (sion) = NOUN VERB .tion(sion) (NOUN) abort abortion distribution promotion admission construction distribute promote admit construct .A...

. Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + er = NOUN VERB .er (NOUN) announce announcer blender lender publisher converter blend lend publish convert ..A.

.or (NOUN) distribute distributor contractor connector motivator creator contract connect motivate create . Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + or = NOUN VERB .A..

. Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + ment = NOUN VERB ..ment (NOUN) develop development announcement management arrangement settlement announce manage arrange settle .A.

ible) = ADJECTIVE VERB .... Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + able ( (ADJECTIVE) accept acceptable accessible accountable debatable readable access account debate read .

Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) VERB + ive (ative) = ADJECTIVE VERB .ive(ative) (ADJECTIVE) act active creative attractive offensive permissive create attract offend permit ..A..

.ly (ADVERB) absolute absolutely certainly frequently creatively offensively certain frequent creative offensive .A. Suffixes (Ind: Akhiran) ADJECTIVE + ly = ADVERB ADJECTIVE ..

not Added to: adjectives and participles Unable unable unavailable unreadable unseen unborn available readable seen born . the absence of. Prefixes (Ind: Awalan) UnMeaning: the opposite of.B.

Prefixes (Ind: Awalan) NonMeaning: not Added to: nouns. adverbs Nonsmoker nonsmoker nonconformist nonperishable non-economic nontrivially conformist perishable economic trivially .B. adjectives.

Prefixes (Ind: Awalan) InIM.B. IL Meaning: not Added to: adjectives Inlogical Illogical Immovable Irresponsible Irrational Impolite movable responsible rational polite . IR.