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Media planning

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Dudu Osun (Refined Black soap)

texture and smell. dry cocoa pods. and Shea tree barks.palm oil.Black Soap Manufacturing Process Black soap is made from the ash of locally harvested plants such as bark of plantains. palm kernel oil (including shea butter and cocoa pod powder) are added to the mixture and stirred for at least a day.Introduction. First and foremost. palm tree leaves. the leaves and bark are sundried and then roasted in pots at an even and constant temperature which is important to ensure color. coconut oil. Then water and various oils . .

which can be seen in the different colors amongst black soap. . typically Ghana and Nigeria from secret recipes.Black Soap Origin Black soap is traditionally made in west Africa. Dudu osun is a refined African black soap made with many pure natural ingredients-honey. unlike many soaps made in the US or Europe which tend to have many added artificial ingredients and may result future side effects. Different tribes and communities have adopted their own specific (secret) blend of oils and cooking techniques. palm oil etc.

its a good option for babies and adults because of its harmless ingredients and unique function. • is inadequately and unevenly distributed in the country • Opportunity. • is largely known by the existing users as a well refined black soap with good fragrance. many have detested the use black soap because of its color and stains on objects. .SWOT/Product Analysis • Strength.over the years.

Alata Simena. skin rashes. • It is also used to lightly exfoliate(remove old layer of the skin) and give you healthier looking skin. eczema. • It helps to cleanse evening out dark spots. scalp irritations.Product Analysis Dudu osun black soap. • The soap can also be used on the body or hair for oily skin. unlike other many soaps is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients. also known as African black Soap (Anago Soap. • Dudu osun. of body odours and is good for sensitive skin. . or Ose Dudu) has long been used to heal problem skin. razor bumps and eliminating blemishes.

. and at times for the treatment of bruises/fresh cuts.Competitor Analysis Raw black soap. Raw black soap is traditionally more valued by the traditional believers sequel to its traditional functions– at festivals and other traditional fully made from the natural ingredients unlike other listed competitive brands which have been refined and packaged.are majorly used for body care and many other functions that have high competitive measures but are still incomparable to Dudu Osun due to its outstanding features and functions derived from special natural contents it contains. Refined (other) black soaps.

An amount worth $200.000 will be spent on media planning and advertising to meet the target market and lay down a benchmark for substitutable brands Raw black soap Madina Cocoa Butter Soap Akoma black soap Nubian black soap Nasabb’s black soap .Media Strategies Television ads will be run during the national network (NTA) news due to the target market size. Bill-boards ads will be located at the commercial areas in the Nigerian cities. Radio ads will be run on WASOBIA FM due to its multilingual edge over other radio channels while.

Media Planning/Strategies • Reach.the TV and radio ads will be run for on 6 months on a continuous trend before pulsing while the Semi-urban bill-boards ads will be displayed for a year. . Populated urban • Frequency. over a hundred million persons Organized urban out of the 167 millions of Nigeria population are expected to be reached within specified least. • The TV and radio ads will be run 180 and 36o times settlement respectively while the bill-boards will be displayedRural 365 days to accomplish expected reach and frequency objectives (weight).

Media Analysis • The advertising budget will be allocated over time in line with the efficiency of media (continuity) • The target audience will be exposed to the advertising message immediately after the ads purchase (recency) • Quarterly market survey will be done to be economically justified for the accomplishment of objectives (cost management) .

Rebranding/Packaging Initiatives • Dudu osun liquid soap is correct the impression that the color stains Dudu Osun Liquid Soap 4 Dudu osun soaps in a pack with soap case is to create a difference + soap case .

Media Objectives • • • • • • • • to remind existing consumers Influence brand selection aimed at increasing sales by 40% heighten consumer knowledge on product value differentiate product competitive brands break into the new market to create an effective reach to create customer loyalty and make profit .

000000 90.000.000 .000000 125-145.000000 125-145.000000 (12%) No. of insertion 1 2 Impressions(GRPs) 35.Media Target Analysis(GRPs) Total Population base : 100.000000(21%) 45.000000 20.000000(27%) 20.000000 Total Population base : 100.000000 No. of targets 35.000000 20-40.000000 35.000000 RadioTv Bill-boardMedia TV Radio Billboard Total Impressions GRPs=Reach(R) X Frequency(F) 45.

000 125.CPM Analysis • Cost per Thousand (CPM) • Target Market (TM) • • CPM= Cost of ad # of contacts (expressed in thousands) N 600.000000 =0.0048 .