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INTRODUCTION BUSINESS PLAN: (FOOD COURT) WE ARE PLANNING TO SET UP A FOODCOURT IN BANGALORE CITY WHICH OFFERS DEEP ASSORTMENT OF TRADITIONAL VARIETY OF CUISINES AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS PARTS OF COUNTRY UNDER ONE ROOF. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: We will be starting novel concept of food court in Bangalore. We have chosen to enter particularly to restaurant segment because as per BIRD OF GOLD report by McKinsey Global Institute Indian middle class household will swell from 50million to 583 million by 2025.Implies household have more disposable income and shift towards discretion spending. As per CII estimate 2009 because of increase of rising per capital income Food industry will grow to US$310 billion by 2015. Food Industry is growing at the rate of 13% estimate CSO (Central Statistical Organization) Thus there is a huge market potential and no player has tried to offer this concept of serving variety of regional tastes under one roof. This place will provide a traditional taste and traditional environment means ambience of particular food court will resemble to that of the place from which it belongs, e.g. (Punjab with vibrant surrounding representing euphoria feeling, Kerala with majestic and natural beauty of beaches and high tech global standard facilities). Its a unique combination in its own concept. After enough market research, we have found that people miss food from their native places. They want a place where they can enjoy their native place food. The food court is all about catering to need of these types of customers. We will acquire half acre of land strategically located to be easily accessible for the customers residing in Bangalore.

Total estimated cost of land is around Rs. 2.5 Crores (at Rs. 1150/- per Sq. Ft.).Construction Cost Rs. 2 Crores which utilizes 10000Sq. Ft. of area (at Rs 2000per sq Ft.) .Remaining space would be used properly to present landscape beauty and to engage children for entertainment. Initial project cost would be Rs 5 Crore. Contribution by Promoters will be Rs. 1 crore and Bank loan of Rs. 4 crore. We will be repaying loan with an EMI of approximately Rs nine lakhs per month .The loan would be repaid over five years period. We will be able to breakeven in 3 years of time.

ORGANIZATIONAL HIERARCHY There will be 3 Functional heads for this firm who will be handling various managerial positions. They will be responsible for managerial decision making. For day to day working several staff will be hired on monthly salary for various positions which include from sweeper, to clean boy, to cook, to accountant, to assistant manager, to a head for the food court supervision. We plan to hire roughly 10 Assistant manager, 20 cooks, 40 assistant workers to cook, 50 other helper boys for cleaning and taking order and for service. food court business plan Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Info and Rating environment court budget report food haldiram sagar communication initial home count financial proposal

Vision: To constantly innovate & provide the best that we can for our customers To be recognized as pioneers in the multi-brand food court management, utilizing the highest levels of corporate & with dedicated employees and partners
Mission: To provide integrated food management support and solutions for our partners So that every customer gets highest level of food quality & outstanding service in a hygienic & fun dining environment MARKETING OBJECTIVE To achieve annual growth sale of 25%on yearly basis. To form strategic Alliance with, Haldiram because we are sensitive to diverse need of customer. To become Market leader in Bangalore.

SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTH Location: - Our food court will be placed in such an area which can be easily accessible from all part of city. Experienced staff: - Our hired expertise staff helps us in providing quality food service to our customer. Ambience of place: - The feeling of being in their native place while dinning is itself a pleasure experience which gives us an advantage over others. WEAKNESS Lack of experience: Food court is a start up and the odds are laced against it. Will face stiff competition from local players. Financing: - Preliminary estimates of sales and expenditures suggest that it will remain financially stable. However unforeseen expenditure or poor sales will threaten cash position, which will be particularly vulnerable in one year. Limited personnel: - Since we need expertise staff and to find and retain it is very difficult because of the competition in the market. Opportunities:Growing market: - restaurants market is growing at a fast speed and demand for quality food is never ending. Potential to become a premier food provider: - because of the experienced and expertise staff we can deliver quality foodproducts. Also the use of technology like Surface technology on table makes it quite innovative and a new experience. THREATS Local Competition (existing and potential): There are firms which specialize in this concept of food court. Also local players are a threat to our business since they are also competing for the same market share. Economic downturn: The strong domestic economy has been good for the Food and hospitality industry. Continued growth is anticipated. however, unforeseen or unanticipated economic recession would reduce disposable income and threaten our food court sales.