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Issues - Flat Sales - Need to improve bottomline

Complications - CSC not properly co ordinating - The company is looking fragmented and the unifies ENSR culture is missing. - Resulting in lack of support to each other - No management tool to manage conflict among CSCs

Use BDOs again - Problems with this option is the business will not look connected. Some one getting the business and then detaching from project and some one else becoming the point of contact later. The idea is customers should have least point of contacts to keep clarity.

New incentive plan

People in ENSR are not driven by money and what they look for is new challenges and complicated scientific problems. So giving them more money me not motivate them enough.

Key Accounts
In this we will have teams dedicated to look for individual clients. The problem is we will differentiate ourselves on the basis of clients only and not the geographic areas which will require a massive structural change. Also change in teams mean that clients will have to coordinate with new faces than what they were earlier familiar to.

We propose we keep the CSCs but a core team above all CSCs which will look into the overlapping operations. If a CSC needs a particular expertise which is available with some other CSC then this team will facilitate the transfer of resource and allocate part of profit to the lending CSC. If a CSC is constantly lacking in some resource this team will facilitate permanent transfer. The idea is there should be free flow of resource and information and CSCs should not be competing on them as it hampers the whole companys performance.

We also looked into the geographies and business of CSC and found out that we can actually remove some CSC and transfer their business to neighboring CSC. This will improve efficiency as administrative work will be reduced and also improve utilization.

These steps will be helpful in cutting costs and improving the bottom-line. In addition we can continue building relation with our bigger (1 million and more revenue) clients to find more opportunities with them. Repeat business will help us cut our bidding cost.