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History that Connects

the Western Balkans

History is a rear window mirror, you must always check back but you keep focused on the way ahead otherwise youre going nowhere

Aims of the programme

Support responsible history and citizenship education in the Western Balkans as a way to contribute to the development of democratic local to global citizenship; Create an open space for innovative and responsible methodology, pedagogy and eventually curriculum development;

Aims of the programme

Contribute to and reinforce intense professional capacity building among high-impacting history educators in the region; Help building the capacity of national History Teachers Associations in the region as active civil society organisations;

Target group
History, heritage and citizenship education professionals including teachers in primary and secondary schools, university lecturers, curriculum developers, textbook authors, teacher trainers, trainee teachers, assessment experts, advisors and inspectors, and educational staff in museums and institutes

The need of the programme

History may continue to be a dividing force in the region without high-quality and professional, history curricula, history textbooks and (in-service) history teachers training; It develops a bottom-up understanding of European standards for competence-based education.

Teacher textbooks, recommendations Over 50 Training Seminars, Workshops, Roundtable discussions Re-ignition of the regional cooperation International trainings and study visits

History that Connects: Teaching Sensitive History in the Countries of Former Yugoslavia (2011-2014)

Integration of 7 teaching modules in Historiana Editing and translation education modules

Strengthen relations with Ministries of Education and other key institutional actors

Publication and launch April 2014, Ohrid, Macedonia

An online educational multimedia tool that offers students multiperspective, cross-border and comparative historical sources
Enhance projects sustainability and outcomes

New project opportunities

Project partners and donors EUROCLIO-HIP Bosnia and Herzegovina History Teachers Association of Croatia Serbian Association of Social History History Teachers Association of Kosovo History Teachers Association of Macedonia Pedagogical Center of Montenegro History Teachers Association of Slovenia Bulgarian History Teachers Association Albanian History Teachers Association