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India Elections 2009

Manifesto Summary & Analysis of Big Two parties (BJP & INC)

BJP Manifesto
• Starts with information about great Indian past
– – – Great Education system Considerable contribution to GDP around 22.5%, today is less than 1% of world GDP Great agriculture techniques, 15 to 20 tonnes per hectare , today in Ludhiana which I guess is one of the best harvesting grounds in India has only 5.5 tons/hectare

100 day task list
– – Overhaul of security system National Identity cards

Border Policy/Foreign Policy
– – – – – – – – – US – Relations with principles of equality Russia and Central Asia – Relation Refashioned with changed realities. EU, West, East Asia, Arab & Israel – Strengthen Relations China – Resolve border disputes Pakistan – Dismantling of Terror Infrastructure Nepal -- Existing arrangements will be reviewed and revised bearing in mind mutual interests and benefits on the basis of dialogue. Bhutan – Existing relations strengthened Bangaladesh – Proactively engage the Govt of Bangladesh Srilanka – Pursue robust relationship which has been lost in last 5years

Amendment to constitution, to make it mandatory for government to get Parliament approval for any bilateral/multilateral agreement.

BJP Manifesto
• Food Security
– – Provide 35 kg of rice or wheat every month to BPL families at Rs 2 per kg under an improved and expanded Antyodaya Anna Yojana. Setting up community kitchens in extremely impoverished areas with the help of NGOs through shared funding.

Energy Security
– – Add at least 120,000 MW of power over the next five years, with 20 per cent of it coming from renewable sources. Emphasis on developing renewal energy sources, especially solar energy, wind energy and run-on-the-river technology, and bio-fuel.

– – – – – – Put in place a low tax, low interest regime so that people have more money and their purchasing power increases, which in turn will serve as an impetus for the economy. Bring back the money (estimated at Rs 25,00,000 crore and Rs 75,00,000 crore) illegally stashed in Swiss bank accounts and tax havens, and use it for infrastructure development, housing, health and social welfare schemes. Massive public sector investments in job-generating infrastructure programmes, especially building of roads and highways, and linking of rivers. 15 to 20 kms of highway everyday. Exemption of taxes on FD encouraging people to save money. Give boost to tourism by developing 50 tourist destinations Make India proud of Indian products, and make Indian brands globally competitive.

BJP Manifesto
• Agriculture
– – – – Waive agricultural loans. Set up a commission to study the entire gamut of farmers’ loans and come up with an actionable solution to the deepening crisis within six months. Set a maximum ceiling of 4 per cent interest for agricultural loans to farmers from banks. Introduce a pension scheme for aged and helpless farmers.

Urban India
– – 10 lakh dwelling units for the poor will be constructed every year. 15 new cities to be built

– – Making secret ballot compulsory for trade union elections, by suitably amending the Industrial Disputes Act. Launching a training programme for trade unions to play an effective and positive role.

– – Review, revive and re-launch the National Service Scheme and National Cadet Corps Launch a unique ‘National Knowledge Incubation Programme’.

– – – National madarsa modernisation programme. New National Policy on Education. Earlier one was made for the period 86/92. Ragging to be made a criminal offence with stiff punishment.

BJP Manifesto
• Science
– – Chandrayaan II – stepping on moon. Establishing an Intellectual Property Rights regime which maximises the incentives for the generation and protection of intellectual property by all types of inventors.

IT vision document
– – – – – – Generate 1.2 crore new IT-enabled jobs in rural areas. Internet users to equal mobile subscribers. Primary Health Centres to be linked to the National Telemedicine Service Network. e-Bhasha: National Mission for Promotion of IT in Indian Languages. Government to promote ‘open standard’ and ‘open source’ software. Domestic hosting industry to be promoted to minimise international bandwith charges.

– – – – Make sports compulsary as part of curriculum Create an effective National Sports Talent Search System so that extraordinary sporting talent is identified at a very young age. Mandate all new housing colonies to include sports facilities. Make the management of various agencies involved in sports promotion more efficient and accountable.

BJP Manifesto
• Women Empowerment
– – – 33% reservation Ladli Lakshmi Scheme – Encouraging girls to attend schools and pre college Bhamashah Vitteeya Sashaktikaran Evam Naari Samriddhi Yojana – Stipend for BPL women

– – – Capital assistance in new educational projects, both for basic and technical education, in low-income minority areas. Cash incentives for the education of the girl child, based on attendance and performance. Computer centres will be set up in low income urban areas and the most backward districts of the country.

– – – – – Realignment of Ram Setu. Mandirs and Maths would be freed from government control. Implementation of Waqf board recommendations to remove enchroachments. Abrogation of article 370 imposed on J&K Creation of new state according to demand of Gorkhas, Adivasis and other people of Darjeeling and Doosra group

Indira National Congress
• Starts with History of Congress.
– – We pledge to continue our work to ensure a life of SECURITY, DIGNITY AND PROSPERITY for every citizen. Why INC? Contrasting visions
• • The Indian National Congress’s secular and liberal nationalism has an equal place for each and every Indian. It is an inclusive vision. The BJP’s narrow and communal nationalism denies equality and equal rights to large sections of our people. It is an exclusionary doctrine.

Left Parties responsible for the electoral growth of the BJP.

UPA Achievements
– – – – – – – – – – – Transparency -- Right to Information Act, 2005 National Rural Employment Guarantee Act – Guarantying 100Days of legal employment. Bharat Nirman programme to transform rural India Loan waivers, increased MSP and increased credit from banks National Rural Health Mission Providing reservations for OBC students in all professional institutions Passing a new law to protect women from domestic violence New impetus to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan and introduction of mid day meal. Record Economic growth - Aam Admi Bima Yojana, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension. Civil nuclear agreements. Security – New batallions raised. Security forces have also successfully foiled the plans of Naxalites to expand their nefarious activities. Establishment of National Investigation Agency.

Indira National Congress – Next Steps
• • First 45 Day agenda - Present Budget for taking further steps to overcome tough economic time. Next Steps:
– – – – – – Security
• Police Reforms, better provisioned especially in the matter of housing and education facilities;

NREGA, employment guarantee for 100days with Rs100 per day Food Security
• National Food Security Act, 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg and subsidized community kitchens.

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) insurance for BPL Comprehensive social security to those at special risk. Economy
• • Continuation of Fiscal Responsibilitty Support Public Enterprises in Manufacturing and financial sector to become competitive

• • • Affordable Education, Scholarships and loans to deserving students. Quality Education, New IITs IIMs etc. Primary, Secondary and University — will be free in all respects for boys and girls belonging to dalit and adivasi communities.

• • Access to bank credit to farmers Crop Insurance

Indira National Congress – Next Steps contd…
– Minorities
• • • • Wakf Development Corporation will be established to develop wakf properties. A National Unani University will be set up. The corpus of the Maulana Azad Educational Foundation will be doubled Law that empowers the National Human Rights Commission to monitor investigation and trial in all cases of communal and caste violence.

Women Empowerment
• • Monetary incentives will be given to the girl child to be credited to the girl child’s account on her completing primary school, middle school, secondary school and higher secondary school. 33% reservation to women.

– – – –

Connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time Greater access to collateral-free credit for the small entrepreneur and to small and medium enterprises Urban
• Low-cost social housing and sanitation for urban

• • Start Voluntary National Youth Corps for participation of youth in Nation building. National Skills Development Mission for development of skills for young people

• Gram Nyayalaya Act which was passed last year & Mobile courts will bring courts & in turn justice to Panchayats for aam aadmi which is affordable and speedy.

Indira National Congress – Next Steps contd…
– – INC is sensitive to regional sensitivities and would look into specific demands on case basis. Energy security• • • • • Add at least 12,000-15,000 mw of capacity every year through a mix of sources—coal, hydel, nuclear and renewables. Rural electrification and reduction in distribution losses will be given the highest priority. Significant increase in the share of nuclear power Pace of oil and gas exploration will be intensified India’s oil diplomacy will be pursued aggressively

Border Policy/Foreign Policy
• What India needs is an intelligent and wise foreign policy, a foreign policy that is rooted in our traditions, gives us strength through our unity and common purpose, and radiates confidence.
– Eg: After the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai, the Congress-led UPA government mounted a forceful diplomatic campaign. It was this campaign that led to Pakistan admitting, for the first time, that Pakistani citizens were responsible for the attacks. That admission was a notable victory for our well thought out foreign policy.

• • • • •

No mention of Bhutan Welcoming of new govts in Bangladesh and Nepal Demand for establishment of Palestine state. Continue improving relationships with Russia, China, Europe, US and African Countries. Srilanka – Offer for negotiation.

• Four new Universities with 50% reserved for PIO/NRIs

Indira National Congress – Next Steps contd…
– An Appeal
• Vote for the Idea of India: Vote Indian National Congress • Vote for Unity through Diversity: Vote Indian National Congress • Vote for Economic Growth with Communal Harmony: Vote Indian National Congress • Vote for Economic Growth with Social Justice: Vote Indian National Congress. • Vote for Security, Stability, Continuity and Integrity: Vote Indian National Congress • A Vote for the Congress is a Vote For Your Future and the Future of Your Children.

Contrasting BJP INC manifesto
• Energy Security
– – BJP – Increase in electricity with 20 per cent of it coming from renewable sources. Emphasis on renewable resources. INC - Reduction in distribution losses

Border Policy / Foreign Policy
– – BJP – Defined goal for global superpowers and neighbours INC – Vague Ideas. Noteably Israel is missing and Palestine mentioned ( probably to please their “minority” vote bank)

– – BJP -- Low tax regime, Brining Black money back, Abolishing tax on FDs, Infrastructure projects, Create awareness of Indian Products. INC – Not much to offer very hazy

Food Security
– – 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg and subsidized community kitchens 35 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 2 per kg and subsidized community kitchens

Women Empowerment
– – BJP - Ladli Lakshmi Scheme, Bhamashah Vitteeya Sashaktikaran Evam Naari Samriddhi Yojana INC – Incentive for girls completing Primary, Seconday, Universities.

– – BJP -- Set up a commission to study the entire gamut of farmers’ loans and come up with an actionable solution to the deepening crisis within six months. INC – Crop Insurance

Contrasting BJP INC manifesto
• Security
– – BJP – Well defined border Policy, National Identity cards, Upgradation of Security Systems INC – Reforms for Police, Upgradation of Security Systems

– – BJP – 15 new cities , 10 lakh dwellings for poor every year INC - Low-cost social housing and sanitation

– – BJP -- Capital assistance in new educational projects, Cash incentives for the education of the girl child, Computer centres. INC -- Four lakh scholarships, Implementation of the recommendations of the Sachar Committee

– – BJP -- National madarsa modernisation programme. New National Policy on Education INC -- Primary, Secondary and University — will be free in all respects for boys and girls belonging to dalit and adivasi communities.

– – BJP - ‘National Knowledge Incubation Programme’ INC - Start Voluntary National Youth Corps

My Points for manifestos
– BJP – 8/10 – has something for everyone. Also has ideas about science, Ram Setu, Article 370. Plans to introduce laws or review and reintroduce laws/reforms needed to make changes inline with 21st century. Solutions to economic/energy India tailored not borrowed or academic. Misses on explicit mention of reforms for Police which is intrensic to upgration of security systems. Misses out on water reharvesting and other such successful techniques which are need of the hour apart from river linking. INC – 3/10 – Same old story of subsidies , minoritiy appeasement that too half hearted, no conclusive policies for any section of society including minorities, no conclusive border/foreign policy, no conclusive economic/energy security policy. BJP manifesto wins hands down, now only thing to watch out is whether it translates to votes which is essential.

Conclusion –